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  1. Rogue and Ranger moves do not actually attack your enemies like Charge does, no? I have to test the Barbarian moves though - thanks! So as I expected, the Ranger one does not close the distance and melee attacks the enemy? The ranger ability can attack the enemy if you upgrade it, but I strongly do not recommend upgrading it since it is static damage despite needing a ranged weapon. The rogue, ranger, and barbarian mobility moves are ground targeted so in that sense you can "close" the distance if you wish to or run away with it.
  2. Monks have a charge ability that does a full attack afterwards, Barbarians have a leap and a sprint activation that knocks people back, The Field Rakhan boots has a 1/encounter old fighter charge that works with even ranged weapons, Rogues and rangers also have a mobility move that you can use to close the distance.
  3. Swashbuckler (rogue/fighter) is simple and effective. Holy stalker (rogue/pali) is cool too for a more defensive riposte style. Since it's normal, there's a lot of leeway for other classes to DW without being dampened by high defenses/AR or being murdered in melee range.
  4. Whoa, so all those games I've played were bugged. That makes a lot of sense all of a sudden considering the scripted event's "huge monsters battle it out" part had the opposing monster resembling the guardian. I didn't think much about it the first time though since I just thought maybe there were more of these things than what the gods told me. I'm actually surprised about that alternative option though. Nice watchers finish last right? Right?! lol
  5. The only really big choices I know of is what you decide to do with the essence after each fight and what soulbound item you want. Infusing the area gives you a passive ability against beasts that can be upgraded with each infuse, infusing yourself gives material to upgrade equipment, and infusing Muatu upgrades him for each infuse. Then there is the choice for the champion item and that really is up to you unless you were looking for some kind of build to revolve around it although it's kind of deep into the game by then.
  6. I've actually had this happen to me and had to repeat the fight for it, but I was able to loot it then. Have you tried placing it in a personal inventory?
  7. I believe for a lot of the listed abilities its more for clarification since many of the abilities don't explicitly state other keywords that would be relevant on their descriptions, but they definitely do benefit from those keywords' bonuses. For example, chanter's "Her Revenge Swept Across The Land" only has "Offensive Invocation" as a keyword, but Heart of the Storm and Deltro's Cage's +2 electricity PL can be observed affecting it. If it didn't before, it certainly is now the last time I tested it although I can't say that's the case for all the other abilities.
  8. The skill check events require values that range deep into midgame. From what I've heard, you need to be past ashen maw which sounds about right where the difficulty is at though the actual difficulty of the trials can range to endgame.
  9. So I was experimenting with Keeper of the Flame to figure out the religion scaling of the fire aoe and it looks to be about +25% per point, which is alright considering the base damage of the AoE is 2dmg. It gets affected by whatever affects weapon damage (passives, etc.) and it also hits EVERYTHING in what I estimate is a 2.5m radius around the target. You certainly don't want to be hitting stuff with it nearby friendly NPCs. Sadly the secondary aoe doesn't give cipher focus and doesn't receive direct damage critical bonuses, which I believe is from the way it applies the damage like
  10. The mid level ranger power pools when you gain the base ability aren't that high to stack it quickly and it pretty much makes you commit to one race for a good chunk of the game to take advantage of it at its peak stack since the ramp up from resetting it is super costly. The upgraded tier is also kind of deep to get to so any dps or tank builds that would have revolved around it won't see its secondary benefits until much later into the game.
  11. Is the resolve amount set in stone? Resolve in poe2 won't give you as much dialogue options as it did in poe1 since most of what poe1 resolve did has now been delegated to the conversation skills bluff, diplomacy, and intimidate. Other than might, int and perception will give more options/reactions in dialogue.
  12. The best part I love about the DLC is that I get to replay most of the fights for testing builds. While the fight gimmicks added some new interesting strategies, I liked the fact that the fights had more emphasis on things like stride for interception and sustained interrupts, which will give way to build variations that would not have been optimal before.
  13. There is also the path of crits since it gives +50% PEN, but of course that path isn't too reliable in PotD
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