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  1. How do you figure out which faction will be your "Strongest Rival" for the ending on Ukaizo?
  2. I currently have the Couriers Calling quest from Maia, i want the assassinations to fail, so in Port Maje i didnt help find the stalker and just gave her the missive. For Tikawara i didnt select Maia for my party but when i get near Harama her dialogue pops up anyway forcing me to intevene and help him ( i dont want to). Is this a known bug or are you forced to help him?
  3. Nice build, was looking for something for Tekehu and found this. I got the chest by completing the Family Pride quest by getting them to agree a deal. Swapped Pallegina out the party, then just went back in to kill everyone :D
  4. Does for Deadlight repopulate after Blow the man down quest? Im wondering if i should kill all the pirates there for more cash and loot if it does after killing Benweth.
  5. Yeah, not micro heavy (made the edit) Hmm, i like the sounds of the passive healing, gonna give that a try, i will then swap her with xoti so they stop bickering
  6. I am looking for a Herald build for Pallegina thats not micro heavy. I like the look of the Paladin/Chanter multi class but not sure how to build her. Thanks fore any help.
  7. How does changing difficulty work in this game? When changing difficulty it says it will take effect on any map you have not yet visited. If i go to an area, say Neketaka on Classic with no scaling, but then leave and go do the quests in Fort Deadlight. Then change difficulty to Story with all scaling and come back to Neketaka. Does that mean Neketaka and anywhere else i havent been will be in story/all scaling difficulty or will Neketaka still be on Classic/no scaling ?
  8. Is there anywhere i can see what choices i made in my save game import? i remember some of the choices i made, but cant remember others and wanted to see if there was any way to find that out.
  9. Thanks for replies, i will have a look at swashbuckler and brutes. My plan is to use Eder as maintank (think he can go fighter/rogue ? been a while since i played) and have my char as the 2nd melee doing dps and keeping mopbs off my ranged. Then have a healer/buffer behind along with 2 ranged dps.
  10. Havent played since release and i have the itch for another playthrough. I will be playing on normal. I am looking for a dual wield melee build that uses heavy armor. I'd like to do good damage but also be able to take some dmg, maybe even offtank. Can that even work in this game? I'm thinking Fighter makes obvious sense to start with, but what other class would work well with it?
  11. One thing that really bugs me about this game is how much clicking i need to do to see what the spells actually do. Its quickly become a chore. Especially these new inspirations and things. It would be so much better for readability to just show + 5 accuracy or whatever instead of a word which could mean several things.
  12. Is it even possible to get infront or behind the enemy ships? Cos it doesnt seem like it. Which annoys me
  13. Think im going to go Barbarian. Go heavy armor and prolly dual wield, gonna try to copy my WoW Fury warrior style but with a bit of cc too. Monks seem interesting, but dont think i'll like the micro with the wound system. And i want to use the Paladin companion so dont really want to make my char a paladin too.
  14. I last played at release when i played a fighter. Warriors are my goto class in RPGs. I want to play through again before the sequel. But i dont know what class to pick. I want to play a melee class, with medium-heavy armor (i like metal/plate armor). Good dps with some utility i think. I've been looking at barbarians, paladins and maybe druids, Ciphers look interesting, but also seem to be low health. Are Barbs ok with heavier armor? Hmm, i see melee rangers are a thing. Gonna look into that. Any thoughts?
  15. I go for medium armour, currently using scale on my rogue. No matter how smart you play, you spellcasters and rogue types will get hit by something, so i make sure they can survive by wearing approppriate armour and not just cloth (im not a min maxer). I also often use my rogue to solo kill wizards etc so that medium armour can be useful for taking the odd hit too.
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