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  1. Except he backtracked immediately. Just scroll ONE tweet down. Well, I wouldn't say he completely backtracked, but agreed that the actual devs (not the management) shouldn't be blamed.
  2. Well Chris Avellone says that this sort of behaviour is exactly what he would have expected from Obs. CEO. Obviously, there is some bad blood here, but he says the devs are the last to know, and that the upper management would have most likely been part of this decision, so it probably wasn't a publisher surprise. https://twitter.com/ChrisAvellone/status/1108967939451940866
  3. The thing is that it doesnt matter who made the decision. In this purpose the developer and publisher are one and the same. It may suck for the developer but they are inseparable in guilt because either they are not able to separate or they do not separate and for us, the consumer, the end result is the same. Everything else is just shooting ourselves in the foot and making excuses for greed. This is logic. Your arguments is logic cut in a third and presented as the full result. It is faulty and it is misleading, it is borderline lying. Spoken like someone who has no idea how contr
  4. The amount of revenue GOG is going to get from TOW over the next year is exactly the same now as it was yesterday- zero dollars. As a game published by a 2k subsidiary it was never a day 1 release on GOG. The amount of money GOG would have got from the Quantic Dreams games announced would also have been zero since they wouldn't have been day 1 releases there either. If anything it's good for GOG since their main competitor is Steam, and this decision raises the chance of them getting titles at the same time as steam from 0% to more than 0%. So, you are saying that NONE of the recent E
  5. Nope. Epic is basically paying to keep it off of Steam. This hurts consumers. Period. Obsidian made a poor choice.
  6. Thought I would drop in and add my completely irrelevant and most likely useless opinion. I will not be buying this game. I have been a supporter of Obsidian, and I even forgave them the unfinished half-assed ending of NWN 2 when it first came out. Many of people have pointed how these business practices are bad, and if you are not consciousness to see why, there is not point arguing with you. This has nothing to do with Steam really. You think this is going to hurt Steam? Let us be honest here, and even if the Epic store takes 20% of the PC market from Steam (and I SEVERELY DOUBT it will get
  7. I agree the ship combat is terrible. As to the other complaints from the OP, they are silly. I also just noticed that Enemy weapons in ship combat don't seem to follow range restrictions. I got some long range guns and was sitting at 561 m and a couple of my crew members got crippled from the enemies 400m range guns.
  8. To answer a previous question, I was attacked right away, and so it was a luck option. I only played the BB's before ships were introduced. I have won a ship battle. It was so not worth it. In terms of time invested and pay off. In the end, I decided that eating the raking shots and charging ahead is the least annoying way to deal with the issue. I see myself doing all the bounties once for the achievements/blessings, and then avoiding them like the hollowborn plague. You know, I am going to date myself, but I was really hoping something like the old SSI Buck Rogers game. The spa
  9. Yaa, a tuff guy . Anyways, I have cooled down a bit about the problem and spent some time looking at some videos, but let me explain why I think this is a bad design, or at least a bad introduction to the design. First, I die all the time, and that is fine. The whole Steel Paladin person ate my lunch without a problem (although I did appreciate the enthusiasm Aloth showed by trying to punch him to death). What I didn't die doing: Fighting the pirates in the first battle or fighting the mobs in the first area. Why? Because it seems the game's intro design, even though it is a sequel,
  10. And I died. In the first ship battle. Not to borrow a nautical pun, but way to pull the ****ing wind out of my sail for the game on the first night of play. My other deaths were fine because they were results of choices and such I made, but man, I am getting a bit of backer's regret here. I am feeling about as salty as my dead crew right now.
  11. Why are they, first of all, so poorly explained, and second of all, so terrible? I have been charging at an opposing ship for like 20 minutes getting no closer then 491m, while to all indications we are heading at each other with no discernible distance change. I had been having a great starting with poe2 but now I feel like I have just wasted a half hour of my limited playing time with this nonsense.
  12. This entire thread is set up to establish particular view points as equivalent by calling out "SJW", a great strawman. As of there is some "SJW" rubric that was written by someone who wasn't feeling offended by women getting their vaginas all over their games/films/insert whatever. For ****'s sake, I wish there was a SJW conspiracy so we could have actual, non incrementally grinding progress forward. It has been a while since I had a warning, so the moderators should be embarrassed that they allow this nonsense to go forward. Hiding behind the facade of civil discourse does not mitigate the p
  13. Description: When equipping armour the character avatar/doll disappears. Behind the inventory screen there seems to be a LARGE portrait of the character. Steps to reproduce: Character was a Berserker/Shifter. Was wearing clothing. Equipped scale armour. Avatar disappeared. Later on, opened up the inventory and the avatar was back. Replaced scale armour with fine scale armour, same thing happened. Avatar returns after closing inventory screen. Switching between characters, avatar is gone from other characters as well.
  14. This was really interesting, thanks. That's exactly why I'd never completed a melee cipher run in PoE -- I could never figure out a way to build them where they weren't crazy squishy. Somewhere in the early part of this thread I expressed a similar concern (as I had begun to replay my original Cypher as a melee character). Resting was EQ dependent, and not really choice in POE. Despite the basically LTP responses, I still think this new system will be kinder to non-traditional melee builds in the long run.
  15. All I have to say is WOWSER. The editor looks GREAT. This is a HUGE addition to the game. Colour me impressed. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/209325992?t=29m31s Questions: Can AI scripts be saved globally and used between characters? Can AI scripts be shared in a file format? - ANSWERED: You can INDEED share AI scripts!
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