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  1. I'm trying to force myself to like the game, but there are issues that just won't go away. I really hope Obsidian can patch some of this, but some feel unfixable:( Some of them: 1. Load times are still considerable and the game size is too big for SSD. Running through Nehetaka is a string of load time where I find myself starring into the black abyss of my monitor, thinking about how I'm sitting in front of my monitor and looking into blackness of it. 2. Companion romances are in need of dire fix. Cca 1 day and 4 hours of world time, having basically not spoken to Maya, she proclaims that she wants to pursue romantic relationship with me. I felt nothing, because there was no setup, no prior interaction. It's just poorly done. 3. Open world is a detriment to the tightness of the story. In PoE game flowed neatly, but never felt too narrow, as you had a lot of sidequest around your main quest. So you could do some sidequest, clean up your journal, progress a bit further with the story and then open new sidequests and so on. It felt natural. Here you are thrown into this huge open world, with a huge main city right at the start, and you basically forget what you are supposed to do. Chasing a statue? Why do I care about that? Yes, it has my soul, but no one mentioned that for the past 20 hours and there doesn't seem to be any urgency around that. You are thrown into political confrontations of three factions and that starts to feel like the main game, instead of progressing through the story. Here is 50+ quests you can do, and not one of them ties that much into the main story quest. 4. The quest seems bland. NPC's seem bland. After a while, I got lost in all the names I was finding in my journal and started just running quest without even realizing and caring why I'm doing them at all. It was all do some random thing for some random guy who is in trouble due to this other random guy. 5. I like going through textual interactions with only my keyboard, amico. You can imagine how infastido I got when every third frase has a world that breaks my immersion in the game mond, and forces me to move my topo to see what the word means, and then trying to put it in forma with the meaning of the sentence. Aic, amico. And then you kind dimentico what you just read 6 seconds fa. 6. Ship to ship combat is: 1. Get in desired range. 2. Turn left. 3. Hold. 4. Fire. 5. Jibe. 6. Hold. 7. Fire. 8. Jibe. 9. Hold, 10. Fire, Jibe.....really not feeling this part of the game. And it's a considerable part of the game. Combat is good though. GFX looks sweet, especially spells. DW pistols fees awesome. Multiclassing is great. But in the end, I'm kinda wishing there was a mod of PoE that adds multiclassing, DW pistols and improves the GFX a bit. I'm kinda sad right now.
  2. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Behemothius/screenshot/922554189505687463 So in Woedica temple at the start of the game there's a small fight with bugs and three nest. After killing all targetable enemies, there is now a small Beetle Bug running after my party and slowly killing me. I can't target it. AoE spells can't hit it. I cant outrun it because I'm in combat... The game is full of bugs. I'm done for a week or two.
  3. Jesus christ, that Gothic vs TW3 comparison is probably the dumbest thing I've seen in past few years. My head hurts now. TW3 has some of the most engaging and memorable quests. Starting from Bloody baron to the whole HoS expansion which was probably the best written cRPG content in at least 10 years.
  4. My Steam review: The first game is a much better, refined product. Whole ship based system feels like a gimmick and ship to ship combat is just plain awful. The game has a less interesting story than the first game, and the start fails to grip player to the world and story. Having most of the characters speak in english italian accent was a wierd decision, as well as inclusion of unknown words into the NPC text. Hovering over them shows their meaning, but it breaks to flow of dialogue. Narrator is kinda annoying as well as the fact it's only present at some parts of the game. There are many uniteresting text heavy checks, much more than in the first game. I hope the game gets better as I progress through the story,but so far I'd love it if I could play Pillars 1 with multiclassing and the graphics of the second one. To take a quote out of RPS review: A world where children are being born without souls, scarring generations, while warring factions of a terrifying god attempt to take control: great story, lots of impact. That was PoE1. A world where some giant is stamping somewhere else you can’t see, and there’s a trade war going on that endlessly suggests the complicity of the natives? Yeah, it’s not exactly gripping.
  5. Good post, my sentiments exactly. It just feels as a watered down Pillars experience.
  6. I'm pondering writting a negative review of this game just due to how bad ship to ship combat is. It feels so badly implemented and out of place in game like this. I had fights where I would chase the enemy ship for 10 turns or more, trying to hit it, missing, going left, going right, and then after 15minutes instead of trying to sink them, they board you and you are 4v20 and die in 2 seconds...like who thought this system through, who though this would be fun? This game so far is miles belowed PoE. Right now I'd almost call it a bad game. Some other irks: - hate the narrator - hate the stupid english-italian accent - hate the inclusion of unknown words that you constanly have to hover to see what the NPC is talking about - hate the rations ship system
  7. I'm playing Witch (barb + focus) and every now and then my focus in combat goes down to 0 even though I didn't use a single cipher spell during the combat. It starts at around 20, I gain some after few melee hits ,adn then suddenly it goes down to 0. Am I missing something? Is this how it's supposed to work?
  8. The start of the game is a bit shaky for me. Some notes, maybe mild spoilers, but it's just the start of the game... - opening scene when you wake up in ship interior looks horrible. Low res statue, horrible shadows, not something you want to immediately show to new players - being locked into class choice for Eder, ok I kinda get it (even though I wanted to roleplay him into fighter/priest), but at least let me inspect fighter and rouge skill trees before permanently locking me into a class - first cave I enter as a dwarf, who do I find? My long lost twin - an NPC with the same portrait I choose for my guy. Sticking like a sore thumb. - narrator at the start and then as the game starts, she is no longer to be heard? I thought this would be fully voice like DoS:2 -
  9. Wait, Katrina left? Any thread about that with more info? I'm kinda worried that this late into game dev phase there is still a lot of uncertainties regarding the design and also the technical state of the game.
  10. I hope Feargus can talk Activision in letting them have a go at Arcanum 2. That's probably one of the best games I've ever played. If only we could get another game iwth that setting. Feargus even commented on FIg about it, mentioning he plans to talk with Activision about the rights.
  11. I'm glad they are moving away from this system. I'm right now replaying BG:EE and whenever my mages run out of spells, I just rest. Early game when my main mage hero had only 3 spells, that meant resting between each encounter. So why not make it per encounter? Makes more sense than to camp in the middle of bandit camp, during high noon.
  12. Where did you get those goals? The FIg page still doesn't have new goals.
  13. I just want more unique items. The vanilla game had too many of generic +2/3 weapons and the unique ones didn't feel that special. There's a reason why 15 years after playing BG2 I still remember my Lilarcor, Celestial Fury, Carsomyr and other amazing weapons that we could get in that game.
  14. So, doing the Man who waits quest, once you kill the reanimated golems, after speaking with the prisoner, if you proceed right to the top floor and report to Hallmaster, your quest proceeds as it should. But, if after killing those golems you first go and speak with Azo on that floor and confront him about the things he did, he will ask you to say nothing to Hallmaster. If you refuse, he will turn hostile. After killing him and rushing towards Hallmaster to report about his misdeeds and how he tried to kill you, you will find the whole main floor hostile towards you and you won't be able to finish the quest. Found that a bit strange.
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