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  1. No. To have meaningful reactivity often means altering the player's course in terms of content. This naturally means you will not see certain content, while experiencing the ones that correspond to your actions. The Age of Decadence is a beautiful example of this. It doesn't matter if you can only play through the game once. Meaningful reactivity is not about replaying a game. It's about giving the world and your actions logical consistency, of which certain reactions are expected based on your own actions. Even if you play it once, it'll be a better game.
  2. Josh Sawyer recently explained what the current combat system looks like: I believe this will be a significant step back in terms of strategic resource management. Even if spells are weaker, making Empowerment a significant boost, or very limited per-encounter uses, I don't think this is enough. You'd still have the problem of the original game in which you'd use the same (per-encounter) spells too often, and even if they are very limited in (per-encounter) uses, it would only create a priority list. I'd love for Josh Sawyer to explain his reasoning in detail and give some example
  3. Thanks for the workaround. It appears to work for enabling Half-Refresh Vsync through Nvidia Inspector.
  4. The "exclusive Fullscreen" option in the game appears to be using a Borderless Windowed mode solution, as has been common in some recent Unity releases. For my particular case, this prevents me from using Nvidia Inspector to force Half-Refresh Vsync (I'm using a 120Hz display).
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