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  1. Do we already have information about this? I know we will be able to import our characters from PoE I, but do we know how? I'm asking this because I've just noticed that PoE I does not seem to automatically produce an "endgame" save file when you beat the game. I was used to use that file in other games in order to import information about my character and my choices in the sequel. Thanks a lot.
  2. I think I see what you mean here. As consequences get more nuanced, if there isn't a way in the game to investigate the nuances, then the game hasn't gotten more interesting to play. Or, to put it another way, when the plot thickens, the game play needs to thicken by an equal amount. To use a silly example, if you played Pacman and got poignant ending slides that varied depending on the order that you ate the ghosts, that wouldn't make the game better because you have no way to make an informed decision in the game. Choices aren't meaningful if you end up making them randomly. I
  3. Most wanted stretchgoals: 1 - Romance 2 - New modular stronghold with mor building and decoration options 3 - New dialogue interface with animated portraits like in Diablo III 4 - Advanced diplomacy system to solve quests without fighitng 5 - Expand upon the magic Mallett/Rope/Crowbar trilogy, build more complicated interactions requiring more objects and some thought from the player 6 - A more dynamic faction system (Tyranny is a good starting point)
  4. I want romance. Come on baby, light my Deadfire. Put romance in a stretchgoal and I will raise my pledge. You have to do it right though. No last minute feature implemented just to shut up nerds like me who won't stop bitching about free love in CRPGs.
  5. Mmmm... You are right. But I still don't like this trend in RPGs: 1.0 RPG quests: you are hired by the good guy in order to kill the bad guy. You do that and everyone lives happily ever after 2.0 RPG quests: you are hired by someone who tells you to be the good guy, in order to kill the supposed bad guy. You set off to do that, but you learn that things are different and the real bad guy is the one who hired you. You kill him and everyone lives happily ever after. 3.0 RPG quests: two different factions try to earn your support, but there are no good or bad guys. You have to choose the l
  6. You're the one who's asking to know the consequences of your choices before you make them. If that's what you want, then pointing out that you can just read a walkthrough is perfectly reasonable. Most of us do not want that. We want the game to surprise, frustrate, delight, acknowledge your character-building choices, reward going off the beaten path, and so on and so forth. I wasn't saying that. Let me explain myself with an example. You are playing a side quest with no connections to the main plot, in which you are asked to support one of two people that want to become the n
  7. I agree with you, since this is not my mindset either. I agree with you on this both and I'm advocating for branching paths as much as you are. The only thing I don't agree with is the "(intended or not)" part. One of the core elements of RPGs is player agency within the game world, but having your actions always reach unintended results destroys agency because it transforms the game into a twist ending roulette where you might as well click randomly on dialogue options, since they don't tell anything about what you might achieve by choosing one or the other. No problem wit
  8. I wasn't saying that. I was saying that the paths that the game lays in front of you should follow some rules: Be clear: I should be able to assess the paths I can choose from the very first playthough, wihout finding myself in a situation that I don't like just because I wasn't able to assess the choices I had properly. Be comparable (in content and magnitude of results): if I choose a path I should always loose something while gaining something else. Both what I loose and what I gain should be exclusive, there should not be a path able to let me access more content than the ot
  9. This is a very personal need I have, I don't know if it applies to any other member of this forum, but'ill express it anyways. I've noticed that some of the new features that will be introduced in Deadfire (like for example the enhanced reactivity, berath's blessing and so on) can be effectively enjoyed only if the player does multiple playthroughs. Please Obsidian, try also to focus on those that will be able to play through your game just once. This requests comes from the fact that I'm in a moment of my life that allows me to set aside only a few hours per week to play games. It l
  10. I would like to ask for Monkey Island type puzzles in the next PoE. I really believe that the future of point and click adventures is to be merged with CRPGs. ------------------------------------------------------------ Let's say I have to grab a precious artifact to use it to progress through the main story. What happens right now in CRPGs is that the priest guarding that artifact gives you a quest, you complete it and that's it. What a badass CRPG should do is letting you choose between: - Killing the priest - Stealing the artifact with your sneaking skills - Finding (by you
  11. Since I gave a lot of **** to Dragon Age Inquisition, because it deserved it, I think it is fair to give some love to Pillars of Eternity. Why? Because it deserves it of course. Every time I stopped playing DAI I never felt the urge to come back to it, I just wondered how much time would have taken me to get to the end. When I play PoE I always leave it with a smile, thinking about what I will do during the next play session. So thank you obsidian: - Thank you for requiring me to find a grapple to be able to climb a wall. - Thank you for making me switch to worse weapons (but with t
  12. Does Steam Chart take into account game key redemptions from those that have backed the game on kickstarter? Or does it only comprise real sales? I hope for the second of course.
  13. You have to take reviewers like IGN into account. Those kind of sites will probably give a lower score because of reasons like graphics not being on par with AAA games or the lack of full voiced characters. They will say that this game is for a niche market and niche market games rarely go over 80 on big sites. You also have to take hardcore reviewers into account. Those people have very clear ideas about what they want and are pretty rough towards games that don't meet their requirements. Some of them will get diasppointed for some obscure reason and will give ****ty ratings that will lower
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