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  1. I disagree with resting. Resting is fine as it is. Also bonus in taverns is the greatest thing for making me sleep in taverns. I use it very often instead of camping outside. And interruption by monsters - not good idea for crpg without random levels and random monsters. And personally, I hate when they appear out of air. I'm so happy that there is no respawn of monsters so you can literally clear all locations and you cant grind small mobs at start. Or it can be interruption by script and disbonus - and everybody hates disbonuses. Bonuses are a better motivator. That's why I think resting
  2. Opening a door with a key should be rewarded by the same amount of experience as opening it with lockpicks. XP is important and after finding a key I can not pick a lock to the door anymore. And why characters without lockpicking skills, but who traveled through the whole level, slayed countless foes, found a key in a kidney of a dead spider-ogre on the bottom of the cold stream, shouldn't be rewarded by a small amount of XP? They got the door opened, right? Or give a option to lockpick it even if I have a key. Because now it is a problem. Furthermore, finding a key can be rewarded to by
  3. Yes, but I could set it new buttons. I've already moved to stash so much items accidentally.
  4. I've got used to shift+click them in many games. Could that be added as additional hotkey?
  5. Why not abuse them? Abusing is fun sometimes. I don't recall whether they are limitless in shops but otherwise there are not much of traps in the game. And if I collected all of them just give me the chance to kill dragon with traps. I earned it. It a single player game. It should be fun above balance. Make me feel I broke the system. and +1 for these -Better transparency or character outlines when characters are behind scenery (trees, doorways, etc) -More obvious character location indication when they are selected. It's currently very very subtle and I have to almost zoom in and look fo
  6. This is really not convenient. In Divinity Original Sin I had to spend hours to sort items in the inventory before patch. And now in Pillars sorting is presented from launch but now I have to spend hours replacing items on my chars through 12 windows for better bonus (1 inventory, 1 status, both x6 chars). High-end items with bonuses to different stats at once make things only worse. There is so much info I have to keep in my head every time I shop. And I cant think of any convenient interface for speeding up this process. And the only useful thing could be 'Autosuggest' button based on p
  7. Okay, about dragging camera by right mouse button. There is an option in controls and by default it is set to Mouse Wheel (aka Mouse2 button). But I cant set it to right mouse click Mouse1 - the key just unbinds after setting. And left mouse button and right mouse button are different from the beginning - left is pointer and right is a formation rotation (which is also works as a pointer).
  8. This one can be changed in the settings. I don't remember the name of the slider, but it's set very low. Woohooo! You are a savior. I somehow though it concerns the speed of menu scrolling. Thank you!
  9. So the game is released and it is wonderful! I'm so happy with it. Let's make a thread of feature requests and other wishes as I didn't find it anywhere. First three from me: 1. Please make 'cleared' mark on icons of locations on World Map when there is no enemies or interactive things there. Or allow me to make custom notes. I'm forced to leave some strong foes alive and some traps remains in different locations. And I start forgetting the particular places now =) 2. Drag the camera by right clicking. Currently it seems that left and right clicks do the same. And I constantly
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