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  1. this is something simple, but i'd like to see more items made for specific classes with specific models. A Black Jacket for Black Jackets, for example (I think it says many wear a brigandine) with a series of enchantments that stay thematic-- maybe plus damage each time you switch between weapon slots on attack. An assassin's blade Some kind of remembrance focus necklace for the ghost heart that increases efficiency of the pet. small things like that': probably as part of a free DLC pack.
  2. I think Josh Sawyer is an excellent creative lead but I agree with the above statement. There are significant narrative issue plaguing Deadfire-- pacing and critical path urgency in particular-- and these mistakes don't stem from a choice to either adhere to or subvert the monomyth they come from a larger failure at OBS to craft a plot-centric narrative that kept focus on the critical path. Any discussion of Campbell-- which, to be clear, is mostly us doing-- is a distraction. And Deadfire, like any modern rpg, is thoroughly rooted in the monomyth; in plot structure and character function
  3. While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, and I think it is always of interest to read other people's reasoned opinions: why undermine that by claiming to some kind of objectivity? Because by and large, when it comes to this sort of thing there is none to be had (and I would argue, it isn't particularly needed). Which in a way is also illustrated by the reasons you proceed to give, which read very much like reasons why you specifically prefer BG2 (and the series in general); both in the kinds of reason given, and in the way you phrase them. As you say, those are what *to you* makes BG2
  4. fair point-- what i'm trying to say is that there are ways to look critically at the two games and decide which is better; you do this by breaking it down to component parts and deciding which works better at each level in achieving the whole. The argument has no real value on the personal level--as in trying to convince someone their ideas are wrong. But comparisons based on function of a gameplay element, what works and what doesn't and why-- that can be useful. but none of that happens when someone says, 'you're just letting nostalgia cloud your judgement.' or the converse, 'baldur
  5. we (the community) need to stop using the nostalgia argument. It's too dismissive of reasonable criticisms, like yelling 'fake news' to derail someone's argument in totality. If the point of criticism is to help devs create increasingly better games for everyone, you have to acknowledge everyone's ideas. You don't have to accept them, nor do you have to hide that fact, but you do need to account for what they say. That said, nostalgia is a part of it. That point I happily concede. Still, there are ways to, with reasonable objectivity, make the claim that BG 2 is the superior crpg. Not
  6. BG2's problem was that there was no narrative urgency in Chapter 2. We're TOLD that we need to get out there and save Imoen, but in gameplay mechanics our time is unlimited. Gathering lots of gold to buy assistance to rescue her is a perfectly fine narrative hook and it even plays into CHARNAME encountering Firkraag (who offers undeniably the largest bounty for aiding him, whose behavior is quite obviously fishy... but if you're in a real hurry to raise funds to save your little sister, you wouldn't have time to run a fantasy background check on him, even if an adult red would be dumb enough
  7. You know what, that's true for me as well. I think I would rate BG2 as a far better game objectively, but I just find BG1 more immersive. I think the low-level gameplay actually makes it feel more realistic to me. I also like BG1 the most. I think some of that comes from the quest design and the linear nature of the overall narrative structure. There is always a feeling of going forward and discovering stuff. When you have a quest hub (like Cad Nua) you're always worried am I doing all these things in the best order. Also the devs have to be sure you can do the content in any order. So i
  8. baldurs gate 2 is better. it isn't just nostalgia. its a more cohesive and personal story, with characters that have been a part of your story in a more intimate way, set in a world that isn't built around a single gimmick (the soul stuff in pillars). you also fight a greater variety of enemies, and from the perspective of narrative progression, the tension is better. Yeah, the first chapter of BGII feels off-- like you're doing subquests instead of beelining for imoen, but the entirety of POE 2 feels like subquests instead of confronting the great conflict of the game. I like PoE an
  9. Remember though- people complained like hell about the endurance\health system and the per rest and the camping during POE I. They simplified all this because, in part, we asked them to. I love the access to development we get via the crowd-funding dynamic, but I also think at some point we just need to let them make their game; and they need to learn to say, confidently, we have something in mind. If not we’ll keep getting these half-developed features.
  10. Yet I'm also a big fan of just straight up telling the player to wait. Time is needed to make preparations, time is needed for events to unfold. Telling the player they might as well go do other things in the meantime can be perfectly fine.—posted above by icesong This is a worthwhile thought. I terms of narrative, it isn’t even that hard. The player wants to pause to explore. You don’t ha e to create some deep and thorough explanation— eothas= breaking the Ashen maw pillar has sapped my strength. It will be months before I am ready to finish my purpose. Find me at okaisu, bring your a
  11. Black jacket/ ascendant has to be the most versatile class in the game. First, you halve good defensive stats for fighter. Second , your rate of start fight damage is huge. Third, the build allows you to utilize all the special abilities of a large assortment of firearm uniques. Fourth- fighters penetrating strike allows for huge damage potential, and since you’re not locked into tanking needs with your fighter points, you can use that ability almost at will. Notably, all of this is building towards your real damage ability- ascendant state Spamming firearms— which is the purpose of th
  12. I had a quick little chat with kana after killing the slavers on cookspur. I let Aloth wear the Devil of Caroc Are there any other PoE 1 companion cameos? Also- So I finished the game, and I was hoping all the way through that Eder or Aloth would have some kind of quest to gain a subclass for themselves since they didn’t have one a the new companions all do. Was this just because they didn’t have one in POE 1, and devs kept it consistent? Thanks- Game was fun. Needs some work still, but I definitely enjoyed it
  13. There are some strong moments to be fair; speak to a ropari beggar in the gullet who is willfully starving because she thinks it is what she has earned bc of her caste in society. That bit is well done, as are many others. But, I agree. Many of the side quests and locations feel more like levels out of od nua than fully fleshed out side-quests. A means of giving the player loot and xp rather than oppertunities to create satisfying narrative arcs This example is a good one. The outline of the quest and the reason the valians go insane is a good one. It shows that even though the va
  14. i really want an non 'epic' game where an adventurer/adventurers have exciting adventures and interesting campaign arcs on a local/regional level, not philosophical drivel and kicking over the entire setting shortly after its introduced to the audience. Seen it too many times (Bioware is especially guilty of this, but several D&D settings have the same problem- Dark Sun being the poster child for this. City States with Dragon Kings! Year one: Mostly dead Dragon Kings by way of the intro novels and first adventure trilogy)— posted above by Voss 100% agree. For a while now, crpgs
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