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  1. Hey, at the moment I try to build something like that what you did. But I like (for RP reason) to use daggers. Will be daggers viable (not optimized OP) with that build, too? And you wear plate on your chest slot. Is it not too slow for a "assassin"? =) Leather would be the max for my personal preferences.
  2. Hi, short question: Has a cipher (without soul annihilation) abilities that use melee weapons to strike? Think about to try something like assassin/ascendant. My theory is: Stack focus really fast from stealth attack so get ascended and go on with weapon based skills from cipher as long i'am ascended. Go in stealth again, repeat. I don't really like long casting times and the only skill that sounds cool while wearing weapons is soul annihilation but that one will drop my focus to 0. Another question: Which attributes should I use for a melee rogue/cipher combo? No min/max
  3. ATM I play a assassin/shattered pillar. Pretty fun so far. Is Swift Flurry more worth than Lightning Strike? Mhm..Is "The Long Pain" not usable while wearing weapons or does it work but weapons simply doesn't count?
  4. Hi guys, at the moment I try to find a build that is focused on assassin like style of play (dual daggers) with high amount of mobility. I think about combos like: Shattered Pillar/Assassin: Monk skills for faster attacks and a little bit CC for helping squishy group members + skills for mobility. I like the self generating resources from hitting (crits) so I don't get problems in longer fights. Assassin for backstabbing, rp reasons for dual dagger, stealth in combat and escape to get fast from one enemy to another or to use it as a "oh sh.."-button. Could this work well or is
  5. That combination sounds interesting. What about a melee monk/ranger with for example a bear as personal bodyguard? Someone tested it in a longer way? Bye
  6. Hi, sounds good. Thanks. ) Do you think it could be viable to multiclass with chanter like "shattered pillar/troubadour" for some "nice to have" passive utilities to get a little bit more survivability as a shattered pillar? I thought it should be easier to stay unnoticed behind the enemies and dont get hitted while my tank gets all the attention. xD Or do you think that is way too much experimental for a casual like me? Thanks again!
  7. Hi all, I'am on my way to try the monk, too. I don't want to play him as a tank nor offtank. More like assassin style without invisibility. I like to play a class with high mobility and saw that the monk have some cool skills to jump over the entire battlefield. For that I thought that the shattered pillar monk should be the best choise because I don't want to have a high threat on my character. And without getting much hits I can't generate wounds. At the moment I try the pure monk as a shattered pillar. Is this the best choise or should I try a multiclass too for getting some
  8. Hey guys, simple question: When summoning the Ghost Pet (which drains a resource point) and than use a summoning spell from chanter, the pet will be gone. Is it a bug or intended? When intended - whats the reason because everywhere I can read that the ranger is overall a little bit weak compared to the other classes? Thanks!
  9. Hi again, I don't like to create a new thread for that question so I like to recycle it. ^^ I've got a hint because I said that I'm a bit bored of my Ranger (Ghost Heart)/Chanter (No subclass) because there is not much to do and the actions for ranger skills are limited, specially for summoning the ghost animal. He said that I could try the same combo but with Chanter (Troubador). Is it really that much another playstyle with the troubador that it could be worth to start a new game because there is no option to change the classes again? I'am still nearly at the beginning but when
  10. Sorry..some aditionally notes that I forgot. To find a good viable build for me its suerly helpful to know why that combo bored me. ^^ Ranger is still okay but I think I can go without the pet. It feels..I don't know..clunky? With the chanter I thought it would be great with that passive songs where one of it reduces aditionally the reload time but it feels like as I had only a singleclass char and the range of the active spells is really short when using a long range weapon. xD Thanks again!
  11. Hey guys, like ma topic shows you I'am seacrhing a viable build for black jacket without starting over and over again a new game. At the moment I play ranger/chanter but its a little bit boring and i'm just at the beginning. :-/ I think about creating a build that is close to the Overwatch Hero "Ana". She's a sniper using healer in that game and uses grenades to heal+can shoot a sleeping arrow. Her playstyle triggert me a lot and I will try to bring that playstyle to this game. Apart from this that in POE2 you can't heal somebody with your bullets or grenades. xD On POE2 Wiki under
  12. Hey guys, I'am a newbie in playing games like this and searching for a funny warrior build. I like to play with swords is the first point, while the other is that there is no melee class that needs really much attention i think. Playing a fighter don't looks like fun because there is only one active ability. Why is it like this? Don't makes sense for me. xD I'am searching for a viable build by playing on hard. A warrior that can wear heavy armor, use dual wielding, have some funny skills to use and in danger situations switch to sword and shield. Its enought to find builds they
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