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  1. I have the exact same problem. No fixes yet? I have reinstaled the game, clean, and still have this problem with Zahua, all his equiped items disapear if I take him out of the group, and If I reload keeping him, he leaves the party (portrait vanishes) and "turns" into an NPC. Really strange, what anoys me more are the items, keep disapearing. How can I link my savefile here, please?
  2. So, community, will you please help me with an unanswered question of mine (?): Does using cheat, I roll 20s, command codes change the game history and/or it's ending in any way? Like, in: is there some ending(s) that is(are) only possible to achieve if you never use "IRoll20s" command ever in the game? I take this opportunity to ask, please keeping spoiler free, how many different endings the game has and if there is any kind of "true ending" or "best ending of all" of any kind, please. Thank you much for a the help.
  3. Hello there, I'm currently playing your game, finally, and I must say WHAT a game. Thank you. I just have one question about it and can't seem to find the answer nowhere, really… I'd like to know, in a fully completionist playtrough, doing absolutelly everything, when (70% of the game, 85% of the game…) aproximetly can I reach max level, 12, please? Or the cap is not artificial (better) but simply about the total available amount of XP available trough the whole game -- if that's the way, then I think it's much better. BUT, if there's an artificial cap for the level and I reach max level with me NOT being really, really, close the ending the game (at least 90%+ of the WHOLE game contente) I'd really, then, like to remove the artificial cap that, to me, kills a big part of the experience (I hate reaching max level in RPGs and always unlock it, I also simply stop playing an MMO when I reach the max level and compleate all main story and class quests…). How can I, via command code, simply remove any hard level cap imposed into the game, please?? I know the game is balanced for max level 12, but the cap is artificial (and not controled simply by the total amount actually available of XP in the game) then I preffer to raise the dificulty (currently playing in hard, but can raise to the max level if I find things too easy) the having to deal with a character half way trough the game simply not gaining any more levels. Thank you all for the help.
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