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  1. Not completely done with my playthrough of the game, but I thought I'd make note of some of the most glaring bugs up until the end game. I've noticed that many bugs occur when one explores without obtaining the quest beforehand, for example: In the Gullet, I decided to enter the sunken city hoping to find the roparu basically sentenced to death by that overzealous city watchman. While I was there I obviously explored EVERYTHING and threw myself at anything that sparkled. This way I obtained one of the seashells that open the gate into Ondra's temple (I left the seashell in the gate). I later
  2. Hi! It'd be quite nice if you fixed this, as I'm tired of having my entire party wiped because of 1 or two iconic projections proccing dmg endlessly passing through my guys. Then bouncing off a wall and doing 120 dmg to tanks within another 0.1 seconds
  3. Just finished the game and both expansions and would like to say thanks to everyone in Obsidian for letting us "old" geezers relive the old golden days with some proper DnD. You managed to make me feel like a kid again, laying my eyes on BG for the first time, setting out for what turned out to be a once... first in a lifetime adventure. And here's to hoping we will have a pillars of eternity 2 in a couple of years. No rush, though, but lots of pressure for an even grander experience, so I get to feel like a teen again, laying my hands on a set of melons for the first time
  4. Hard seems to give you icewind dale annoying amounts of mobs, while normal seems to give you BG amounts. I just wish PoTD had the option of normal amounts of mobs with the increased stats...
  5. Well, if you like the eerie atmosphere of a tundra, would like to recruit a rogue instead of creating one of your own and get your hands on the souldbound weapons as soon as possible, then go for it. Don\t go for the lich at low levels, though. Did that instance at lvl 9/10 and it wasn't a walk in the park, believe me.
  6. Oh God I remember those a$shats... Thankfuly Itumak was always pleased taking 4 paralyzing wails and being abducted by wraiths all over the place, before the rest of the party joined the party and opened a can of whoopass.
  7. Meh, alpine dragon adds seems so much more susceptible to electric storm. Now that I think of it, as do all groups of enemies
  8. Seems that this discussion has boiled down to bureaucrats nitpicking wording I'm sure the lady in perfect housewife is elegant and all, but I'd say Bellucci of 1992 is much more interesting in tickling my fancy. It simply boils down to Pillars having restrained and "rational" magic, while BG had boundless magic and countless ways of empowering a mage/parties to levels only suited by the advanced tactics mod, which seems kinda broken, albeit fun :D It would be nice if PoE 2 would cater to both mindsets, although I'm sure other classes would need slight rethinking, too.
  9. Ah, simalcrum on a kensai/thief in bg, improved haste, timestop and assasination brings back good memories Being amazed at how fast liches can wipe your party and how unfair the Kangaxx fight was weirdly enough also bring back good memories (now compare these fights to the lich in PoE ). Gotta agree with the op, it seems magic is kinda limited in this game, surely to bring it in line with the rest of the balance. Part of the appeal, though, is to see how hard one can break the game while meeting more and more unfair challenges on the way. But, lets not forget that was high level combat. PoE 2
  10. This seems/ed (had it in pre 2.03) to be happening upon playing the game for quite a while without reloads. Seems there's some variables not being flushed
  11. It's "perfectly" doable at level 9, but it does mean you need some nifty equipment on your toons. Use the survivalist scroll first, then eat stat increase food, have potions on the ready, the resistance ones on your MT and dps ones on your offtank/dpsers. Agree to free the dragon first. Betray it and return. Then you sneak by it to the right and start off the fight by killing off all the xaurips. Once you're done, the dragon will approach with the rest of it's buddies. Spawn trash for it to target with the breath, then spawn more trash for it to target and 2-3 shot. Kill off rest of the trash,
  12. So, is it double looting or just the heroes having a hard time picking it up on first try? If it's the former I feel quite dirty for using two of those awesome cloaks and might have to dispose of one...
  13. To me it seemed like you could loot some cloaks twice. For example I got the unique +12 deflection cloak twice in the expansion. Dunno if that's intended
  14. I'll agree that you can find weapons with better raw damage potential, seeing as how you can improve them to +12 accuracy and +45 dmg, 25% elemental damage and +15% attack speed (some also having +50crit dmg). But they're not NEARLY as versatile and awesomely creative as the solbound weapons. Having the option to improve them with the white forge would be fun, don't get me wrong, but it's not like you feel underpowered at high levels, pretty much just butchering enemies left and right. If there's a gripe, then it's this: There's too few souldbound weapons :D
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