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  1. Hi everyone, I'm not good with the mechanics of this game, but have just been playing around and trying to see what the consensus is on DPS output. Playing as a DPS Paladin- I've tried dual wielding hatches and using a greatsword. Both seem effective. However, what, ultimately, is best? Is it better to have a large, heavy hitting weapon? Or two smaller weapons (due to enchants)? Thanks!
  2. I'm in the early game... Wondering if it's worth it to put points into a weapon specialty for the +6 accuracy and the +15% damage? Any thoughts? Or does this severely limit you if you find better and different weapons?
  3. Hi, I'm new to this game. I prefer melee builds in these games and noticed that almost every build- barbarians and paladins- seems to stress AoE damage. They all really push intelligence for that reason. Is AoE a core function of this game? In playing all the Baldur's Gate games I rarely used AoE spells or attacks.... Just trying to see if AoE is pretty much the way you have to go to be effective, or if many people play single-target DPS builds? Thanks, Frank
  4. Hi everyone, Two quick questions: I've played the Baldur's Gate series to death. Should I play normal or hard? Does hard have any increased payoff? (more experience/loot?) Also, mechanics: should I grab it with my main or let an NPC level up mechanics? Thanks!
  5. Love that build. I think I'm going to have to re-roll as a bleak walker. Would it, by chance, work with a goldpact knight? Or are they worth avoiding all-together? But still, I love the idea of a neutral bleak-walker, someone who is a real hard ass that will end a conflict no matter what the cost. Very Machiavellian.
  6. Which DoT abilities will be affected by low intelligence? Also, so if I bring my intelligence AND constitution up, to say, a 10.... What would I reduce? Might? Dexterity? Per? It seems then that I'll suffer low damage. LOL- maybe I should have just rolled a barbarian.
  7. Might: 19 Con: 6 Dexterity: 17 Per: 15 Int: 3 Res: 18 Ocean Folk, Goldpact Knight So here is the deal with this guy. + Damage, Damage, and Damage (FoD and Intense Flames) + He's a single-target striker + Doesn't get hit too often with his high res - Auras are wasted except on my Paladin - No AOE Damage - When he does get hit, it hurts So far, he stays by the tank, and does most of the killing while the tank draws the enemies. His FoD ends battles quickly, but is limited to two uses. My only concern, due to my lack of understanding of the game design, is how duration will effect my
  8. What should I drop intelligence to? Where should I put it in?
  9. So, what would you guys suggest my stat-distribution be? I want to hit for as high DPS as possible.
  10. I'm confused how resolve works for Paladins- what's the benefit? Someone mentioned it's good for conversations and needs to be 16+.... Could anyone please clarify if that's true and what that person meant? Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone Looking for some comments and suggestions. Aiming for a heavy-hitting, 2-H Paladin, that also has the accuracy to actually land-hits, and the resolve for dialogue. Might: 18 Con: 8 Dex: 12 Perc: 16 Int: 8 Res: 16 Ocean Folk, White Wends, Laborer Thoughts? My only thought was that perception may be too high, and would be better used bumping Dex or Con. Thanks for your help!
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