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  1. Spell Effects are been getting really bad in games lately, especially between this and DA:I. Just because you CAN do awesome spell doesnt mean you should. Less is more. I would like to see if you TAB during a battle you can clearly see the outlines of the figures of each person (friends and enemies), some time it is really hard to see that one person is knocked on the feet amid all the spell effects and shinyness
  2. After reading the Lore books and playing the game, there clearly are many things drawn from the real world. But they are stuck on a pedestal and use to beat their audience up, like typical US style story telling. I have read a few people who found the discrimation that appears in the game made them realise something about their own behaviour. I found that the whole soulless kids thing quite interesting. Just because it means nothing to you, that doesnt mean you cant respect the opinions of those it does. I dont need to agree with every word he said, but I dont stand in judgement (or hat
  3. good grief, dont like the pre-built NPCs dont use them, thats goes to pretty much all RPG's of this kind in existance. At least unlike BG you have the freedom to not use them at all. Every player has them own version of an optimial build. Just because you dont think they are, and just because your interpretation of the maths of min/max doesnt say they are, that doesnt mean they arent a good build. this game allows you the freedom to customise them a lot,it also gives you the freedom to not use them at all, thats a lot more than some games do
  4. No I'm not comparing it. I said Obsidian put a text fix (a non-issue) above all the bugs and balance issues. Why? Because a member of a delicate minority was offended? That situation alone is worth 1000 words about Obsidian , their employees and work philosophy. Even if I adore PoE to bits, and I do. here is a company findings its feet after almost collapsing, in a time when (for better AND worse) political correctness is a huge issue. It makes perfect sense. Companies the world over tackle this problem every day, and not just in gaming but every walk of life. Especially the way tw
  5. I got a black screen there that crashes the game, so I had to manually edit my savegame files to continue. Don't ask. There is also the Sanitarium glitch which comes damn close to game-breaking and ruins your reputation completely in the biggest town. That's unfortunate considering you need reputation in Defiance bay for at least two things - Eder's companion quest and the premium weapons/amor at the Dozen. But no, its more important to remove non-issues from the game because some transvestite demanded so on twitter. Go Josh and Obsidian. EDIT: Not to mention the huge discrepancy betwe
  6. In this your first computer game ever? Everything you say in the OP can easily be said about virtually every game developer around. Honestly I read that in basically every game forum I frequent on every main release. So I have no idea how you can single out these guys. By default the games they make are complex RPG of different styles. This game had a huge beta following so we know that it is not like they didnt test, likewise they postpone the launch a few times, so its not liekt hey were just after the money. JUst look at the launch of Assassin Creed Unity, that game was broken on so
  7. when are people going to learn, sales dont equate quality or success or legacy. its that type of thinking that drive places like Ubisoft and EA and why some of the most memorible games this year have been things like Wastelands2, Divinity:Original Sin, Cities Skyline and this.
  8. why does every gamer think every game should be for them. The DEVS chose their target market, and built the game for them, its up to everyone else to either adjust their gaming habits to suit it or go play something like DA:Inquistion that is so whitebread and safe it lacks any depth trying to walk that tightrope of mass sales/playability. no thanks I for one like the fact that I have to reload over and over.
  9. no thanks I would rather respect their comtribution in making this game possible and gear and money is rather easy to come by as it is... then again I never play an evil aligment
  10. You're not speaking for 99% of the player base. If I weren't reading the forums, I wouldn't even be aware of the bugs. Mainly because I never double-click to assign items and I tend to run with a single quick save, so my reloading is limited. The only bug I've actually noticed during play is the cage cursor issue. Which is annoying, but hardly game breaking. If I wasnt speaking for 99%, then 1 in 100 players would have the bugs. That really doesnt seem to be the case. It doesnt even seem to be 1 in 1000 if you consider that the game sold millions of copies, hence 99.9%.
  11. sounds like every other game that has come out in recent memory. not sure why you are singleling this game out? however unlike something like Assassins Creed Unity this game was delayed numerous times and actively beta tested for many months. Like all massive RPG the sheer scale and complexity means that not everythign can be caught in beta. So yes on some level one would always expect for the first few weeks a large scale testing of a launched game to be the first port of call. Seriously I can not think of a single RPG that launched without issues and I mean in 20 years worth. You cho
  12. sadly ALL games forums are like this these days, full of people complaining but rarely celebrating the good. I can not think of a single release in the last few years where the forums havent been flooded by unconstructive criticism... everyone else is too busy playing the game. I have had a few crushing bugs so far but they are to be expected in a game of this scope and size, and those who see how brilliant the core structure of this game is are happy to report them and give the devs time. See unlike something like Assassins Creed Unity which was obviously rushed out to meet the needs of b
  13. nope thats exactly why I play this game, exactly why I played all the Baldurs Gate's (etc) right through to Neverwinter and even things like Dragon Age (the original of course), its that complexity and micromanagement that makes those games far more memorable than many others of their kind. Its why things like Dragon Age 2 fail to match a lot of PC gamers interests. It choose to strip away the very things that made us want to play.
  14. In all fantasy games I see names that dont match what I BELIEVE is the setting, yet in all the others except this game that were created by the devs. most of the backers names I have seen so far are no better or worse than the real ones. Fantasy is subjective. Personally I would like to see more real names than the ultra strange using more vowels than english requires.
  15. well, you dont have to read them, they are clearing marked and I have yet see one truly terrible name that completely threw me out of the game. Some of the stories are interesting but others clearly need a good edit. Given it is those people's fath and support that allow this game get as far as it is they deserve their little corner of the world honestly the way people are going on around when I got in game I was expecting to see all these Xbox gamer tag type names, however after like 15 hours I have seen nothing that made me whinch.
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