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  1. Approximately 362,000 owners on Steam, 14.5% of whom are backers. After dropping out of the daily top 25 sellers for a while, the game is now back on the chart at #21. It's hard to guess how that compares with other platforms. 14.5% of 362,000 is 52,500 -- suggesting that about 1/3 of the 77,000 backers got their copy somewhere else (tho some may never have picked up their copies), which in turn suggests robust sales outside of Steam, likely for a total of a bit more than 500K. All that's just speculation, tho.
  2. Yes, sexual passion in the Greek classics usually happens between a husband and his wife.
  3. I do feel that some of the voice-acting for minor characters is a little sub-par. All of the companions are well-done -- no criticism of Durance, Sagani et al -- but some NPCs have the sound of a session worker standing in a booth reading a script for the first time as it's recorded, bringing a reasonably professional tone to the lines but without much sense of the setting or character. I don't have a strong opinion on the total amount of voice-acting, but I think that if you can't afford the time of an actor to learn the characters as characters rather than as lines in a script, then the voiceover doesn't really add much. Rather than voting for more or less budget devoted to actors, my vote would be to only spend the money if you're willing to spend enough to have an actor learn the character and their role in the story, rather than simply hiring a booth for an hour and then handing the reader a highlighted script. What that would probably lead to in practise is more recorded lines for a smaller cast.
  4. He's posting actively to his Instagram. He is in fact on vacation -- 30 days of biking. Apparently I am a bigger stalker than OP. Bike voyeurs go here. Cant EDIT: please don't make things personal (any more than this thread already is) between members.
  5. This happens to almost every NPC ally in the stronghold fights -- if they get hit by friendly fire they switch sides. You probably just noticed it for the first time with Korgrak because he's so big. It's irritating, as it's nigh-impossible to completely shield them as they go heedlessly traipsing about the battlefield. The only way to turn a red circle blue again is to use Dominate effects. I haven't tested whether the switch lasts beyond the spell's effect for NPCs that started out friendly or if they'll automatically go red again. On the other hand, it doesn't really matter because when hirelings die you can just rehire identical copies of them from the Keep interface immediately.
  6. My idea for a fix (which is also a fix for the currently necessary-but-boring Survival skill) would be to replace camping supplies with food -- and the level of food you could prepare would be dependent on Survival. Food would restore health (to a greater or lesser extent according to ingredients and skill) rather than just providing buffs, but it would also provide buffs until the next time you camped -- much as inns do now. Ingredients would be common in the wilderness but rare in dungeons, and the ones you'd find in dungeons would be grubs, fungus and the like -- which could be cooked, but would actually impose debuffs rather than granting buffs, except in the hands of a very skilled cook. Yes, I like this a lot. Many would complain, but it could be added as an option like "Expert Mode"
  7. Oh. That actually doesn't sound any better. Personally, I would favor having nothing beyond quickslots as personal inventory, but the whole stash freely available anytime you're out of combat. A kind of goofy idea that I would enjoy would be to access the stash through a literal mule you would acquire early in the adventure (perhaps ridden by a Sancho Panza-esque character).
  8. Aw, man! I bet that would've been great. Is there a link to a description? I've never seen this system mentioned before. (Yes, the stash irritated me too.)
  9. I found Grimoire Slam very helpful, as he often had to sneak up to the front line to get in place for a Fan of Flame. I was irritated to realize that the spell slot talents I chose became irrelevant at 9th and 12th level. [Kaiki, I liked the post above for the sake of your sig -- congrats!]
  10. I can't see how it's any harder to avoid excess sparkles in 2D than in 3D. For one thing, DAO suffered from exactly the same problem.
  11. Aw dang it, I just came in to post this dumb graphic, and the other two thread got locked right then. Anyway:
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