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  1. Shields are optional; ranged weapons are optional; even armor is optional, however, their use is accompanied by drawbacks that balance them within the game. Shields inflict a penalty to accuracy (they should also have a recovery time penalty but that's beside the point), higher DR armor increases recovery time, ranged weapons can be interrupted while reloading; they all have some mechanic associated with their use that maintains a semblance of balance. Six figurines, used simultaneously—potentially summoning 14!!! allies up to 5m(I think) away almost instantaneously—is laughably unbalanced. Especially considering they can all be very quickly buffed with increased DR, greater accuracy and a HoT supplied by one of the summoned creatures. Also, many of the summons have their own powerful skills/high innate DR. I hold no illusions that figurines won't be reduced to single-use items to be saved and used exclusively during the most challenging encounters, however, simultaneous figurine use needs to be excised. If its not removed, then, at the very least, it has to be penalized in some manner (perhaps 5 seconds of paralysis/confusion/dazed after using a figurine) so that if a player decides the whole party should use figurines at the same time there is some detrimental effect to balance out the overwhelming advantage they receive. I'd personally like to see a short debuff applied after using a figurine even if it was possible to have only one active at a time. I recall at least one interview (sorry, couldn't find anything to provide a link(s)) where it was stated explicitly that the game was neither designed nor balanced around solo play. Single-use figurines certainly would hamper a solo run though, perhaps even rendering TCS impossible without major exploitation (which I strongly suspect is already the case). A limited quantity of charges per figurine is probably a more palatable solution than reducing figurines to single use items. I agree, encountering lone enemies after pulling a large group was a disappointingly frequent occurrence. You're proving my point. A boss fight shouldn't be capable of being resolved using the exact same tactics employed against all the other encounters in the dungeon. It's a boss fight—the ultimate encounter of the dungeon—it should be special in some way, beyond the fact that it's a 'named' enemy, or the adds accompanying the defacto boss are tougher than all the other ones in the area. It's just poor encounter design if you can do the exact same thing to beat the boss that you've done throughout the whole dungeon, unfortunately encounter design as a whole is rather poor in this game. That's a great idea, anything that increases meaningful diversity (mechanics as opposed to appearance) amongst enemies is a positive. *EDIT* The 5DR bypass, in addition to the superior damage type (piercing), makes the estoc a better choice in almost any situation. Check the bestiary/armor types for DR and it's obvious that the compensation isn't adequate; it's a token attempt at balance, true balance would see great swords' damage increased.
  2. Animancers did put animal souls into children... surely it can't be too much of a stretch to imagine encountering a rogue animancer in the woods who had an offer if you brought him a pristine chunk of raw adra. That was both a surprising and disappointing exclusion, considering the plethora of role-playing choices present during character creation. That was another feature I couldn't believe wasn't incorporated into the game, it really handicaps monks when they can never get any enchantment bonuses when using their primary means of attack; their fists. The only problem with that would be it could prove too powerful with multiple melee characters, if you had 3 front line characters bunched together wielding two-handed weapons with extended reach and the enemy fled, it would probably be killed by the 3 simultaneous attacks.
  3. Wow. That's a pretty major bug, hopefully its high on Obsidian's priority list to fix.
  4. I agree, the skills in general were mildly disappointing. I think there's a lot of potential in them though, and I'm certain that their in-game use will be expanded significantly in the sequel.
  5. Difficulty: I'm sure that some of these suggestions will be fairly contentious, however, I beat the game on PotD using only story NPCs, didn't use figurines/potions/scrolls/traps, had expert mode on, and found it to be more of a 'hard' mode (hard mode was much too easy) than a ridiculous, unfair challenge. I even ended up using Cheat Engine to drastically reduce my party's experience on multiple occasions. If they're too much for expert mode/PotD, maybe they could be implemented, with others, into an even higher difficulty mode for the expansion/sequel, 'Way of the Grognard'? -Only one figurine should be capable of being used at a time (maybe even only one total per battle), not one per character. When every PC can use a figurine simultaneously and some figurines summon multiple creatures, it's equivalent to an instant win button (to a game-breakingly absurd extent in the early/mid game) that completely trivializes any fight in the game. -Characters should be granted a brief period where they have an increased resistance to whatever hostile effect just ended. When currently afflicted with a hostile effect, characters should also have an increased resistance—perhaps even total immunity—to that same effect. The capability to effortlessly resolve a significant percentage of the combat in the game by simply stun-locking enemies indefinitely at a choke point using mental binding (a 2nd level spell!), and with only one cipher in the party to boot, is ridiculous. -The total absence of immunities leads to numerous preposterous in-game scenarios. For example, blights (elementals) take damage from their respective elements; they shouldn't just have a total immunity, they should actually be healed by attacks featuring their respective elements. Oozes can be knocked prone. How do you knock a gelatinous mass on its back... where is its back for that matter? Spectral enemies that hover above the ground can slip on a 'slick, oil-like substance' that 'coats the ground'. Flying enemies are also vulnerable to being knocked down by an oily, ground-based attack. Enemies without eyes can be blinded... clearly wizards are some sort of inverse-Jesus. This a wide-ranging problem that contributes to the bland uniformity that defines much of the combat and is in no way limited to the handful of examples listed above. -Figurines should be single use items, not one use per rest. A few more figurines could be introduced into the world to compensate for this. It would be even more interesting if some figurines summoned hostile creatures or ones that turned on the summoner once the enemies were slain. Hell, there could even be one that summoned a creature/person that gave a quest to slay the person who imprisoned them in the figurine. -Enemy humanoids should use potions/scrolls/figurines and intelligent (sentient beings) ranged/spell casting enemies should ruthlessly target the player's casters/squishies, forcing the player to disable them or immediately burst them down. -If PCs can have, at a minimum, two weapon sets, why can't other humanoids? If enemies were given alternative methods to attack—be it ranged or melee with extended reach—the common indoor tactic of blocking a doorway with your tank becomes a lot less OP and makes for far more interesting and dynamic encounters. The engagement tanking cluster**** that most fights occurring in the open devolve into would also be mitigated to a large extent by such a change. Of course, this is contingent upon a semi-decent AI being implemented into the game. -Failing a scripted interaction's option should always have some contextual punishment, on many occasions actions were attempted and failed, yet no ill effects resulted from those failures. For example, if a character attempts to climb up to a window via vines—instead of immediately using a grappling hook—and fails, falling to the ground in the process, they should have a twisted ankle debuff (or something similar) until they rest. If a character attempts to push some rocks out of the way—instead of immediately using a hammer and chisel—but isn't strong enough, they should get a sprained back debuff or something similar. -Bounty experience should be 1/5 of what it currently is... if not less. Side quests in general seem to grant too much experience. This seems to be a problem inherent in the amount of experience required to level up... the curve is much too gentle from around level 3 onward. It honestly feels like there is enough experience in this game to level two full parties. -Bestiary grants too much experience, as the player is over leveled quite quickly after reaching the first major city without even doing a certain keep or exploring a certain multilevel dungeon. It really seems like the side quest exp wasn't reduced once the bestiary exp was tacked on at the end of development. At the very least, expert mode and/or PotD should reduce—if not remove—bestiary experience. Another possible solution is to offer bestiary experience only for enemy archetypes instead of every individual variant of said archetype. -Chests/traps shouldn't grant experience. The reward for opening a chest is whatever is inside of it; the reward for disarming a trap is the removal of a dangerous obstacle. Reclaiming traps should be a 50% chance at the same level of mechanics and +/-10% per level above or below. -The endurance regenerated after a battle should be taken from the health of that character, with the caveat that the total health couldn't go below 1hp. This would make the 2 camping supply limit on PotD actually impactful. It would also make potion/scroll use important, if not necessary, in certain sections of the game. -Swapping weapons shouldn't be instant; it's too easy when you can equip a caster with a hatchet and a large shield then just immediately switch to that set when anything gets within striking distance, gaining an immediate and significant bonus to deflection. When wizards have multiple spells that buff deflection and are not instantaneous, like switching weapon-sets is, it seems like weapon switching isn't working as intended. By making weapon switching take some time it also allows a talent to be introduced, making it faster, or even instantaneous, further diversifying meaningful build options. *Mild Early Game Spoilers* -An enemy should only be capable of being charmed once per encounter and should go hostile immediately upon taking damage from the player. -Enemies shouldn't immediately attack their charmed allies if they have other available targets. Currently enemies will frequently immediately target—and even chase (eliciting engagement attacks in the process!)—a charmed ally of theirs, completely ignoring what or whomever they were just fighting. -Resting bonuses should only last until the next rest, not until they are replaced by another bonus. I suspect this to be a bug since it occurs sporadically. -Great sword needs to be buffed as choosing the estoc is currently a no-brainer. -Enemies 'leashing' leads to some very exploitative scenarios and thus should be removed. -Dunryd Psion hireling is garbage: 100cp per day and -2/+2... why would anyone hire it? Brutish Warrior is +3/+2 and 50cp per day for comparison. *Mild Act 2 Spoiler* -The 'Overbearing' enchantment should have its prone duration halved... a buffed (or even unbuffed) carnage barbarian with high intelligence is currently too powerful when using weapons with it. -Pale Elf's Burn and Freeze DR should be reduced to +5 from +10.
  6. I wish I had started taking notes immediately, instead of 1/3 through the game, I'm sure there'd have been many more suggestions. Oh well, I'm sure there's going to be more observations during my TCS run in a few months, once the game has been refined and polished until its positively blinding (I hope). I was thinking more along the lines of the 'Stop Party Movement' option underneath the 'Enemy Spotted' and 'Combat Start' Auto-Pause options. It's pretty trivial but I love an overwhelming amount of UI options... it's one of the main differentiating factors between true CRPGs and console RPGs in my eyes. It's only alluded to, with no specifics being given, but even the vague description sounds like it would have been very interesting. http://www.pcgamer.com/pillars-of-eternity-tabletop-rpg-and-card-game-in-the-works/ (ctrl+f inventory to find it) Although Ink Blot described it in detail, I'm sure that it'd have been refined and expanded beyond that if it had actually been incorporated into the game. The current inventory system is even more disappointing when considered in conjunction with the recovery time mechanic and how encumbrance could have been implemented in relation to it. Imagine if loot disappeared after leaving the area and you didn't know if backtracking would be possible in the zone you were exploring due to any number of potential events: a cave-in, flooding, Glanfathan tribe evicts you, etc. Would you take as much loot as you could, dramatically increasing the recovery time of your over-loaded party and potentially dooming yourself on Trial of Iron? Would you carry it with you and have one member stealth ahead, having everyone drop the heavy stuff before engaging, so you could remove the encumbrance penalties, hoping the entire time you aren't ambushed and thus denied the opportunity to shed the excess weight? Would you only ever overload your tank(s), since their recovery time doesn't matter anyways? Would you keep a set of +2 might enchanted clothing for each party member to increase their carrying weight, even though they'd take up 6 inventory spots, potentially proving detrimental if an abundance of light-weight, highly valuable items were found? It would have added multiple layers of complexity to the game... instead we get an entirely mindless system more at home in an MMO or console ARPG.
  7. Hello Obsidian Entertainment. Thank you for the incredible game and congratulations on the well-deserved accolades it has garnered. If I had to assign a number on a scale of 1-10 to PoE, I'd give it at a solid 8.8; an incredible game, albeit one with some room for improvement. I kept a document open while playing to jot down ideas/observations/bugs... it's a very long game so there ended up being quite a few of them! I can't wait for the sequel since I'm certain it will prove to be the BG2 to PoE's BG1... perhaps—hopefully—even surpassing that venerable legend. Gameplay Improvements: -In my opinion the Stash is the worst part of this game (excluding the inevitable initial bugs and I can hardly believe that disabling the stash not actually disabling the stash isn't one of them). In-game mechanics, especially fundamental ones, must have some attempt, no matter how feeble, at in-game explanations: bags of holding; pocket-planes; storage demons; some sort of spell; a donkey (pets are already in game and who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to have a 'dirty ass' follow them around); you're a priest in the service of Storly, god of storage and miscellaneous items; etc. The more powerful the in-game mechanic is, the greater the importance of explaining it becomes, at least if your intention is an immersive and believable world. A completely realistic system would be terrible too, however, making no attempt whatsoever to address so fundamental a mechanic as item storage, both on the character or in the world, is horrendous, more so when considering the fantastic lore and world-building achieved via the supplementary material: the myriad books, cyclopedia and bestiary. The stash, in its current iteration, totally negates all the considerable effort put into the creation of alternatives to combat. This is exemplified by Raedric's Keep. Why avoid killing all the enemies and forego 15000+ copper from selling all their equipment? Wasn't the point of quest only experience to disincentivize indiscriminately killing absolutely everything? The current inventory system also renders money a total non-issue less than 1/3 through the game. At the very least, if total replacement (optimally with Josh's original, involved—not dumbed down to the point of mindlessness—inventory system) for an enhanced expert mode is not an option, the disable stash toggle should disable both withdrawal and deposit when not in a tavern/resting and bags for crafting materials should be added into the game. -I was very surprised by the absence of a tutorial option when I started the game for the first time. Some sort of primer would be incredibly useful for people new to this type of RPG, as there is a ton of information and systems that would be better learned if shown first-hand than read about in the manual. Also, there are many shortcuts and UI tricks not even mentioned in the manual that could be taught in a tutorial. -An overarching narrator (ideally a pitch-perfect Morgan Freeman imitator) who spoke the gray 'flavor' text for the voiced sections would be wildly entertaining as there usually is insufficient time to actually read that text before the VO resumes. If that's not feasible, perhaps a slight delay to allow the player to actually read that text could be implemented? -It would be great if instead of automatically succeeding, adventures forced the player to take control of the assigned character and fight solo to determine the outcome of the adventure. The difficulty of the fight(s) would be determined by the quality of the adventure. -Enemies should not just line up behind each other at a blocked doorway if there are other available paths to the blocked room. -Music volume should be reduced 50% when voiced dialogue begins. -NPC banter has too long a delay between quips. Furthermore, it'd be nice if the portraits had some indication showing which NPC was speaking. -It's very hard to see NPCs or loot if they're behind things. Increasing the transparency of foreground structures when something is behind them would help a lot. -When sending someone to your dungeon you should get their equipment. -Your party should never automatically attack charmed members, nor should enemies immediately attack their charmed allies for that matter. -Important outdoor quest NPCs/merchants should adhere to a rudimentary day/night cycle, e.g., why is a fisherman on the docks 24/7... is the fishing really that good? -It'd be very cool if reading books opened choices in dialogue or gave quests, but only if the book was actually read, which would be determined by a combination of the player scrolling to the bottom of the text and keeping the book open a minimum length of time, which would vary depending on the length of the book. -A high reputation with a city should grant a discount on items bought at stores and a very high reputation should result in a premium being offered for items sold by the player. -Items sold at the stronghold should be priced similarly to those sold by stores in a city at maximum reputation, or even cheaper. -Getting caught lock picking a chest, or even opening it to see what's inside, should cause loss of reputation or hostility depending on the situation. -There should be armor proficiency talents. As it stands, characters are either in plate, if they're front-line, or, if they're back-line, in enchanted clothing... medium armor is garbage. With armor talents the recovery speed penalty could be reduced (or DR increased or a combination of both) and make medium armor a more viable option, increasing build diversity. -Stronghold resting bonuses must stack to be even remotely competitive with mid-game or later inns. -It would be interesting if the stronghold's library offered experience for depositing books not currently found within. Perhaps the steward could offer an item that started a quest if every possible book was collected? This also opens up an interesting, alternate resolution to a quest where you have to procure a certain book. -There should be a way to deposit pets in the stronghold, so that they can wander around. Some sort of pet fighting mini-game would be rather interesting. Hell, an NPC that allowed you to sacrifice all the available pets and choose one to turn into a figurine that would summon a giant version of that pet would be incredible. -Supplicants should stay at the stronghold longer. It's frustrating to be incapable of travelling large distances on the map in one go without risking having a supplicant come and go whilst in transit. The current solution is to split that long trip into multiple medium ones... which is an annoying circumvention. -The hide merchant in Twin Elms should pay more for hides. *Mild Act 3 Spoilers* -It'd be nice if the slides in the epilogue could be navigated both forwards and backwards, currently you can only skip forwards. UI Improvements: -Hovering over the name of a combatant in the combat log should highlight that combatant on the screen so that the player can see which of the identically named enemies was responsible for the respective entry. -It'd be nice if the combat log could be toggled to show only specific types of entries: individual characters' entries, rep gain/loss, exp, crits/grazes/types of damage, item gain/loss, etc. -List identical items numerically in shops, e.g., 13 daggers collectively instead of showing 13 individual daggers. Food/scrolls/potions/crafting materials already stack so I can't imagine this would be overly difficult to implement for other items. -Items sold by the player should go to the bottom of a shop's inventory. -When moving/selling large quantities of items the number should be able to be set using the number keys instead of just clicking the arrow to make the total lower or higher 1 by 1. For example, if I have 100 vessel bones and want to move 50, currently it requires clicking the arrow to make the total smaller 50 times... which is absurd. -Numerous properties on magic items are not listed in the cyclopedia and have no explanation, or, at best, an insufficiently detailed explanation, e.g., does an amulet that grants a 1.15 healing bonus apply to healing given or received, or does it apply to both? How far is a 'distant' enemy? Is 'low endurance' considered 'near death' or 'badly injured'? How often is 'every few seconds'? How often does 'overbearing' proc and what determines if it does? What's the difference between major and minor spellbinds? These are just some examples of missing or insufficient information pertaining to items. In addition, Spell Striking and Spell Holding have no in-game explanation whatsoever. -When an item grants/modifies a spell it should show a tool-tip on mouse-over for that spell, in addition to indicating how many times it can be used and whether it is per encounter or per rest. It's very annoying to have to close the level-up screen to check a spell that's modified by a potential talent. -It'd be nice if the transparency of the combat log could be adjusted. -NPC text bubbles shouldn't overlap, instead, a new text bubble should be forced to the top or bottom edge of the existing one. -Switching weapons should be capable of being bound to a hot-key. -Displaying stealth mode on portraits when the central UI is minimized needs a rework, the small green square highlighting the stealth icon is still visible through the 4'th PC's portrait. -There should be a toggleable icon on the portraits showing the current activity of the character, also, if a character is currently attacking there should be a small icon above that character (like there is when they're using a skill) that resembles the attack cursor. -The total number of enemies that a character is capable of engaging should be shown on that character's information screen. -Stop movement on trap spotted would be an excellent addition to the auto-pause menu. Also, it's quite odd that the party doesn't avoid traps once they have been spotted, I have a hard time believing my mechanic wouldn't say, “Hey, watch out, there's a trap right there, how about not killing everyone... stupid Aloth.” -The inability to add markers to the map is a particularly glaring omission. Being unable to click on the map to move is kind of disappointing as well. -The cursor should be capable of being positioned mid-note with the mouse when taking notes in the journal. Or, if that isn't possible, the cursor should be capable of being moved with the arrow keys instead of forcing the player to delete what is written. -It would be nice if, when in the journal, quests & tasks were capable of being selected with the arrow keys instead of just the mouse. This capability would also be nice when perusing possible talents during level up. Really, every UI screen featuring a multitude of vertically listed entries, be they quests/talents/spells/monsters in the bestiary/etc., should be navigable using the arrow keys. -Holding ctrl+click-and-drag selecting other characters should add them to the currently selected group, similar to how you can add characters to the currently selected group by holding ctrl+clicking on their portraits. -An option to disable switching to fists while clicking to switch weapons would be nice. -It should be possible to zoom out when viewing the Od Nua staircase interface. -The icon for stairs should show whether those stairs go up or down, after a few days without playing it can be hard to remember which set of stairs heads down upon exiting the master staircase in Od Nua. It would be an excellent addition if the map showed 'Stairs Down' or 'Stairs Up' instead of just 'Stairs'. -It would be nice if it was possible to zoom in on the map. -It would be useful if it was possible to click on a region when looking at the world map and see that region's map. There are quests that describe geological features that could be seen through the fog of war, making this a practical addition. -Completed quests/tasks should be arranged so that the most recently finished is at the top of the list. Also, when a quest is completed and the tool-tip pops up, clicking on it doesn't actually select that quest when the journal is opened... it should. -Stronghold status updates should list the most recent at the top and continue in descending order. Currently the oldest is at the top and the most recent is at the bottom.
  8. Here are a few more bugs that I've encountered as I've played. I'm sure some have already been reported, so I'm sorry for any unintentional repostings. -Looting containers or corpses in the Burial Isle section of Twin Elms stopped being possible, although gathering plants was still possible. Restarting the game fixed the bug. -A barbarian using jolting touch procs carnage attacks that do jolting touch's damage, making it brokenly OP. -The Adragans and Xaurips surrounding the Adra Dragon can be killed without pulling the Adra Dragon. This is on PotD and after alerting the dragon hunter to the Adra Dragon's ploy to take over her body... if that's the result of its soul not being in its body it makes the fight way too easy. -If a Shadow Drake is killed with one hit its death doesn't update the bestiary. -During a conversation with Aloth in Breith Eaman, before heading down to Sun in Shadow, Durance interjects but it doesn't show his portrait or even his name in the dialogue box. -During the battle with Thaos, combat doesn't pause once the dialogue is over. In addition, tab doesn't show any information. It's also weirdly laggy in that scene in general. -During the conversation with Hiravias after defeating Thaos, the bottom half of the text in the second section of his speech is grey instead of white. -After slaying Thaos and reloading a save with him slain, his body is gone but his name tag still persists when the tab key is pressed.
  9. Oh wow, so it is. After getting the bestiary entries for the Sky and Adra dragons I wondered why Cail hadn't given one too... I had forgotten that it wasn't actually a dragon.
  10. Here are some more bugs that I've encountered as I've played. I'm sure some have already been reported, so I'm sorry for any unintentional repostings. -'Cail the Silent', a dragon, doesn't give a bestiary entry. Both the Sky and Adra dragons do. -When upgrading an item from 'exceptional' to 'superb' quality, the required enchanting slots is shown to be insufficient (red instead of white), although it is still possible to enchant the item. -'Songsmith Roska' didn't spawn upon initial entry to the Clîaban Rilag map, however, the 'Readceran Standard Piece' associated with Eder's quest line did... despite that quest being completed. Re-entering the map did spawn Roska. -The 'Personal' records section of the character screen is completely reset every time a character is removed from the party. -The endurance healed by items with the 'Regeneration' enchantment doesn't show up in the combat log. -The level 6 cipher spell 'Amplified Wave' has rendered enemies permanently prone on multiple occasions. -When a potential hireling shows up at the stronghold they frequently don't appear in the 'Hirelings' section until the 'Status' section has been checked.
  11. More bugs that I've encountered as I've played. I'm sure some have already been reported, so I'm sorry for any unintentional repostings. -Upon triggering the trap in the westernmost room of Od Nua's 8'th level, the trap didn't actually go off. -Returning to the game after alt+tabbing with the map open messes the map up. -Any ranged weapon that has a 12m range can be used to kill the Swamp/Dank Spores in Cliaban Rilag without being hit. -Hirelings go hostile without even being hit during a manually resolved defense. Maybe foe AoE is counting them as foes? Or a charmed enemy hits a hireling? I can't figure out why it occurs and nothing in the combat log explains it. -Upon entering the 'Celestial Sapling' there is a magnifying glass icon that does nothing. -Inside the 'Glenfathan Home' at the entrance of Elm's Reach containing 'Starlit Garb' there is a magnifying glass icon over some sort of trophy that does nothing. -Dialogue occasionally scrolls to the top of the chat box and gets stuck up there. -In Galawain's Maw, if there are visible enemies when Oernos enters your party enters combat and can't get out of it, even if the enemies are killed. -Upon returning to Defiance Bay after the riots and going to the Ducal Palace to speak with the records keeper, the dialogue about Eder's brother can be repeated, even though the quest has been resolved. -The fighter skill 'Into The Fray' has become permanently activated on Eder and is no longer usable. -The fighter skill 'Vigorous Defense' is supposed to be instant but frequently isn't. -In the 12'th level of Od Nua the Vithrack 'Krivi' can be told of Issyt's death twice and will give a reward of Velune for both dialogue choices. -The 'Dazed' affliction stacks. -The item 'Rod of Pale Shades' disappeared from Aloth's inventory somewhere between Od Nua level 13-14. -When paralyzed, enemies' sounds frequently get stuck in a loop. -The selection circle around the Adra Dragon is visible and pulsates for the entire conversation with it.
  12. Some more bugs that I've encountered as I've played. I'm sure some, if not many, have already been reported, so I'm sorry for any unintentional repostings. -When assassinating Marshall Wenfeld for House Doemenel a Justiciar walked into the chapel and saw the fighting but didn't go hostile. -When in stealth mode the green highlighting of stealth icon on the center HUD is visible behind the 4th PC portrait when the HUD is collapsed. -'Pain Block' (level 4 cipher spell) doesn't list its base duration in the tool-tip when leveling up. Also, when casting Pain Block on a PC wearing an item that grants retaliation, retaliation is triggered, injuring the cipher. -After making a note and closing the journal all functionality is lost, e.g., can't unpause if paused, party wont move, etc. The only way to regain functionality is to press escape to bring up the main menu then closing it. -After completing the quest 'The Final Act' in Defiance Bay the journal showed that I had turned in both Lumdala and Lord Gaderman even though I killed both of them. -The Justiciar outside the Heritage Hill gates has bugged dialogue. After the little girl is saved and the other Justiciar takes her away he still references the guard being there and won't tell you what is happening inside the gates... even though he's already let you in and you've saved the area. -Traps recovered from different areas seem to have trouble stacking. -Paralysis occasionally becomes bugged making the enemies no longer appear paralyzed even though they are. Other times the animation flies away from the targeting circle off the screen. -Elder Stag is missing its description in the bestiary. -The pop-up following quest completion doesn't highlight that quest in the journal when clicked on, it just opens the quest log. -Upon fixing the elemental forges (wind,fire,earth,wind prisms) on level 7 of Od Nua I received no experience. -Upon giving 'The Theorems of Pandgram' to Nedyn to complete the quest of the same name, Nedyn acts as if all the inhabitants of the temple of Wael were slaughtered even though they weren't. In addition, the quest log references 'the bloodshed at the Hall of Revealed Mysteries' as if all the people inside were killed. -Lore requirement on scrolls is consistently incorrect. Also, it doesn't change depending on which character is selected. -Level 5 druid spell 'Cleansing Wind' doesn't list what the foe effects are. -Picking up an item when in the vending screen makes the slider go crazy. -The developer commentary tab doesn't close when the commentary is finished. -Multiple prones have stacked on occassion. -Equipping many spell-bound items doesn't grant the spell until after resting or changing zones. -The 'Animat' pet frequently gets stuck moving around zones. Less frequently, it also multiplies. -Retaliate stacks... I hope this is a bug as its way too powerful.
  13. Hello, I did read the post regarding file attachments, however, I have been keeping a document open while I play and just recording bugs without making saves when they occured, so I have nothing to attach...sorry. Many of these bugs are general occurences rather than ones in specific situations so I'm not sure how useful that'd have been anways. I'm sure some, if not many, have already been reported, so I'm sorry for any unintentional repostings. Bugs: -Skaen is in the wrong area of the cyclopedia, it should be in deities instead of lore. -Edge scrolling on quick save results in the camera continuing on in that direction. -Wizard's arcane assault is not gauging distance properly, constantly forcing the caster to get way too close. -Many of the backer NPCs, lone ones in particular, can be killed to get decent equipment—especially in the beginning of the game—without any reputation loss/hostility from surrounding NPCs. -Sneaking into and out of the archives in the temple of Wael doesn't turn the NPCs in the temple hostile until you re-enter the building, despite the guard seeing you enter and exit, which, when done in other areas where you're not supposed to enter without permission, immediately makes all the NPCs hostile. -The Doemenel Servant in the bedroom across the hall from Gedmar's room can be killed without reputation loss/hostility allowing the chest and cabinet to be looted. -There is no way to delete notes, or at least no documented way to do so. -If the screen doesn't have the NPCs in frame you can't hear them bantering. -The mugged noble outside of the Salty Mast disappeared upon reloading a quick save, leaving only the puddle of blood. -Upon initially entering the Salty Mast, Kana's spoken line doesn't have a voice over, whereas the other NPC's quips do. -Stash is not restricted when inside Ramshackle House in Odra's Gift (where Aefre is) -Taking notes in the journal occasionally wont type keys bound to UI shortcuts, instead it performs those functions, dispelling the journal, or reopening it if the journal hotkey was pressed. -Fulvano's amulet doesn't grant the bonus to healing it is supposed to, however, it does change the amount healed in the descriptions of the healing spells. Also, it doesn't change the amounts healed in the spell descriptions back to their unaltered amounts when removed.
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