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  1. Ok so I have a world that I converted to a multiplayer world I wanna convert it back to a single player world so every time I open my inventory it pauses how do I do that Also even with teir 3 armor and weapons the brood mother is killing me Mabye a little nerf I'm just suggesting like a tiny bit lower poison damage or something
  2. With the addition of the comfort system giving us more of a reason to decoration and design than ever before, I feel that there some things we are currently lacking and some structures that may need a bit of tweaking to make things perfect. Apologies in advance if any of these are already in the works, have already been suggested, or have already been rejected, as I'm not up to date on this kind of information. Additions: 1. Carpets/rugs They'd fit in perfectly with the new comfort system (maybe a 6th rank could be added? It could, very slowly, passively restore equipment durability or something.). We have plenty of existing materials they could be made out of. They could either replace/reskin floors entirely or simply be placed on top of them (although they would need to allow other structures to be placed over them if the latter is done). 2. Quarter Wall/Foundation/Floor Pieces I can't tell you how many times I've run into situations in which I've needed a quarter wall/foundation/floor piece to fill a tiny gap when designing a base. These would be so nice to have. 3. Ash Pillars Why don't these exist? We have pillars for everything else remotely solid. 4. Wall & hanging braziers The standing mant braziers look amazing and were a good start, but even the small ones take up a lot of room and I feel this idea could be expanded on. 5. More Railing/Fence Types Just sprig and acorn is very limiting to aesthetics. Why not have at least a pine cone variant? 6. Ash & Pine Cone Stairs Like with pillars and fencing, it just seems strange that these don't already exist. 7. More Path Variations Pebblet looks great, but why can't we also have clay, acorn, pine cone, mushroom brick, or ash paths? 8. Curved Corner Stairs We have straight corner stairs so why not these? 9. More Spiral Stair Variants We have more than just Acorn for normal and half stairs, spiral stairs need some love too. 10. Ash Foundations Seems like an obvious addition to me since ash is supposed to be our mini version of concrete, right? 11. Zipline anchor Variants I feel like it's a waste to only ever build these out of the same materials when we have so many different possible styles available. 12. Small Garden Patch Why must I grow smaller plants in such a massive patch? Especially when said patch still only gives me a small return on these smaller plants? 13. More Arch Variants At least Ash wall arches would be nice. Just having these available for mushroom walls is a waste. Tweaks: 1. Diagonal Triangle Wall Placement It would be nice if we could place triangle wall segments diagonally like we already can with other wall types. 2.. Triangle Ash Wall Curve Why is the normal one curved on one side when the inverted variant is straight? The curve just creates gaps and it isn't like ash walls all have a curvy style to them, I don't see the point. 3. Pillar Placement Having more snap points for Pillars would be much appreciated. For example, being able to snap them at points halfway along flooring or maybe on the edge of floor segments would be nice. 4. Curved Wall Gaps Curved walls have gaps that need fixing. This is most obvious on the left side of ash curved walls and ash curved half walls. 5. Garden Patch Snapping The snapping for these is full of problems. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Often times you can't snap a lot of them next to each other for no apparent reason. They often refuse to snap correctly next to walls, despite there being plenty of room. This is more for convenience because you can, of course, manually place them in such locations. 6. More Chest Snap Points It would be very convenient if chests and other storage structures could snap to more locations other than just the center and edges of a floor segment. Having to eyeball everything takes a really long time if you want it looking nice. 7. Middle Mouse Rotation Alignment Generally, most structures other than floors, walls, roofing, etc tend to not rotate with the correct alignment when using the mouse wheel. Trying to line everything up to look neat is something I do in every building game. So the mouse wheel rotating things to an off angle can be infuriating when I'm, for example, trying to place a row of chests sideways along a wall and keep them lined up perfectly with that wall. This is all I can think of for now. If I come up with any more ideas I'll add them. If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions.
  3. Hey all, I've been playing Grounded for a long time. A long long time. Since the start of Early Access. And it's been quite a ride. Always loved this game, and loved every update. I'm a little sad, in fact, that if feels like my Grounded Journey has ended. While the last update has some nice quality of life improvements, it left little reason for me to return to the game, and continue building up my Mushroom Castle. So, as a veteran player, here are a few things I'd like to see added in the future. I've refrained from stuff as simple and obvious as new equipment, areas, and bugs as I know the realities of game design, and how long it took to craft each area. So these are mostly ideas I feel would perhaps be more minor updates that could add a lot of more end game gameplay and longevity to Grounded. New Game+ The ability to restart the game "fresh" on the same map, with the same equipment and milk molars. With a difficulty spike, with some random elements thrown in. The difficulty spike would be seperate from the one from changing difficulty between Mild, Normal, and Woah. As it takes the fact that you already have Milk Molars into account, and how many. Have more Milk Molars randomly sprinkled throughout the yard, and allow your character to increase their stats further. Have the Chips in New Game+ just give you extra Raw Science. Mutated Bugs Think how Diablo has random more powerful enemies. I think it would be interesting to randomly run into, say, an Orb Weaver that is infused with Spicy energy. Weak against Fresh Damage, and resistant to Spicy Damage. Perhaps does an Spicy AoE when it attacks like the Infected Wolf Spider does, or have a spicy aura around it. Or a Fresh Larva, that has a slow down effect around it, and of course does Fresh damage. A "Beefy" mutation could give a bug more HP. "Speedy" mutation makes a bug move faster. Etc Etc. These mutations could stack to make stronger bugs(Imagine having to fight a Beefy Speedy Spicy Black Widow!). Mutated bugs could show up more often on higher difficulties, with more and more mutations. And could show up more and more in New Game+(+, +, + etc). Players could be rewarded bonus Raw Science for defeating them. Or even new special materials. This would be a great way to add new bugs, without having to create whole new bugs. Just slap particle effects onto pre existing bugs. Maybe make them slightly bigger. Material/bug part store If you're like me, you've already bought everything in the Raw Science store. Thus making extra raw science as a reward feel kinda pointless. Thus I think added a store that sells various raw materials in exchange for raw Science would be great for extending the end game. These could even be sold in packs that allow you to carry more of said raw material, until you "open" them. Allowing for more ambitious building projects outside of creative mode. It would also be neat if players could sell excess materials for Raw Science. It would give the player more reason to harvest bug parts, even if they no longer need those parts. Could always go sell them for stuff you actually need/want. Upgradable Armor Pretty self explainatory, and stuff that's already been asked for. Honestly, as the game is now, it's not super necessary. But if higher tiers of difficulty is added, the ability to make armor more powerful would be great to go along with this. Also, the ability to upgrade armor(And perhaps weapons as well) with extra mutations might be nice too. If mutated bugs drop new materials, it would be a nice way to add an enchanting system seperate from the current upgrade system. Maybe seperate the elemental upgrade from the weapon upgrade system, and instead make those apart of an enchanting system instead. Better random quests Jeez the random quests you get are boring. Craft this item I've made a bunch of times already, or kill a few random bugs. The only interesting ones is the ones that make you put a flag somewhere, but those aren't random and are limited. So, what I propose is a random quest system that will send you back to dungeons/labs you already visited before, with some twists. Maybe the Hedge Lab is now overrun with Sour Larva. The Wood Pile is Frozen over, so you move slower while in it. The Red Ant hill is super spicy, and like the sandbox, requires you to wear heat protection. The Sandbox has been taken over by O.R.C. bugs. The Undershed is being fummagated, and is full of poison fog, and infected bugs. You have to go to these locations, and recover something, or defeat a random boss. Maybe activate something similiar to a Mix.r, and do a defense event. Random Dungeons/yards, Seperate from the main map. A way to introduce more content, without having to spend a year carefully constructing new areas, is to just seperate it from the main map. Instead players are teleported in some way to these seperate dungeons, that could even just be procedually generated. Perhaps these random dungeons could be secret Ominent labs that the players have to shut down. Or a random neighbors yard that could be accessed through a gap in the fence. These yards can be smaller than the main one, but populated with a random assortment of structures, and hazards. Similiar to the ideas above, these could be flavored and themed with various mutations to keep them interesting, and ramp up difficulty. Player made content And/or, player made yards could be introduced. This would be a lot more work for the development team, but it would be amazing if you could craft a yard in creative. Complete with adding various structures such as cans/juice boxes, toys, etc. As well as add quests, and goals for players to accomplish. Perhaps a player could construct a Castle, and place bug spawns inside of it, including a boss. Than challenge players to get to the end and fight the boss. Perhaps allow options for disabling building, and/or making the prebuilt structures indestructable to visiting players(To prevent cheesing). Maybe even multiple dungeons/bosses so players could create a whole game worth of content if they wanted.
  4. Issues ----- Mutation/Gear effects affect Allies - Broodmother helmet sleek effect procs poison on allies causing others to be forced to be ranged or risk being almost 1 shot by a single proc Mom Gene's mutation, ally spiders die too easily and are slow - perhaps add a limit of spiders and make them immune to friendly damage Roly Poly still regenerates HP even when knocked out of Curling Infected Wolf spider bombs last too long and explode immediately when in range, likely a short delay would be more interactive, shorter than the strange Spores explosion time Enemies during faction raid start on "Unreachable" bases get stuck far away and raid doesn't end, leading to game not being able to be saved Sap collectors frequently bug out with incorrect 'take all' amounts, either none or less than what it visible and claimable inside the collector, perhaps on loading or closing the game it loses sync Spicy staff causes frame drops if held in hand, turning display>Render scale to around 70 makes it playable ----- Ideas ----- Salt staff, low damage high fire rate, fires salt crystal spikes. Wittle wizard effect - Dehydrates enemies and makes them 'brittle' to take increased damage Waft emitter to have more enemies to be able to attract, lady bugs Etc Ability to breed - Aphid's,weevils,gnats : Cluster of Aphids for Honeydew Change Compliance badge - Parry heal seems a good ability, but adding a Negative damage resist seems too harsh, enemies already do plenty of damage, More stamina consumption perhaps Ability to repair Fluffy dandelion tuff, or to be infinite like the other accessories Add more recipes to grinder, perhaps recycling some old equipment for a return on resources, Grinding down things like 'insulating larva spike' for larva spike Ability to have water container auto-fill if you have dew collectors nearby or connected somehow, the container itself seems useless at the moment if you make dew collectors as you will just grab the dew from the collectors web !! A set of armor to collect more from bodies/pickups Different tiers of backpacks, for more on character storage Upgraded Scientific version of pebble and pollen turrets to work by themselves
  5. With the ability to travel up ziplines, ziplines have become much more universal in traversing the map. Sending stems/planks down ziplines has always made it it much easier to transport materials around the yard. However, we currently have no way of moving materials up. So my idea is this: A pulley system utilizing a similar spinning wheel and power of aphids as the new zipp.r, but designed specifically to transport materials vertically. I imagine it as acorn tops being used as the "cog wheels" at the top and bottom with silk rope acting as a sort of belt wrapped around both cogs. An aphid will standby, and hop onto another spinning cog attached to the bottom wheel to power the contraption when stems/planks are attached to the line, allowing the belt to lift the items upwards from point A to point B.
  6. DOES THE GAME NEED A NEW SET OR LOOTS FROM BUGS? 1. Ultra Rare 2. Rare 3. Normal 4. Common 5. Default
  7. As the title said, this is a repost of an idea I had for a new glider/helicopter of sorts. It's a mid to end game piece of equipment, with the maple keys being rare. I was thinking of finding them in or around the hollowed out stump in the haze zone, possibly being hoarded/guarded by a nasty refuse to be gased out spider or something equally as nasty (lol ****roach?) You would face the piece of equipment like the dandelion tuft, one hand on the side bar (left side) the other grabbing the loop (right). The insect antennae would be under your armpits keeping you in place. It works like a double or triple jump, with every "jump" being another squeeze of the bellows both launching you up a decent distance and keeping you in the air longer. After your initial jump you jump again and you do the first squeeze. V.1 would only have one "poof" of air with the V.2 upgrade having the bellows refill to be used again and again (depending on stamina like the tuft) The rate of horizontal movement speed and range is far greater then the tuft, decent around the same. Materials I think should be intensive but not grindy. But construction would be in 2 pieces, the maple key copter being one using -maple keys, sap, woven fiber, 2 sprigs, 2 antennae The bellows being the obvious second using -berry leather, spider webs, sap, 2 weevil noses, woven fiber. With the upgraded one using possibly cricket legs or strider legs for the springs for refilling. Sorry for the repost, it just took me a bit to get my pics resized off my phone and on to here. Again please let me know what you guys think!
  8. While I appreciate that buttons can be remapped, I really believe that Huck as a default should not be universal to anything you carry and on the RB for a controller. Huck should be a contextual function for actual throwable objects, and therefore on RT while holding them. For example, it is frustrating to accidentally huck a weapon or tool you are carrying, to then have to chase it down and find it during a fight, when RB is better served with something like equipping last used item/tool/weapon (which is what I do) so you can quickly switch between say a melee and ranged weapon, or if you are digging with a shovel to a weapon just used. And when you do have a throwable equipped, like a bratwurst, LT drops it but RT does nothing. By reassigning RB by default and enabling RT to function as Huck with a throwable - including the brat/splatburst as outlined above, spears (LT jabs and RT hucks), and grass planks/weed stems (LT drops/stacks, RT hucks), etc. - this greatly improves contextual actions "in the moment" and expands control options for players. Thank you.
  9. Hello mods and anyone reading this I'm just gonna dot point 1. This is my main suggestion 1, If you could add a setting where its a free for all or 2v2 backyard mod where players can verse and have bases and pvp if they see each other and verse to see who can be the best so like most of the story you can do except like completing the game and ending the world, trinkets and spawn items could be still be their for everyone and each player could get it, name tags would be disabled and you can't spot them on the map. so people can verse and pvp and attack others if the dev team is adding more defence items like bear traps and mini mouse traps. People just can pvp and attack each other. If you don't like this idea if you could just hide name tags and hide players would all I need, i was looking and people had bugs with name tags so it would help others to. 2. You can feed like animals and you can ride them for limited time or infinite in till they die, they could have a saddle that could store wood and the animal could cut down trees and stuff for more efficiency when farming. 3. Their could be like abandoned small like one or 2 room small abandoned ant hill which could be like a base and a trap door building item you could place at the entrance for a simple safe base but could be a increase chance for a worm to attack you. (also worms entity). 4. I saw someone suggest this but like weather to the game like raining would slow you down but you have water, and with weather you could add armour temperate so in different biomes or weather it would be cold or hot and if your to hot your vision is damaged a bit or your slower. 5. couple ammo and weapons could be like fire so you shoot arrows of fire but fire would kill everything so maybe with coals you can heat it over a campfire and use it with arrows to make burning arrows and a animals weakness could be heat. a 180 catapult with a shown hit spot so you could hit bugs from afar to knock them out, or like a net make of web that could be a trap when a bug steps on it. Im reply to this post if i think of anything else and thankyou if your reply and name tag removal would be good:)
  10. Was linked to post the suggestions on the forum, so will provide here, unsure if this is the right thread though. So am sorry if mistaken. Decoration ideas: Ominent Mug (loot from labs) Bookshelf made from weed stems. Book cover - made with pupa leather, turned into a book when gathered paper from labs. Empty paper (loot from labs)You can write on the paper, forming your own book, cataloging your findings in the yard. Name the book, and place on the bookshelf to access later. Custom sign post, either written or drawn from in the game itself. Could use the same mechanic from the frankenline. Would be neat to have both options together, making welcome signs with drawn images. Plates/bowls - Made from either leather, or acorn shells. The cookery has cooking tools for details, yet we have nothing to eat on? Rugs made from lint rope. Jack-o-lantern, made from mushrooms Holiday stockings - made from lint rope, Christmas. Makeshift Christmas tree, perhaps made from sprigs, sap, lint rope, and clay? Just an idea. Fishing rod decoration, both hanged and tool to use. - made from weed stems, sprig and lint rope. In use because, I built a pier/docks in my world on the pond. It would've been nice. Ominent Trashcan - Looted from labs Research scanner, and Surveyor. - Taken from field stations. More head and stuffed insects, we have tons of new insects without any decorations for them. Bur storage crates, small box, about the size of a ramp clay. Bur/Pupa Leather barrels, able to store water, soda, etc inside. Smaller than those acorn water storages, may not contain as much, but would look nicer for the home. The light source of a headlamp but as a decoration, am aware that it uses glow goo, but why does the headlamp shine not only brighter, but more direct? I'd rather use that as a decoration, than having a dozen sap sconce everywhere trying to brighten up a corner, when 1 headlamp would shine half the room. Pupa leather small chair, instead of grass plank chairs. Black Widow stuffed decoration, even a spiderling. Tayz.T - broken on the ground as decoration. Maybe have some broken around the yard, and give us the option to repair them to become a defensive ally for our homes. Becomes a decoration, and will be positioned to defend where we place them. Can't have them follow, since someone will take advantage and create an army to overrun the yard. Another way you could do this, is by making the assistant manager a replayable boss that can be salvaged for parts. A music player. Some tapes found in the yard, were music. It wouldn't be surprising if some were shrunk. Utilities: Small Water wheel to generate electricity. Elevator Pulley, the cost of silk rope, depends where the platform is located to connect for the length. Large storage crate, up to 60 items of storage. - Made from Bur wood, thistle needles, and sap. Paddle fishing Boat - Made from berry leather, silk rope, bur weed, and pinecone pieces. (Why a boat? I like boats.) Paint bucket - use to collect paint by the spilled paint cans, each paint bucket holds only 1 color, and 10 interaction/equips to the paint brush. After selecting that bucket 10 times, which is 50 brush strokes, you have to collect paint again by the paint can. Tools: Paint Brush - the paint bucket in your base, will contain a color you've collected. Interact with one bucket to select that color for the brush. Each interaction gives 5 strokes to paint 5 walls, or floors. Buildings to be added: Bur walls. We have floors, but why not walls? Stairs as well, stairs made with bur flooring? We also need, half-half walls, a strip of a wall. Gives us more creative options. We also need angled/ramp walls, instead of roofs. Need more free control in placement, not just grid snapping. When you don't use grid snapping, everything falls through the floor, impossible to place it. Location obstructed needs a rework, even if nothing is there, nothing, no walls, no decorations, nothing. Flat ground. Will say "Location Obstructed". Can't build. Combat: Capture nets - made from spider silk and pebble Loaded into a pebblet turret secondary fire, captures and stuns insects for a short amount of time, while you fire additional pebbles at it. If it's a flying insect, the net will ground it. I think this would've been better than a pollen turret.
  11. Had two Ideas but I wanted them in seperate topics. A gardener Neighbor that expands the map to a whole new yard? Streams, new fish, more unique creatures and biomes. Dense foliage that blocks the sun in perpetual darkness? Maybe even occasional downpours of the garden hose? So many fun ideas!
  12. 2 things I would suggest (1 item suggestion, 1 to make the item work) would be 1. Make bees netural so they only attack if provoked/attacked. Bees are pretty non-confrontational unless they perceive you as a threat. Maybe a way to tame them so we can utilize them as a means of travel, an attack pet, etc. 2. Bee harness: harness used on a tamed bee in order to ride them, adds a solid means of travel to the game. Truth be told, the main reason I'm even thinking of thse is because I really like bees, they're cool and they're friends c:
  13. I adore Grounded, the devs have really made an amazing game! After about 76 hours in, I've completed the main quest and explored nearly every inch of the yard, which saddens me greatly. I've been thinking over a lot of ideas to add more content, and this monstrous list is the result (may be edited). If you choose to go through and read it all, you have my gratitude! TL;DR: Story/lore ideas, new locations, enemies, factions, items, and gameplay mechanics. Lore: Story ideas for worldbuilding. Town is owned by Ominent entirely, most residents are employees and their families; scientists, engineers, researchers. Encouraged to be as productive as possible, many residents perform experiments at home, keeping equipment, specimens, prototypes, etc. at their residence Other neighbors near current home: mycologist, entomologist, nanotech engineer, genetic engineer, roboticist, herpetologist, marine biologist Entire town is quarantined due to outbreak of infectious parasitic fungus and sealed under massive dome. Residents have been evacuated, everything is deserted. Areas: New areas as separate world spaces and maps. Progress from one to another via transition locations like holes in walls or swimming through pipes, open windows, etc. House/front yard Other neighbor houses/yards Sewers Gas station City area outside Office inside Library Labs School Aquarium Terrarium Museum Bugs: Specific types of critters for the bug faction. Dragonflies, damselflies larva and adult Butterflies, moths, caterpillars, cocoons Flies, maggots Centipedes, millipedes Fleas Mantis Worms Scorpions Tardigrades Jumping spiders House centipedes Silverfish Murder Hornets Wasps Leaf cutter ants Snails, slugs Roaches Scorpion fly Stick bug Thorn bug Goliath beetle Hercules beetle Crickets, grasshoppers Flower-spike bug, adult and nymph Silkmoth Tarantula Assassin bug Camel spider Bot flies Tongue eating louse Trilobite beetle Velvet ants/cow killers Katydids Other Enemies: New enemy types and factions. Large Scale Animals: Similar to crow or koi in proportion. Squirrels, Rats, rabbits, frogs, newts, fish, crabs, birds, snakes, lizards, turtles, bats. Drops unique animal specific items like fur, hide, scales, feathers. Cannot be killed but flees area for awhile after defeat. Use grappling hook to mount and climb around on to attack vulnerable areas. "Smaller" critters: similar to the above, anoles, geckos, amphibians, rodents, etc. Not as big as large scale animals, but around the size of larger insects. Microbots: small scale robotic enemies similar to those ingame. Formed from experimental nanotech and shrunken Burgl type bots. Animal like designs for maintaining ecology. Drops metal, circuits, wires, etc. Think Horizon Zero Dawn but tiny micomachine toy-sized. Planimals: evolved form of meat sprouts/infested fungi. Predatory mobile plants and plant-like animals. Killer tomatoes and such. Drops plant materials. Chimeras: experimental genetically engineered hybrid organisms, scaled down with Spacr tech by Ominent for easier containment and research. Items: New items/production station ideas. Grappling hook: crafted utility item for mounting large scale enemies and navigating the environment. Unlocked through science shop. Utility items: new category of item for existing gear and new items. Gas mask, goggles, canteen, headlamp, breathing gear, grappling hook. Seperate slots from inventory like other equipment. Can be worn with armor, updated models to fix any clipping or replaces armor cosmetically. Equips when needed or triggered use from inventory. Start with two slots, increase in science shop. Unlock tool belt in science shop to gain ability to equip hammers, axes, shovels, knives, and torches to utility item slots. Utility pouches: craftable, wearable inventory expansion for specific item types like food, smoothies, ammo, and healing items. 5 slots per pouch, can only obtain one of each pouch, slots appear beneath standard inventory for total of 20 extra slots. Crafting blueprints unlocked through science shop. Equipment flavor schemes: different color schemes for armor and weapons based off of scab colorations. Applied with one time use dye appliers, a new craft able item. Research blueprint at science shop. Use with gear at paint station, new craftable production station. Select item and unlocked scab color scheme at station and apply with use of dye applier. Can also restore default colors at paint station. Mushrooms: more mushroom types that can drop different resources (caps, stems, etc.). Also add mycelium/hyphae fibers that can be woven in to rope. More meats/hides: creature specific hides and meat and and creature specific chitin. More armor/weapons: diverse equipment types that reflect the different types of creatures and materials available. Mixed sets that incorporate both creature and plant parts. Chem lab: new production station that can craft pheromones to alter bug behavior or take them. Craft bug repellent to keep away hostile bugs. Can also craft medicinal substances that can heal or buff players, or poisons to coat weapons with. Climbing gear: utility item, specialized craftable set of gloves and shoes that allow player to climb up vertical surfaces. Might require insect parts or maybe reptile parts, something like the feet of an anole or gecko. Stone building materials: large, stackable, carryable stones that have to be transported like stems or grass planks. Smooth round riverstones, slivers of slate. Glass: craftable glass from sand smelted in an oven. Used for windows and weapons. Wagons: buildable wagons and carts that can be harnessed to an appropriate pet, acting as mobile storage and a way to ferry large resources like grass and stems. Cable cars: upgraded ziplines using parts of a normal zipline and spinning wheel with added basket to ride in. Can be used to travel in either direction via hand crank. Can be further upgraded to add storage for carryable resources like grass or stems. Gliders/parachutes: dandelion reassigned as parachute, usuable as utility item. New craftable gliders made from insect wings, plant fibers, amphibian and/or bat webbing. More forward than downward motion compared with dandelion tufts. Can also craft better parachutes from clover leaves and spider webs. Maybe tap jump when airborne to deploy parachute, hold to deploy glider, or parachutes only deploy automatically when falling. Mechanics: Ideas for new gameplay features. Dodging: dodge and roll with B button to avoid attacks. Drains stamina. Hotbar tweaks: infinite hotbar wheel. Assign as many items as you want to hotbar. First 8 can be accessed via number keys, everything else has to be used from the wheel. Think like warframe, it just spirals more with each item you add, with the first assigned item looping back as the last item is reached. Target lock: lock the camera to a target when in combat. Inventory Sorting: button to auto-sort inventory and storage by item type, merge stacks. Fatigue: fatigue meter fills the longer player stays awake. Sleeping reduces it to zero. Long periods without sleep is penalized by reduced stamina, maybe even inventory capacity. Sleeping in better beds also applies bluffs like reduced stamina drain, reduced hunger/thirst drain, resource stack increase, hauling buff. Scab can remind player when to sleep at specific time. Toggleable and adjustable in menu. Dual wielding: use tools and weapons in either hand at the same time. Harvest alternate resources without changing tools or get resources faster if using two tools of the same type. Wield two different types of weapons or two of the same type for more combos/crits. Character customization/outfits: different non-armor clothing like shirts, headgear/accessories, pants, shorts, shoes, etc. Different hair styles/colors for each character, different backpacks. Can be crafted from ingame materials like plant fiber or webbing, and found on small toys or action figures. Can provide a buff of some kind but no defense or resistance. Special full body skins (like the skeleton) can be unlocked by player with some kind of holographic emitter gizmo. Mod support: allow players to browse, download, install, and manage load order of mods through the game itself through the starting menu. Scab display: allow players to toggle display of additional elements like minimap, compass, clock, temperature gauge, season. Pet expansion: tame all creatures except large scale animals, rideable mounts, flying mounts, hitching posts for fast travel. Different sized pet houses for different sized pets, feeding and watering station, pens they can be sent to when not in use. Maintain happiness with treats and toys specific to each animal. Fast travel: requires mount and hitching post at starting and ending points. Travel progresses game time and drains hunger and thrist, both based off of distance traveled. Can only fast travel within a distance that doesnt completely drain hunger/thrist. Temperature: extremes in hot and cold debuff players with status effects. Cold reduces max health and movement speed, heat reduces max stamina and increases water/food drain. Seasons: summer hot to moderate temperatures, current animal and plant spawns, current available resources, longest days shortest nights. Fall cooler to moderate temperatures, fewer creature spawns, more dry grass, browner foliage, shorter days. Winter cold temperatures, barely any creature spawns, little plant growth/resources, bare foliage, animals hibernate, water freezes in to ice, must be harvested with axe, koi pond, swamp, and puddles freeze, longest nights. Spring cool to moderate temperatures, more creature spawns (but lesser than summer), more plants/resources (slightly less than summer), budding green foliage, longer days. Each season lasts about 90 days. Adjustable time-scale: allow players to adjust the time scale to normal in game time where 1 second is 1 minute, or a real time mode where 1 second in reality is only one second in game, each in game minute only passes after a minute real time. Hunger and thirst drain slower in real time mode, day/night cycle passes realistically. Can be set to match computer time. Bug part sorting: a production station that sorts non-specific creature part stacks in to a more specific item like leg, mandible, head, antenna for more advanced crafting. Example, spider parts can be sorted in to spider leg, spider eye, spider mandible, spider meat. Repeat for each insect. Items can still drop from killed creatures, like ant heads or gnat meat, but specific items can drop less in favor of general "parts" that have to be sorted later for the more useful items. Anyway, that's all I've got so far. May add or remove things, but if you've made it this far, thanks for the read!
  14. Again, this is just a reposting of a previous one I had up during the early version of this forum. That seemed to have been lost. I'll omit adding anything that has already been mentioned by the team. And already be in the pipeline. This list is for additional creatures and the materials that may be harvested from them. I also had an idea I mentioned in the older post regarding the idea of high level hunts. And now that BurgL has finally been added in. These hunts could be quests. And there's hunts that could be exclusive to the multiplayer. Pillbugs- small isopod that rolls up if attacked. Commonly found at night. Drops insect plating. Snails- have yet to be mentioned. Despite seeing empty shells. They will withdraw into their shells at night or when attacked. The hammer will be needed to break the shell. But keeping the shell intact will allow it to be usable for crafting. Drops would be snail meat, snail mucous and the shell. Moths- appear around the lanterns at night. Their wings are suitable for crafting a glider while the dust has other uses. Butterflies- flutter around the flowers during the day. Their wings are a bit better for glider crafting. But the bright colors might attract airborne predators when in use. Caterpillars- are like grubs but are only found in the branches of the tree and hedges. Eating leaves. They can spin cocoons which can be harvested for the silk. Their drops are hide, meat and silk glands. Slugs- appear at night. Drops are slug mucous and meat. Fuzzy Worms- are like caterpillars. Except covered by poisonous spines. They are a little bit aggressive and should only be attacked with a spear or ranged weapons. Their drops are hide, silk glands and spines. Earwigs- aggressive and nocturnal. They will give chase to both aphids, mites and you. Their drops are the pincers. Ant Lions- found only in the sandbox. They create funnels that traps ants and other small creatures. Leafcutter Ants- bring bag the white "larvae" place holder soldier ants as leaf cutters that exclusively roam the hedge. But keep their aggressive nature to attack players on sight. Drops mandibles and acid glands. Hornets- unlike wasps they are far more aggressive. And nest underground. Their drops are wings and stingers. Tiger Beetles. Are very fast and highly aggressive predators roaming the flooded area. They will even attack spiders! Their mandibles could be used to craft knives. The bugs mentioned below are meant to be high level hunts BurgL can task the player with. They are very dangerous and challenging to solo. But offer rare drops. Mantis- lurks in the branches of the hedge. Waiting to grab any unwary prey that gets too close. It's claws can be crafted into either dual scythes or a giant reaper scythe. Assassin Bug- a deadly hunter that feeds on bees and caterpillars high in the tree tops. It's beak can be used to craft a spear. Black Widow- the 2nd most poisonous creature in the yard. It lurks inside the shed. Mudeye- dragonfly larvae that hides at the bottom of the pond. It's body parts can be used to craft swim gear. Spider Hawk- the most poisonous bug. Normally it ignores you and has no fixed location. As it flies all over the yard hunting spiders. WaterBug- a voracious underwater predator.
  15. So far, Im glued and loving this game. However, I think there are some QOL features that would make things better. 1. The ability to sort your inventory/chest/container by type/quantity/name? 2. The ability to move items/furniture you placed in your base next to recycling. 3. a mini-map so I dont have to press M often when Im turned around?
  16. Biomes: New biome: compost heap / leaf heap incl. dungeon, there are a lot of insects and "other things" here New biome: fruits and vegetable bed, here you will find strawberries, tomatoes, maybe also pumpkins that you can enter or expand by yourself New Biome: Beehive as a labyrinth dungeon, final boss bee king. The beehive at the picnic table will be removed. A new, large one is created on the shed New biome: The oak, you can expand, climb up to the crown New Biome: The House Inside (thats a whole DLC). You can move in the partitions. ****roaches and spiders are up to mischief between the electricity and pipes. You can find food in mouse holes - but be careful! Insect raids, e.g. ant raids or whatever, which are only optional so that there is no frustration. This also results in defensive weapons (automated) Pulleys/conveyor belts for goods/materials digging tunnels (through the roots, stones, animal tunnels etc.). Maybe you cross an earthworm, mouse or something else?! Carnivorous plants, you can watch how they hunt an eat other insects or YOU! Weather Effects: - Maybe seasons?! - fog / morning fog (sometimes) - Rain / heavy rain with puddles Items: - Rope with Hook to climp up or down a wall or cave - ride on a beatle on a saddle - flying with a kite - a boat with an "insect-engine" Question: Why couldn´t walk spiders and ants up to walls Some things may have already been said - I didn't read all the forum entries beforehand ...and a dedicated server, please! I would like to host my own server 24/7 (Docker) on my Synology NAS to play with my kids.
  17. I’ve got a few propositions as for new additions to the game that I think would add a great touch to the survival aspects as well as adventure portion of Grounded! ————————————————— Here are a few of my ideas: Hostile Creatures: Trapdoor Spider. (This would be a stealthy spiders that has hides in the ground, it is camouflaged but the player should be able to see it a bit considering maybe a change of color or texture on the ground that is subtle but affective enough to hide the spider inside. It should be able to hunt and catch any prey by popping out as a real trapdoor spider would. As for items maybe the player should be able to gain some type of supplies to make a digging tool. This maybe could be used to make underground burrows of a players own. Or create burrows to stalk and hunt other prey for valuable resources. If not that then maybe used to make drills that go into the ground and bring up underground resources for collecting.) Mantis. (A creature with great sense of sight that is also very large almost as big as a wolf spider in game. It’s sharp like arms swipe at the player and stun them. They also use their mouth as another attack against the player. The player can use the armor and items given to make a mantis claw weapon with good attack speed and mid range damage.) Neutral Creatures: Crickets. (Crickets will alert and sense danger by using the sounds they make, they should be fairly loud enough for a player to hear in the distance. They could also be a possible land terrain mount. Saddle them up maybe using a saddle made of Berry Leather or some other type of material with possibly the use of crude rope. This cricket should be able to ride and hop and go a bit faster than a player would walking. As for its attacks I think a jumping mechanism would suffice or perhaps it could swing its strong legs in some way. Or use their jaws to bite the player if the player were to hit them, otherwise they should be neutral and not harm the player without aggro.) Butterflies. (This elegant creature could make for a new type of flying insect that can also make cocoons using new materials the player could have new crafting abilities if they were to harvest the cocoon. It is also possible that you can mount a butterfly and perhaps I’d the butterfly is killed and collected its parts could make wings and allow the player to have another way of perhaps gliding. However, it is not like the dandelion tuffs as it is more like a wing suit instead and using to glide much farther and faster instead. The player will not be able to actively fly up but more descend down slowly but be able to turn quite fast and go farther. Now of course this is a Neutral species to make it harder to get its useful flight armor that makes them more weightless and also add speed to their movement. The attacks could be something such as a manipulation technique that may mess up and configure the players screen into confusion. Almost like an allusion effect to confuse and deter the player. They will be seen flying in the air with the bees at given moments.) Caterpillars. (The descendant of a butterfly it is the before form of the elegant mistress. In this form it can climb walls and wonders around the area. It’s large like body almost like a grub it could be green or some other color. It is also about the size of a Roly Poly/Pill Bug the difference being in the length and movement. I believe it should be able to lift its front or back body and slam back down onto the player as an attack of threatened of course. This attack will smash any surrounding grass blades from its strong blow. It’s armor given or drops could be some type of more squishy dodgy armor. It could have an ability that allows a chance of dodge for the player against enemies. Meaning the attack induced would not work, on chance. It’s fluids inside could be made for a type of potion/drink to give buffs to the player for more combat techniques. Could also be used as a harvesting mount that chews up grass and turns it into fiber and produces much faster than running around and grabbing plant fiber. The player can mount it and run into grass stems and chew them down into fiber. The way to tame this would be quite difficult and it cannot fight for you. It can only harvest if tamed.) Leaf Bug/Stick Bug. (In my own opinion adding more camouflaging creatures could add even more element of surprise to the game. As they can blend with their environment and surprise the player. Leaf armor after killing a Leaf bug and help disguise a player in the grass for a limited amount of time. The player can use this source of camouflage almost like ant armor in ant nests. If the player gets too close or runs into a hostile mob it will find them and attack however, this is to make sure the armor is not too op but useful. Stick bugs on the other hand carry sap on their body that can be picked off by the player. This bug attracts sticky sap to its body that is harvested when nearby. Lead bugs have an ability to stun or put a player down for a moment using a toxic gas like ability. Very similar to a stink bug or beetle. Stick bugs can hit you with their long legs that give them wide range. Not amazing for bow attacks since they are so thin and more or less better for tank abilities with hammers and mallets.) Items: - Bee Saddle (Flying saddle.) - Caterpillar Saddle (Harvesting saddle.) - Cricket Saddle (Jump boost saddle.) - Caterpillar Armor (Deflection armor.) - Caterpillar Hide. - Cricket Armor (Jump boost armor.) - Leaf bug Armor (Limited camouflage.) - Digging Tool/Machine Drill - Trapdoor Spider Random Drop Items (Stuff inside it’s burrow or in its system.) - Stick Bug Legs (Can be crafted into a tool or weapon.) - Caterpillar Potion Supplies —————————————————
  18. Hello I thought of more ideas for grounded i know its at the release point but what the heck right. Ice Box Biome: We could get freezing involved, we could break free frozen bugs. Resources: Snow Ice Shaved Ice Recipes Exploded Cola or Frozen Cola Ice Cream Insects: Daring Jumping Spiders Roaches Weapons/ Armor: Jumping Spider Coat Jumping Spider Pants Jumping Spider Beanie ( Eskimo Theme ) Jumping Spider Club Jumping Spider War Harpoon Roach Helmet Roach Chest plates Roach Chausses ( Medieval Knight Theme ) Roach Lance Roach Halberd Lawn Mower Biome: I think it would be cool to be able to go under a lawn mower. Resources: Gasoline Oil Insects: Centipede ( BOSS ) Grasshopper Weapons/Armor: Grasshopper Mask Grasshopper Quiver Grasshopper Mocasins Grasshopper Saw Blade ( Aztec Warrior Theme) Centipede Helmet Centipede Chest plate Centipede Leg Armor Centipede Shield Centipede Spear ( Roman Centurion Theme ) Shrunken Chainsaw ( That needs gas ) Miscellaneous: Elevators Riding/ Taming Insects Hornets Brautburst Launcher Bear Traps Tiger Traps Cages Draw bridge for the Castle Gliders Pet Armor Gunpowder ( From Gun Under Shed ) Tazernaiter ( Large Robot )
  19. It would be cool if you could tame other creatures, heres a few ideas: bees you can ride them and fly around the map. a saddle could be like an endgame thing though so its not easy to have them as a mount at the start. they could go like 15-25 cm a second depending on its happiness and a saddle could be made of 6 berry leather, 8 dust mite fuzz, 2 plant fiber and 6 lint rope. to tame the bee it would need a few nectar and only able to tame the bees at night when theyre asleep so they dont target you. you could put a few next to the bee and itll tame after it wakes up. mites they could be a small fighting pet. you could feed it the mite fuzz potions and then they can fight beside you larva you can ride them along with have them as a tier 2 fighter pet. youll need cooked aphid meat. you can make a saddle with 3 berry leather, 5 gnat fuzz, and 2 crude rope. they do alot more damage than the mites and they can go alittle slower than what you can run but they dont have a running capability so it wont waste stamina going across long distances. ladybird larva like the larva, but tier 3 fighter and also ridable. uses same saddle but you need miteloaf to tame them. theyre faster than the larva and do much more damage with an added debuff of sizzle for a few seconds.
  20. After finishing the Hot and Hazy content, seeing the new into the wood content, and beating the boss, these are just some suggestions I have for the game: Add an insectopedia, or some form of info panel that tells us what each bug is weak to. Maybe you could unlock this ability once you kill such bug, and then you would know what weapon and upgrade to use. Add back base raids, to give us a purpose to use base traps, and design bases other than just for decor. This apparently use to be in the game, and then it was taken out. It could work as such as once you kill a certain amount of such bugs, they attack your base. Or these could be a part of the story. Or at least some bugs could just agro when they see you in the base, and they try to take it down to get to you. I think the food system needs a minor revamp, as do many others, and I think adding a fridge to keep meals and roasts from spoiling for a time would be extremely helpful, but it could be very expensive to craft of course. Add elevators! Buff the antlion greatsword partially, as the nerf on it is too much imo. Especially after seeing how strong the infected wolf spider is, it should not be hard to kill using a fully upgraded spicy sword, the literal weakness to spiders. Everything else though I think is great, and the boss was fun. I also know many other things are planned like a full story, dedicated servers, and new base defenses. I would also hope to see upgradeable armor added in. Lastly I believe a praying mantis is being added in the game, and I think this would also be cool, so hopefully it is. Mini bosses are always fun, but like the broodmother I think we should be highly rewarded for killing them. I would like to see a full set of broodmother armor for this purpose as well, but I digress. Great work so far!
  21. Here are a couple suggestions I was thinking. 1. Some sort of cart to carry items around the yard. Rather than just moving stem pallets around it would be nice to have a small wheel barrel or garden cart that you could take around with you to gather items. Perhaps it has a set amount of slots in it. 2. Would love to see some sort of creature that was specifically tamable to be used as a transport mount. My suggestion would be a Walking Stick. It can climb certain objects, but doesn’t move the fastest. It’s main attraction would be to take on journeys to use as a carrying mount. Perhaps it can hold up to 12 slots. 3.Other types of creatures in the game such as beetles, moths, butterfly’s, grasshoppers, crickets. I’d also love to see a 2 person flying mount such as a dragonfly. But have it be low on stamina so it can cross the map in a single flight or perhaps it has lower defense. 4. I would also love to see weather effects. Perhaps a sprinkler system installed in the yard. Every so many days it rains. This would open new opportunities for new items like a rain collector. I would even love to see hazards like maybe a garden snake or even a weed eater that targets set locations. Maybe you have to build a metal fence section around your base to “deflect” the weed eater from destroying any property. 5. Would love to see more furniture and base décor to make your backyard abode feel all the more cozy. 6. I get the idea that this backyard experience has just happened to 4 individuals. So, the idea of custom characters are out the the picture but it would be nice to be able to edit them with new outfits, hairstyles, etc to make them more unique to us or add a few more characters to be able to pick from.
  22. I thought it would be cool if there were jumping spiders that behave similarly to ladybugs. I heard that jumping spiders irl can even have arachnophobia so I think it'd be neat for them to run away from other spiders. In my opinion, having an adorable spider would provide a healthy variety from the deadly and terrifying ones.
  23. To make it easier while exploring for items for crafting, there should be an option to pin at least 1 or 2 crafting items onto your screen with crafting recipes. By doing this, it will be easier to explore and there wont be the risk of being attacked while in the menu looking for what items you want to craft.
  24. So one last time the brain wrung out and this dripped out. Most important: The possibility to turn off the friedly fire. The plants with the thick leaves between oak and rose bed should become harvestable. My teammates often expressed the desire to use a large leaf as a boat. An inflatable boat made of beetle rubber would also be conceivable. A greenhouse as a new biome, where even exotic plants could grow, maybe even dangerous ones? A garbage can, a bird house, an insect hotel as a dungeon. More fungi: toxic earth balls near the haze biome, slimy stinkhorns, harvestable tree fungi. As a great danger at night, a bat. Sunflowers, hyacinths, daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops, butterfly-bushs. Dear developers I hope you can use anything from the 3 posts. Otherwise I am curious what the future updates will bring. Good luck.
  25. Okay! First, let me just say bravo and thank you for what has already been a super fun game to play! (and we're still in early access). With that in mind, I have some suggestions of things to improve overall enjoyment of the game and some suggestions for future development. If you read this and like my thoughts be sure to drop a like so Obsidian will notice it. Lets get started. The Obvious Things: The sap collectors. Stop making us pick the sap up one at a time! There should be some mass collect option. Please! We need an elevator option! Everyone who's a true master builder wants to make at least one "floating" base. That is EXTREMELY difficult without an elevator to bring up materials with. Even if it were for only building materials would be better than nothing, since I cant climb ladders and hold materials at the same time. Hatches! - Just as doors are to walls, hatches should be to floors. Fire Arrows. This one just makes sense. There ain't no way in hell that in a world where I was shrunk and had to fight inse... had to fight SPIDERS that I wouldn't be lighting them on fire with some Molotov ****tails and/or Flaming Arrows. "Kill it... Kill it with fire!" A boat or raft. There should be a steerable raft of some sort that we can use to fairy around on the pond with. Spider's Doom - Like the Ant-nihilator but for spiders. (I'll tell you what, if I were really shrunk I wouldn't be worried about how to better kill ants. What I would be studying? Spiders!) Tier 3 Axe - It should be a two handed item and it should be clippers. Made from ant mandibles or something that makes sense. This one should go without saying but we all want a entire crow armor set! I'm sure you're working on it already so that's not really why I bring this up. I bring this up because it should be obvious that we *want* armor sets for literally everything we can kill! (Or at least any predator). I know we aren't gonna get everything. An aphid armor set is probably never gonna see the light of day. And I get it! Some critters don't have strong enough hides to make armor sets out of. Like aphids and mosquitoes. That makes perfect sense. But some obviously can! and should taken into consideration. (IE: The Stinkbugs, The Bombadier Beetle, The Larva). The Not So Obvious Things: The Four Leaf Cover! The lucky four leaf clover should be a harvestable material. As to what for... there are a few options I could see right off the bat. First, you could have building parts that only can be made with "lucky clovers" and they could provide some sort of structure bonus or maybe just be really fancy (similar to the feather roofs)! Second, a luck tower. This would basically function as a booster for nearby structures. The mushrooms gardens would grow faster, the stem walls would be sturdier, the dew collectors would collect moisture more often. Etc. Etc. Essentially an enhancement beacon. Third, a new smoothie that gives you a percent chance to dodge attacks (or something, extra % crit, etc.). All these are nice but personally I would suggest option 4, a tier 2 shield! Just imagine it! Having a 4 leaf clover shield!! That would be super cool! As far as its bonuses there are tons of things you could do for it. It could just have more durability and a bigger threshold before getting stunned. Wielding it could give you the percent dodge bonus I mentioned. Though, I think it would be cool if (ya know, since its like all magical and lucky) it regened its durability given time out of combat! That would be sick!!! Lets be honest, farming weevil meat gets annoying. Its not hard. Just boring. It bogs down the game. So a solution to that would be awesome! (Plus there is still a chance you break your shield in combat so its not a cure all shield!) Option 5: I'm not sure that I really recommend because I'm sure many players, myself included, would abuse the heck out of this so there would need to be limitations somehow. But it would be awesome if you could make a 4 leaf clover beacon that stopped enemy spawns in a certain radius. This would let players build bases in cool areas where we otherwise wouldn't be able to. A great example is under the tree. Everyone planned on building their base there until they learned that not 1 but 2 wolf spiders spawned there! I still think option 4 is the best but figured I'd put this in here for food for thought. The Haze Reaper! So I am stealing an idea from William Akhurst Hultz's suggestion (so please go read his too) but tweaking it a little here because I think he missed some things. "Here's the idea, in the haze roams a praying mantis that has been affected by that weird fungus that's all over the place there. He attacks on sight with slashes, lunges, and stabs with his "scythe like" arms and occasionally flies up for a moment to come crashing down with a huge slashing attack." The loot that comes from slaying this beast could be his mantis arms that the players could craft into a two handed scythe weapon that would fit under the "assassin" mutation. I think having a two handed assassin weapon would be very unique and provide something new and exciting for the assassin players! A possible name for the boss could be the "Haze Reaper" and the name of the weapon could be "The Reaper's Claw". Additionally, this boss would drop the materials necessary to build "The Reaper's Mask" a mask that, like the gas mask, blocks the damage from the haze zone. However, unlike the gas mask it would not weather down given use. (Of course it can still take damage if you are attacked, like any other armor piece). This would give players a viable option to build a base in the haze zone (WHICH EVERYONE WANTS TO DO!!!) but as of right now its just not viable. Making us have to kill a boss (possibly 4 times for everyone on the squad) to get it would really make us feel like we earned it! Please consider it! (Should be a summons boss like the brood mother) Hopper's Doom! Okay so the name of this one is bad but the idea is good! (Also kinda obvious but I felt it belonged down here anyways) We have all these tadpoles swimming around and no frogs?! Dat don't make any sense... lolz. So! I suggest a three tiered new hostile creature "Frogs" that have a new deadly attack! A tongue attack that pulls players in right next to the frogs! Let me tell you, I abuse the heck out of a bow and a high rock! So an enemy that could pull me down from my safe high ground, down right next to him!! That would be scary and fun to deal with! The first tier would just be your generic pond frogs. The frog equivalent of the orbital weaver. The second tier would be poisonous frogs, aka "Poison Hoppers", that would be the frog equivalent of wolf spiders. These would obviously have poison attacks but as frogs poison usually comes from their skin I suggest not having its tongue attack be poisons us and instead make its melee attacks apply the poison. Okay so we've talked about frogs but now lets think bigger. A boss enemy. The Toad! Like the frogs he would be able to pull you in with a tongue attack but would also have a variety of other attacks. Other possible attacks could be a long jump up that ends with him crashing down where you were last standing when he jumped dealing a big aoe slam attack, a croak attack that if your in front of him dealing that melee damage would pushes you back off him and on your ass! and of course a venomous attack! Spiders aren't the only small creatures known for their venomous touch! Some of the deadliest poisons on earth are from frogs and toads. Don't let that go to waste. (Should be a summons boss like the brood mother) Loot Ideas: An suit of armor that each individual piece increases your jump height but when worn as a set give you immunity to fall damage! Come on! It makes perfect sense!!! And who doesn't want to jump and land like a superhero?! Regardless of the tier list I came up with, frogs should be an enemy in some way shape or form. Looking forward to it. Ice! Idk what for and what its benefits will be but I want to make ice! and maybe a freezer? Make it hard for me to achieve too pls! Maybe the freezer could just keep food fresh longer or something. Idk. I just want ice! Thx. PS: A personal shoutout to whomever over there at obsidian gaming drew the weird chef man as an easter egg for us more adventurous players! That **** made my day! Hilarious! Thank you!
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