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  1. When I try to save my game manually, or the save created on Quitting, when I go back later to Continue a game only the auto saves are listed. I checked the time stamps to see if the name of the file was just being changed, but it is only the auto saves that are kept. This has only been an issue since the recent patch.
  2. Adding my name to the list. - dew not spawning across map - dew collectors not spawning few each morning - mushroom farm not spawning mushrooms - acorns not respawning across map (by far the most significant as I cannot create new storage chests and resources are capped)
  3. New option for the Y button.... tap to Unequip currently held item, hold to automatically equip Hotpouch 1 item.
  4. Yet another suggestion, adding the names for the areas/regions to the Map as you discover them, like Grasslands, The Oak Tree, and Spade Gulch. While the size of the overall map isn't very large, would be helpful for orientation and planning.
  5. Many of this suggestions would be very welcome additions.
  6. Another idea that came to mind, similar to how the Armor once equipped shouldn't take up inventory space, is that items equipped to your Hotpouch also shouldn't, as inventory space is already at such a premium given how low stack counts are and the types of materials available, and equipment/tools/consumables "necessary" to have on you at all times Again, this would be similar to how inventory functions in Minecraft.
  7. Agreed. Can't relate this game to "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" without bringing up the sprinkler sequence and how that could translate into the game....the need to find cover, water collection, mud (as an environmental hazard), forcing subterranean bugs to the surface, etc. It could be a random world event that happens.
  8. Oh, and echoing CohhCarnage, having proximity based crafting and storage would be so helpful and really enhance the game.
  9. On Xbox, after you have exited the game, if the game isn't fully closed/quit out of from the Xbox UI and you then turn the console off, when you reboot the console and game there is significant audio distortion in the game startup and menu screens. Force-quitting the game and restarted fixes this.
  10. If you complete the missions, find and Analyze all the items, you should receive enough to unlock most things so far.
  11. Having played about 10 hours of the game on Xbox so far, really enjoying it and love the world and story so far. With that said, here are some observations and suggestions I have (some of which have already been shared by others) in a hope they may be considered for future enhancements. Ability to name save files, or at least differentiate Auto-Save files between Single and Multiplayer Multiplayer Accessibility Ability to invite Friends into game from the Xbox menus (current option where you have to host and then they have to join from the menu is a bit clunky)
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