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Found 7 results

  1. Greetings! So far I've really been enjoying the early access build of Grounded! Granted it's far from done. I thought it would be a good time to throw a few ideas for additional insects that would be commonplace in the typical American backyard. As well as suggest the types of materials and gear the player could gain from interacting with them. This is a list of other insects that could be added in if they were not in any future plans. As well as the materials and possible items crafted from them. You might also notice that there's some I'll mark as "apex" meaning they could be considered boss level hunts yielding high level drops. And probably best hunted in groups. While those marked as "voracious" are possible to solo. But still very dangerous. Insects: Fleas(recolored aphids)- unlike the aphids which run and hop away from you. These pest will give chase the moment they spot you. They are like mites. Only faster and more persistent. Once latched on they slowly drain the player's health. The only material gained from them is the muscle fibers for their legs. Moths- typically blended in on a wall or tree. Or bidder in dark crevices from the daylight. They will only fly at night around the yard lights. They will only fly in the daytime to simply escape any attacker. They can be cooked for meat and the wings used for a reusable faster than dandelion seed glider that like all gear has a wear limit. Butterflies- are seen only during the daytime around flowers. They only land on those places. So arrows might be suitable for taking them down unless you find one trapped in a web. They can be cooked for meat and their wings made into a reusable glider that's as sturdy as the moth version. But more while and capable of letting the player gain more altitude. But by being more colorful. It's more prone to attract arial predators. Green Caterpillars- after time become butterflies. They are eaten by everything Fuzzy worms- are like caterpillars. Only that touching them can cause an itchy status on the player. They can be eaten. Their fuzz and silk glands can be used for crafting. As well as the silk from their nests. Dragonflies- are very fast voracious arial predators that attack anything in the air indiscriminately during the day. Around the pond and flooded area. Their eyes can be made into goggles or binoculars. And the wings into a higher tiered glider. Mudeye- dragonfly nymph that lurks deep under the water attacking anything that gets close. It's eyes can be used towards crafting diving gear. Hornets- nest like ants. They are highly aggressive and attack anything that gets too close. They will only attack your base if it's too close to the nest(unless you destroy it first). Or if a scout finds you have lots of food. Their bodies can make armor and the stingers can be used for high tier poisoned arrow/spear heads. Wasps- best in high areas close to the ground. Like around the house or she'd. Typically like ants they will pay you no mind and target other insects. And their favorite prey is spiders. Killing them grants materials for armor. While the stingers can be used for high tier poisoned arrow/spear heads. The paper from their destroyed nests can be very useful for crafting. Assassin bug- an apex predator that hides in dark places or around dense foliage. It predominantly feeds on fuzzy worms and caterpillars. But won't hesitate to grab a smaller spider. Ant or you. It's beak could be used to craft a spear or sword Jumping Spiders- are curious and roam around like ants. They mainly lurk in high areas and go after small insects. They are prone to sharing meat with you. Their eyes can be crafted into goggles or binoculars. Snails- are slow harmless mushroom eaters immune to poisons. Including the haze biome. They can be cooked and eaten while their shell could be used for an oxygen tank to remain underwater or in the haze longer then just with the weevil mask. Water striders- hang out around the pond skating along it's surface. They will attack anything on the surface. Forcing the player to stay underwater. Risking drowning. Their beaks can be crafted into harpoons and the feet pads into leg year that allows the player to run(not walk) over water a short ways. Diving beetles- are pushovers outside of the pond. But become deadly and aggressive underwater. Their bodies can be used for crafting diving armor. Diving Spider- an Apex predator with webs that can go underwater. It will attack anything that gets caught in those webs which an be used for crafting waterproof gear. Slugs- only come out at night. They can be used for meat and their mucous for crafting certain items. Tiger beetle- a very speedy apex predator that lurks in the flooded area. Attacking anything that comes across it's path. Even a wolf spider. It's mandibles can be used to craft dual blades. Spider hawk- an Arial Alex predator that doesn't focus on any other creatures. Except wolf spiders and other apex predators. It's sting is an instant kill. That can be used to craft a powerful spear or blade. Mantis- an apex predator that hides out in high places amongst the foliage. It will last out at anything that gets close. Especially flying insects. Or a gliding player. It's forelimbs can be crafted into dual sickles or a giant sycthe. Ant lions- are voracious predators that create deep funnels that are hard to get out. Once an ant or weevil gets caught. They can't escape. If the player saves an ant. The ant may drop a food item. Ant lion jaws can be used to make low tier dual blades. Black Widow(recolored orb Weaver)- is an apex predator that makes its web up in a dark corner of the yard. It's poison can create the highest level poison. And it's will is the strongest for crafting. I noticed that there is a small pond the player can swim in. And that it's pretty deep. Some of the guys I listed could be used to craft diving gear. The player can either craft gear that is good for swimming. Even attacking while in such a state. But the player could also craft weighted leg gear that allows the player to traverse the bottom of the pond. Perhaps even find a hidden item or door to some place. Other crafting ideas I thought of was allowing the player to use pebbles and clay to craft a oven and stove for higher leve!l cooking and potient making. Or create a kiln. Which could be used to harden molded clay based items into stronger materials or tools. Like vases, cooking pots or stronger bladed tools or weapons. Also, I'd find it odd that the player couldn't be able to craft things like shields from grass or wood(low tier) or from the bugs(higher tier). Plus I'd also like to suggest being able to use sap or clay along with wood sticks to craft blunt weapons like clubs. Spikee maces and warhammers. Or use various insect parts like stingers and mandibles/fangs for higher level bladed weapons. And I noticed in the player status screen there's s spot that mentions status affects. I'd suggest having sleepy for those that don't sleep when they should. Which reduces their stamina. Itchy, which is from the suggested fuzzy worms or certain plants. This affects your attacks, blocking and movent as you always stop to scratch yourself. And lastly poison. Which slowly drains your health over time till cured. Once again! Awesome work guys! Thanks for allowing us the players to throw a few ideas at you! As we would all love to see it grow more!
  2. Hey guys, Absolutely love the game! Although I'm not nearly done with it I'm already hoping this turns into a franchise. It's great how Obisidian looked back at how RPG used to be and what we loved about them. I feel like this entire project has been one big nice gesture from them to us, the fans. Anyway, I know there is no 3rd person view whatsoever but I believe this should be implemented at some point. There's so much cool looking gear in the game, but what's the point if the only place you can see this at is the menus. Yikes! Maybe a future patch? I'm not asking for a full third person combat mode, but the ability to walk around in third person while out of combat would be appreciated. Even just being able to zoom out while standing still would be cool, I guess? ':D Also, I play on PC and I love micromanaging, is there any way to compare gear from vendors to what you are currently wearing? Seems like right now I need have the item in my inventory before I can compare it. Peace!
  3. Some tips for monks around here. https://imgur.com/a/Be10JYO Socrates pet, Aldris Blade of Captain Crow and two Rings of Greater regeneration was enough to keep me healed (Dawnstar Blessing). I didn't had to use potions at all, just Second Wind. Set one (Xefa's and Aldris Blade) for Whispers of the Wind and stacking resonance. Set three (Wall on) if I had to wait for her to summon spiders. Boots of Speed for a little bit more stride and Horns of Bleak Mother for accuracy. edit. 412 was enough to blow her up
  4. So my character keeps announcing at the start of combat that she's carrying too much gear. But she's only carrying a few things in her personal inventory (a torch, some potions). So is it the stash? I have a ton of items in stash but I didn't think those counted towards encumbrance, or do they? I also can't see any indicators/symbols anywhere showing she's encumbered, and her movement speed is unchanged...
  5. Hey all! Stopped playing a short while after release due to bugs and general incompatibility with my crappy computer. I'm coming back into the fray and loving the game! I'm currently in act 2 with a level 8 solo wizard. I have a fully upgraded fortress and my gear is as follows: - Sanguine Plate (Resistances) - Rotfinger Gloves (2 amazing foe debuffs) - Belt of Blunting (Resistance) - Gaun's Share (leeching) - Some turban looking hat that gives constitution - Lilith's Shawl (stealth and perception) Haven't found boots yet. I've done every task in defiance bay and every quest except cinders. Haven't touched the main quest and haven't left The Bay. I've been relatively successful in all encounters so far. The hardest thus far has been the forgotten. They essentially just plop you in the middle of a bridge with like 7 decently geared enemies with nowhere to bottleneck. It was a pain but I finally downed them after loading like 15 times. I'm also having trouble with the cinders drake. I found an awesome spot where him and all of his minions are trapped in a straight line at which point I pelt them with everything I have including summons. Problem is all of his drake and kobold minions will die and by the time he comes around I only have enough spells to get him down to badly injured. He hits like a truck and I would have no defences left at this point. The spells I'm using are pretty much chill fog, fan of flames, concelhaut's ciphon, bulward vs elements, hardened arcane veil, mirror image, essential phantom, rotfiner debuffs, expose vulnerabilities and my 3 figurines. If theres an amazing piece of gear I'm missing out on or possibly a good strategy or spell I'm not using, some advice would be great. Thank you so much!
  6. Hi all! Really liking PoE so far. Only 20-something hours in, about half way through Act 2 & I've got a question regarding my party's damage output, specifically why it seems so low. Whole party is level 6. Eder (Heaviest armor i can find, shield, fine sabre) Aloth (leather armor, fine wand) Durance (fine robe, fine wand) Kana (heaviest armor available, shield, fine hatchet) Pelligrina (Heaviest armor available, shield, fine pike / spear thing) Cipher [me] (fine leather armor, fine war bow / lead spitter, key spells used are Mental Binding & Mind Blades) recently been doing some quests around Defiance Bay, and I've noticed that my damage output seems really low. like, each party member is only doing 2-5 damage per hit. without spoilers, the enemies i've been facing recently all have a DR of about 10-15 & I'm hitting for the MIN damage value more often than not. Have I done something wrong gear or skill-wise? should I be hitting harder at this level? most fights at the moment are drawn-out wars of attrition. my casters drop before too long coz I cant defeat anything quick enough & my front line just sit there slowly hacking away. most of the time, they get the job done, but it takes ages & I cant help but feel I'm doing something wrong. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. So I recently got Pallegina(sp?) and sent Kana to the stronghold (the chanter looks to be increadibly bland and uninteresintg, was using only his starting chants, bacuase he basically didn't get any new ones untill lvl 7, and even then the selection is tinyyyyy and boring) Anyway, i took off all his gear and transfered it to her, does it matter when I send him to do quests and stuff? Is his gear taken into account? Also can somebody explain to me how the whole turns thing works in the stronghold? I didn't find any explenation on that
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