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Found 22 results

  1. So if you’re like me, you play on a console, you tanked your rep with the Board, and ignored them when they tried to talk to you, and now you’re at the end of the game and want to finish up your side quests before heading off to Tartarus. But uh oh! You have a side quest in Byzantium and the board hates you so all the guards there shoot on site. This was the case for me. I was at the very beginning of Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel - the quest you get from Celeste where she wants you to model clothes for her. I thought I was screwed, because she has guards in her store and if you ag
  2. Some tips for monks around here. https://imgur.com/a/Be10JYO Socrates pet, Aldris Blade of Captain Crow and two Rings of Greater regeneration was enough to keep me healed (Dawnstar Blessing). I didn't had to use potions at all, just Second Wind. Set one (Xefa's and Aldris Blade) for Whispers of the Wind and stacking resonance. Set three (Wall on) if I had to wait for her to summon spiders. Boots of Speed for a little bit more stride and Horns of Bleak Mother for accuracy. edit. 412 was enough to blow her up
  3. Hey Guys! I have been looking into strategies for Megabosses and bosses and in particular it seems the most effective thing against them is accuracy and defense stats. Compared to PoE1 it is much harder to stack buffs and debuffs which is generally a better idea I think. What I have been seeing while reading through classes is that there are only a few straight accuracy buffs between classes. Most notable the Ranger has more available class Accuracy buffs than anyone else, upwards of 30 or more not counting active abilities. However, one of the +10 Acc buffs and some other skills are depen
  4. I bound the plate then after defeating the _______ and dropping into the __________. I equipped a few regen items and stood in the path of the recurring wind traps (they frighten). Then I went and got a snack, came back to fully leveled guardian's plate. EDIT: I tested applying afflictions using a rogue in the group and it didnt up the count
  5. Hi, I don't post often but I have had some time on my hands and was crunching a little bit of data on cannons and am sharing that here. Please let me know if you have any issues getting to the image. [Attached] (tried to put the link in here but I am not allowed .png or .jpg extensions. I'll read on what I can do some more and see if I can get the image in here). https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eHih8eyfU7Q11i80PUeAk8o2VeihJaFE This is a heatmap for each cannon's damage out to 24 turns. This does assume 100% hits which while that is not how combat usually goes, it does allow
  6. Auto-pause on low health, and all Low health AI works even when health is hidden to you, the player. (Just make sure your second wind/potion action is #1 on your list and you make the AI follow list order). You're welcome.
  7. A great tactic has been found. If you use cracking bolt and rolling flame from a long distance, the enemy will not notice the party, which in turn means endless spells. This method allows you to destroy almost any encounter or lure enemies one by one increasing or decreasing the distance. Also, since the spells are power level 2-3, This strategy can be effectively used by any wiz-multiclasses, making the strategy a great way to complete solo PoTD. If you a smart wizard, you should practice sniping. Also, if an enemy encounter contains healers trying to kill someone is pretty useless
  8. So I am really digging this more offensive minded setup for Pallegina. I balanced her Item distribution abilities and talents that she is very good in a lot of areas and has LOTS of per encounter abilities which are nice and is very good at against both mob groups and tough single targets. *granted I also run an additional skaen priest in the party most of the time so he and she sort of mix ^ mash and balance out the healing and buffing needs of the party and can switch offence + defense to boot as skaen priests are very good on offense as well, but with the priest I do not need to giv
  9. I had a lot of fun using the Tall Grass pike in PoE (https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Tall_Grass), building a barbarian for max crit potential and watching groups of enemies knocked prone for the whole fight. I'm hoping I can do something similar in Deadfire. What controlling weapons have you found so far?
  10. Hey everyone! Thank you so much for reading! A quick intro. I’m a huge Infinity Engine enthusiast. Baldur’s Gate 2: SoA+ToB is pretty much my favorite game of all time (read best game of all time). Playing as a mage and blasting through everything like Irenicus on speed is probably the greatest feeling I can get from dancing pixels on a screen and I wanted to re-create that feeling in Pillars of Eternity. There have been plenty of posts on soloing the game, but the information is not standardized and consolidated. Also, there isn’t much for mages in the way of target gear and tips for
  11. Difficulty: PotD Best Team Role: Crowd Control and off-tank dps Team based or solo (if emphasizing defensive talents first) This is more a party based guide and I have played this build in a party but it seems strong enough to solo with a few adjustments. Introduction: The wizard is one of the most versatile classes in PoE, being able to adjust himself or herself on the fly to do whatever is necessary to help the whole party succeed in any hairy battle situation. This guide is aimed at suggesting a wizard build strong across multiple functions (cc, disruption, interrupt, one-
  12. This dude took about 15 tries before I realised the main thing stopping me from killing him was the accuracy debuff Eder - full deflection tank, away from main party, lots of endurance potions. need: massive buffs to accuracy and immunity to paralysis and stun (thanks Durance you crazy old coot) Get Eder to attack an ice blight and turn off his AI. keep him alive as long as possible (armor with 2nd chance can help). DO NOT ATTACK THE DRAGON kill off as many stray ice blights and oozes as possible without getting too close to the dragon (their damage is not that important)
  13. The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game page on Paizo's site had an interesting strategy blog you can check out! http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/v5748dyo5lj3k?Get-Ready-to-be-Goblified Cheers!
  14. So I just started playing and decided to buy the all-inclusive expansion. I'm stuck on the Poison Pill scenario and I feel like I don't have the right feel for the strategy. I've tried having one character on their own locations, pairing them off, putting them in groups of 3, and having all 6 start on the same location. It also could just be the characters, so I listed my party and their decks below. I also know that the number of cards to beat in the scenario changes based on your party size, so would it be easier if I didn't use 6 characters? What can I change to beat this scenario?
  15. I've just completed my TCS Speedrun (2:18h, No Glitches), so I thought I would share the build I have used. It's reliable, but not without risks. If you want to reproduce the run, I would suggest studying my video. There is also quite a bit of additional information on my strategies in the video description: Pillars of Eternity - TCS Speedrun (2:18h, No Glitches, Solo, Highest Difficulty, Triple Crown) https://youtu.be/ZtGppK4gWkE (I've just realized that I got the Relative Pacifism achievement for the run, so fewer than 175 NPCs and Creatures are killed!) Concept Push for ma
  16. This build is a solid choice for a TCS run and has been thoroughly tested by me. I'm sure quite a few people have come up with something similar by now, but my recorded TCS run might serve as a nice basic strategy guide for people wanting to use this build for a run of their own. Here is the playlist of my run: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrU0fsUmH2FaASxfjRn9medY4YyQQOZZZ And here is a video about dealing with Thaos: https://youtu.be/ynynYV2IJjs Build Moon Godlike, Rogue, Deadfire, Merchant Stat distribution: 18 3 17 3 18 18 Abilities - Crippling Strike, Reckless Assault,
  17. I used scientific method in reaching this conclusion. Anyone can replicate my results. 1. Go to the outrageously outdated wiki: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Status_Effects 2. Press "CTRL-F" and type "reflex" 3. Press the "Highlight All" button in the bottom left corner of Firefox window. You will note that there are many more Reflex debuffs than Will and Fortitude ones. Fortitude and WIll ones tend to come on the same effects - Charmed, Sickened, Weakened. Sagani can use Wounding Arrow to inflict Hobbled, which reduces Reflex and makes the target susceptible to Binding
  18. A game I am not playing right now is Civ - Beyond Earth. I own Civ 5, and have just sat through a couple of video reviews on Youtube. The reason I am making the post is not just to give a space to discuss it, but because I think Firaxis have been making two key mistakes in recent years. Although no doubt you'll all have your own reactions. 1. Combat 'balance' The combat system is still trying far too to be balanced. I've given this quite a bit of thought and believe that you cannot have combat with a consistent rule base, and make every faction equally capable, yet different. war
  19. https://www.humblebundle.com/doublefine Everyone needs to vote for Mega Ninja Troopers. Especially if you live in the Bay Area. Don't even bother paying for more Pen Ward's games. Great writer, but that's what he should stick with.
  20. Discuss the merits, tactics, and achievements of notable military generals in history. I'll start. William Tecumseh Sherman (1820-1891) Major General William Tecumseh Sherman was Grant's most trusted Lieutenant during the American Civil War. He is best known for his March to the Sea (also known as the Savanna Campaign), from Atlanta, Georgia to Savannah, Georgia which effectively broke the backs of the Confederacy. He is widely recognized as the single most instrumental man to ending the war. Sherman is a polarizing figure. Depending on where in the US you live he is either
  21. Hello everyone, So i got hunger for some rpg when waiting for P:E. And then I realise I actualy never complete any campaign in NWN 2. And before I start I would like to hear some suggestion on how to play it. Are there some good mods which are not overpowered? For example ranger is my favorite class but he quite suck in original NWN2 as far as I remember (but i didnt complete game because some bug). Also what party you recommend for SoZ? I remember that I die quite quickly in SoZ. Any tips or hints are welcome. peace Dude
  22. I have played quite a few cRPGs and have seen this implemented on a limited scale. If my memory serves me, in NWN HOTU and NWN2 Cross Roads keep, we were given a chance to partake in a relatively massive battle with all our companions and other NPCs aligned to us against the enemies. I was hoping that we could see more of these set pieces implemented in Project Eternity. By strategic battles, I mean typically the following: 1. A mid-scale conflict, typically between major factions which will have significant repercussions in gameplay depending on which factions win. 2. The PC and his
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