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  1. Cool. Let me know how it works out. I'd like to try this out on a hireling in a future run. Edit: Just realized you're using The Dragon Thrashed, which is a direct damage fire/slash chant. You'd want to use this one for minion lashes: https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Aefyllath+Ues+Mith+Fyr. Thanks for the catch! And, let me know how the build works for you. I really wish I could figure out the formatting (I can't seem to get tables to work). But, I think I cleaned it up and switched some stuff around so it reads better. -Toadbat
  2. Thanks Ophiuchus! All good ideas, I added The Dragon Thrashed at level 15. I chose that one because it synergises with the large number of skeletons (I think that's how it will work anyway). But, as you mentioned there is the one that improves the recovery rate would be good to. With a full party I feel like I have enough single target damage, though I will see how things go and consider Recalled Agony. Cheers! -Toadbat
  3. Thanks for the input Verde and Ophiuchus. I have adjusted the abilities column. I have removed Keen Mind and Tumbling, now I have a gap at level 15. Should I put one of these back in? Or, is there a better choice? -Toadbat
  4. Another question I have is about Ring Leader, is it better to take that rather than Borrowed Instincts? Or, maybe replace something else? -Toadbat
  5. Oh, and as far as race goes, I do think that any would work fine. Godlike has the best attribute synergy, I was just tired of playing nature godlikes The nature of the build does not highly depend on any racial bonuses or abilities, so pick what makes sense to you. -Toadbat
  6. Thanks for the information about Secret Horrors, I did miss that. So, I suppose I can replace Hammering Thoughts, although I really like the extra penetration. Any suggestions on what to loose? -Toadbat
  7. Hi All! I haven’t seen much in the way of Spiritualist builds, so I hope this spurs some fresh discussion. This is my first posted build. I have been playing with this build on Veteran and am about halfway through. I have so far found it very fun to play, although it does take a bit of micro. I suspect I could use the AI to run a few things, but paying attention to targeting and tactical placement are still important. If anyone would like to go where I fear and run this on PotD and/or solo please let me know how it goes! Here is my character build detail for the Siren. I hope you all like it. Build Name Siren Subclass(es): Beckoner/Beguiler (Spiritualist) Description: The Siren is about control, both of your enemies and of some summons. She also has a good amount of debuff with most of her abilities focused on the mind and deception tags. She prefers short ranged combat using the blunderbuss as her main source of damage. She tries to remain as central to her teammates and summons to maximize her chant and other AOE abilities. Her intellect allows her control and debuff capabilities extended duration and maximizes the area of effect of them. Her dexterous nature allows her to utilize her talents at a frightening speed. Author: Toadbat Game version: 2.0 Difficulty: Veteran (I am a wimp, this build might be able to go higher) Solo: Untested Companion: No companion or sidekick fit’s this class build. Race: Moon Godlike (I chose this for some additional staying power, but any race will work.) Culture: Old Vailia (for the increased intelligence) Background: Artist (This is open to change based on your desired skill choices) Attribute Adjusted Incl/BB Might 8 10 Constitution 8 10 Dexterity 18 20 (Godlike) Perception 18 20 Intelligence 20 22 (Godlike, Old Vailia) Resolve 6 8 Level Proficiency Active Skill Passive Skill Ability 1 Blunderbuss Whispers of Treason 1 Saber If their Bones.../Come, Come Soft Winds… 2 Athletics Survival Lingering Echoes 3 Athletics Metaphysics Eyestrike 4 Dagger Mechanics Insight Draining Whip, At the Sound of His Voice… 5 Stealth Metaphysics Mental Binding 6 Stealth Insight Dual Weapon Style 7 Arcana Metaphysics Secret Horrors, At the Sound of His Voice… 8 Hatchet Mechanics Bluff Ancient Brittle Bones 9 Athletics Insight Combat Focus 10 Arcana Metaphysics And Their Fear Followed…, Body Attornment 11 Mechanics Bluff The Lover Cried out… 12 Pistol Athletics Insight Hammering Thoughts 13 Arcana Metaphysics Borrowed Instinct, Rapid Casting 14 Mechanics Bluff Gernisc's Beast Lit the Night… 15 Athletics Insight Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr 16 Spear Arcana History The Empty Soul, Quick Summoning 17 Mechanics Bluff Mind Plague 18 Athletics History Spell Resistance 19 Arcana History Yet it's mate…, The Complete Self 20 Mace Mechanics Bluff Echoing Horror I picked what weapon proficiencies made sense to dual wield, so I could improve my reaction time. I maxed perception because this is my trap-finder. As far as skills go, pick what you want. I know a lot more min/max’ing could occur and feel free to discuss that here. Also, please comment and opine on the skill and attribute selections. I am not yet sure that the ones listed below are best in class. I am looking forward to your opinions. -Toadbat Edited for format and some content. Word copy/paste import failed miserably . I will continue to improve. Updated abilities based on comments from Verde and Ophiuchus. Further improved formatting, rewrote some of the content to flow better, corrected chant to Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr per Ophiuchus (thanks!) Just realized that 2.0 came out a while ago, no changes there affect this build to my knowledge. I have updated the Version above to reflect that.
  8. Maybe, but a nice build has been up since mid July on Fextralife and I have just tweaked the details for me and am just about to try it out. So, I hope not! https://fextralife.com/pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire-builds-guide-sage/ -T That build already got a nerf. Shattered Pillar only gains wounds from auto attacks now. So most of the spamming is gone (But it is still pretty great when all is said and done). Thanks, didn't know that, but I still think Shattered Pillar isn't a bad choice here. I'll still try it out, looks fun and for some reason I have always liked pikes, even in POE1. Both pikes and spear and shield, it's an ascetic thing I guess. -T
  9. Thanks Kaylon, good information. All, I am going to go back through the responses so far, compile it and add it to the top. I didn't realize that the interest would be this high . So, keep the tips and questions coming in! -T
  10. Maybe, but a nice build has been up since mid July on Fextralife and I have just tweaked the details for me and am just about to try it out. So, I hope not! https://fextralife.com/pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire-builds-guide-sage/ -T
  11. Glad you figured it out I'll see if I can add some clarifying comments. Average damage by reload time is actually what is going on here, it's just that I have also aggregated it over time. The reason I did it this way was because if you new that your style was to hit them and then rush in (firing just once, or maybe once per broadside) then you can see that the big slow guns are best. But, if you usually have a much more protracted battle then cannons like the double bronzer does less damage than even the Hog Nose. I do agree that I could expand the model to include ship type with total damage by number of cannon optimized by how fast they jibe. And, I may do that. This was just a quick and dirty chart that, I hope, provides new players or players less familiar with the data a scorecard that allows them to make an informed choice. Mostly I did this because when I researched the ship upgrades I had a hard time finding consolidated information. Most of the guides I found just listed the expensive options, but after playing I found that the Hogs Noses usually performed as well as anything else (I grapeshot/jib/grapeshot, then barrel toward the enemy for boarding). Which reminds me, I need to find the shot type modifiers and work that data in -T
  12. Yes it does I don't know from which patch it is active from but currently, it works that way now you can board a ship having reduced the number of enemies you face while boarding that way. Also remember that if the vessel you are attacking has a surgeon on board that they can heal crew you took out of commission. You can see when a crew member will be healed if you watch the enemy action icons. -T
  13. Hi, I don't post often but I have had some time on my hands and was crunching a little bit of data on cannons and am sharing that here. Please let me know if you have any issues getting to the image. [Attached] (tried to put the link in here but I am not allowed .png or .jpg extensions. I'll read on what I can do some more and see if I can get the image in here). https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eHih8eyfU7Q11i80PUeAk8o2VeihJaFE This is a heatmap for each cannon's damage out to 24 turns. This does assume 100% hits which while that is not how combat usually goes, it does allow you to see the potential of each cannon and have a level field for comparison between them. I do not take range into account here, only optimal damage over time. Also in the folder is the Excel file which has additional data and you can see how I did the calculations (I am sure there is a cleaner way, but I need to put some more thought into it). IMO, when choosing a cannon for your ship you need to take into account how you intend to wage your battles. If you want to get to shooting right away you need to pick a long range cannon like the Iron Thunderer or the Imperial Long Gun. Or, you can brave a rush to close quarters and unleash massive damage with the Magranite Flamethrower. However, be advised that if your ship is slow, or has no hull upgrades you may find yourself in Ondra's cold embrace. I think there are only a few "bad" choices here, again use tactics that optimize your cannon's potential. The Aedyr Channel Gun to me is one of the worse choices, if you want long range cannons get the Imperial Long Gun rather. Observations I and others have made: If you are going to board keep an eye on the number of crew the opposing ship has. Use grapeshot to reduce it and time the boarding action when this number is small. I find that having shorter ranged cannon is advantageous to this, and that it doesn't seem to matter how powerful the cannon is with grapeshot (unless you hit the sails with it instead of crew). If you find that your chance to hit is low there are two things I know can improve it. Hold for one turn prior to firing. And, make sure the range is between the minimum and maximum range listed for your cannon(s). Oh, also the skill level of your cannoneer is key. Choose a cannon that matches the jibe speed of your ship, remember the reload you are measuring is between your first shot and the hold prior to shooting "that" broadside again. If you are up against a much higher level captain or a crew too big to overcome in a boarding action use chain shot to immobilize the ship, then you can either escape or use cannon balls to sink them. Fast ships, like the Defiant and Voyager, are harder to hit and can both close for a boarding action faster and, if needed, have a better chance to flee the engagement. The Voyager's unique front/rear cannon allows you to keep a slim profile while taking out the enemies sails and/or crew. more to come... Thanks for your contributions! 1TTFFSSE Kaylon thundercheese Oriz I hope you find this useful. And, I am happy to respond to any questions or receive any comments or constructive criticism. -Toadbat Edit Log: 8/2/2018 - Updated title; cleaned up some grammar; attached heatmap; added additional observations and credits
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