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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, so lately I know I've been asking around alot about various builds, trying to find the another build that is just as fun as the two builds I have only beaten the game with (Steel garrote/ Bloodmage) and (Forbidden Fist/Ascendant), So I tried other half caster multiclasses but they didn't Have the same fun feel as the previous 2, but one thing I keep coming back to for the caster half is Druid as I really like the spell list you get with it , with all the Storm, Plant, and Beast spells. But sadly they have a finite pool of spell slots/number of times you can use your spells, which gave me the idea of combining it with tactician which has the brilliant ability to regenerating class resources, which would allow me to cast spells like the more infinite resource having classes, But I'm having trouble picking a druid subclass for this warden build and also having trouble on how I would proc brilliant using said druid class(Fury,Ancient or maybe Shifter), I would really appreciate the help and advice thx.
  2. Hey everybody been having fun playing various melee caster builds I decided on trying a potd solo run with a liberator, and I'm stuck on which version I should go with (kind wayfarer/fury or shifter), or (steel garrote/fury or shifter) and whether or not to use magran favor+sun &moon or darryns voulge as 2h for this run, would really appreciate the advice and help thx
  3. Hey I've decided to make a tempest multiclass, but I'm having a hard time deciding which barbarian multiclass to go with furyshaper or berserker, I also plan to use lord Darren's voulge in this build and would like some help deciding what other armor and gear to get for the build, I've decided to go with ancient subclass for the druid half of the build as well, I'd also like to know which barbarian passives and skill to take as well as for ancient. Thanks for help .
  4. Hi Community, Bought POE 2 from Steam the larger package with with all of the DLC's. Installed through Steam (55gb) onto a 1tb SSD. I read through some posts online and tried everything like giving exe admin privilages. Turned graphics to the lowest settings, and turned off scaling in my nVidia settings. Anyone else have any ideas, the game is pretty much unplayable for me at this point. My system; nVidia GeForce GTX 670 (latest driver - 3/7/2020) 16gb memory 1tb SSD storage Intel Core i7-3770K - 3.50GHz Dual Monitors. Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Playing the game on it's lowest graphic settings in windowed mode. I have turned off any virus scan, I still have windows defender on. Before playing I exit out of any programs I usually run like docker windows, dropbox, teamviewer, etc. Lastly, I do not know how to get the logs at this time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello watchers ! I have this problem with Maia cause i couldn't decide if is should choose Xoti or Maia for my romance option so they were both in my party all the time. I got most approval form both while i was flirting with Xoti but when she approched me after a kiss i said its not a good idea (everything during one chat ). I decided then already that i want to romance Maia but after a while Xoti said she is in love with Maia and Maia said she was in love with Xoti XD Of course i said to both of them to not engage in any kind of romantic realationship and i thought Maia will eventually come to me but... It's like 8 hours of game since the moment and i tried to talk to her, did her personal quest ( EVEN BEFORE XOTI APPROACHED ME ) and did a lot of dead fire comapny quests and ... nothing. I thought i have to wait but Teheku wanted to start a relationship with me and i dont even have the highest approval with him. Is there a place i could go to or some kind of quest that will trigger her romance? I know i have to do some dumb shark meat quest but i am kinda worrying it will not happen after 30 hours of her being in the party... And sugesstions?
  6. This really weird bug happened to me: I'm currently in act 3, and after a few loading screens I started noticing my watcher was getting smaller and smaller, It is now the same size as a party pet, Grog for example is sightly smaller than what my watcher currently is. I have no idea if some mod tweaked the game files and changed the size of my watcher but I had no issues till now with mods. Is there some value I can change in Notepad to revert him back to normal? Note that other characters seem normally sized.
  7. I just got the game and am really looking forward to checking it out but due to never playing the first one I'm going to be picking a pre made history, is there any way to see what choices make up each preset background? I've been looking all over the forums on here, steam, and reddit and can't seem to find a definitive list of each of the choices for each background. Can anyone help me out with this or point me in the right direction?
  8. [Caveat: The version of the game I am running includes the first of the new DLCs, Beast of Winter, and includes the 2.0 patch that was released around the same time.] I've posted about this topic before, but in relation to the first Pillars of Eternity game. For some players out there, including me, the game will sometimes mysteriously lock up within a few minutes of starting - and playing - the game. If you find that this is happening to you and you are using a router: try disconnecting from the internet. You don't need to necessarily go into aeroplane mode - simply disconnect from the WIFI signal to which you are connecting. Upon disconnecting, try loading the game again, and see what happens. For me, the game works once I'm offline. Since I know I am not a statistical anomaly, I am certain there are others out there who will benefit from this information. Hope this helps those of you struggling with getting the game to work. [Wonderful Devs: do you think this problem is due to a reporting glitch?] Kind regards, Ilya
  9. Hi, I don't post often but I have had some time on my hands and was crunching a little bit of data on cannons and am sharing that here. Please let me know if you have any issues getting to the image. [Attached] (tried to put the link in here but I am not allowed .png or .jpg extensions. I'll read on what I can do some more and see if I can get the image in here). https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eHih8eyfU7Q11i80PUeAk8o2VeihJaFE This is a heatmap for each cannon's damage out to 24 turns. This does assume 100% hits which while that is not how combat usually goes, it does allow you to see the potential of each cannon and have a level field for comparison between them. I do not take range into account here, only optimal damage over time. Also in the folder is the Excel file which has additional data and you can see how I did the calculations (I am sure there is a cleaner way, but I need to put some more thought into it). IMO, when choosing a cannon for your ship you need to take into account how you intend to wage your battles. If you want to get to shooting right away you need to pick a long range cannon like the Iron Thunderer or the Imperial Long Gun. Or, you can brave a rush to close quarters and unleash massive damage with the Magranite Flamethrower. However, be advised that if your ship is slow, or has no hull upgrades you may find yourself in Ondra's cold embrace. I think there are only a few "bad" choices here, again use tactics that optimize your cannon's potential. The Aedyr Channel Gun to me is one of the worse choices, if you want long range cannons get the Imperial Long Gun rather. Observations I and others have made: If you are going to board keep an eye on the number of crew the opposing ship has. Use grapeshot to reduce it and time the boarding action when this number is small. I find that having shorter ranged cannon is advantageous to this, and that it doesn't seem to matter how powerful the cannon is with grapeshot (unless you hit the sails with it instead of crew). If you find that your chance to hit is low there are two things I know can improve it. Hold for one turn prior to firing. And, make sure the range is between the minimum and maximum range listed for your cannon(s). Oh, also the skill level of your cannoneer is key. Choose a cannon that matches the jibe speed of your ship, remember the reload you are measuring is between your first shot and the hold prior to shooting "that" broadside again. If you are up against a much higher level captain or a crew too big to overcome in a boarding action use chain shot to immobilize the ship, then you can either escape or use cannon balls to sink them. Fast ships, like the Defiant and Voyager, are harder to hit and can both close for a boarding action faster and, if needed, have a better chance to flee the engagement. The Voyager's unique front/rear cannon allows you to keep a slim profile while taking out the enemies sails and/or crew. more to come... Thanks for your contributions! 1TTFFSSE Kaylon thundercheese Oriz I hope you find this useful. And, I am happy to respond to any questions or receive any comments or constructive criticism. -Toadbat Edit Log: 8/2/2018 - Updated title; cleaned up some grammar; attached heatmap; added additional observations and credits
  10. Long time purchaser, first time writer... I just wanted to thank all of you at Obsidian for releasing a game with the level of art and style I have been waiting for pretty much since NWN and PS:T. So many isometric style RPGs or ARPGs have come and gone while the art (both in terms of pure graphical fidelity and overall execution) have malingered somewhere between their ancient forebearers and something that would be in line with a mobile game of yesteryear. PoE2 finally has that graphical upgrade I kept thinking was inside of each new title... only to be disappointed. While story, design, and execution have all varied from dizzying heights to disappointing depths in all of these titles, the art remained consistently low-poly smudges best viewed from afar and possibly with a healthy dose of imagination. Can I survive with less? Of course! Have for years. But damn it feels good to actually be able to enjoy this aspect as well. So as a long time (mildly) suffering gamer from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!
  11. Hi everyone, Hope its ok to post my own review of the game here, I hope the devs can get some decent insights from it Disclaimer: I was a backer for the game. The game is no doubt an improvement over the previous game, mostly in terms of mechanics and game-play but it does fall short in other areas. The good: ---------- - Graphics have improved and spells look much nicer this time around even those that were brought back from POE1 - The interface has been improved, it starts in the character creation screen where it allows you to better understand how to build your character according to what you want it to be. It continues with useful tip tools in various aspects of the interface such as an indication if a certain quest is beyond your level and might be too hard for your characters current level. - As mentioned previously, you can now WALK instead of running everywhere (assign a key to it in the settings) which allows you to enjoy the scenery, and there's plenty of it to enjoy. - The voice acting is better and includes all characters that play an active role in the game, descriptions of scenery and other "cutscenes" are not voiced but that's ok since most of the text is shown during character interactions. - Combat is now slower allowing you to make better decisions and come out of a fight alive as opposed to the previous game where you might die because you were misinformed in how to handle or continue a certain fight. - The free travel map makes exploration both at see and on land fun and intuitive, no doubt a much improved system over POE1. - Plenty of space to be either a good guy or an **** that only works for his own goals. The bad: ---------- - Too many references to the first game, this is the perfect way to throw off and confuse new players since so many things are referenced back to POE1 you often get confused. And since these games are so long you often forget what you did and why a certain character likes/dislikes you without a proper explanation. - Character spam, the game throws new characters that can join your party way too early and often its a couple of characters in one location. Personally I didn't like this since it doesn't allow me to properly get to know the characters I already have in my party and build any kind of a connection to them before I am offered to replace them with a new one, and since your are limited to 5 characters in your party you HAVE to make the decision to kick one of your "old timers" who were in your party for a couple of short hours. Seemingly, you could say that I can just decide not to switch them but many of the characters you are offered are presented as key figures for your upcoming quests without whom you could not continue or would miss out on information they hold, this makes it seem like you MUST put them in your party instead of a character who has joined your party just an hour ago. In my opinion this is a bad design decision on behalf of Obsidian since the main point in these games are the characters and if I am not given enough time to get to know them, use them and decide whether I like them or not they lose their meaning and once that is gone your desire to keep playing goes with it. - Quest/mission spam, personally I would tone it down at the beginning of the game and increase it as the player progresses, its not a major issue but sometimes you feel like you are in over your head and some missions are thrown in your face without your ever realizing your accepted a mission. - A very limited draw distance, in the first city your arrive in you will hear one of the characters say "I wonder whats that crowd over there is going on about?" The problem is that your don't really see a crowd until you move MUCH closer to the area the character was talking about and this problem persists with characters appearing "out of nowhere", its very immersion breaking and in combat is a real problem. I was attacked by 3 looters, the first 2 I saw but the third one since he was "too far" I did not see and he was shooting at my characters without me knowing where he was... And just to be clear I'm not talking about insane distances here, I am talking about at max 10 steps from your nearest character. The ugly: ---------- - Over dramatized writing, this was mentioned by a couple of people already and I must agree... The writing is often too dramatic and after a while feels more cliche which completely destroys your immersion or emotional capacity to keep listening to the dialogue. Seriously Obsidian, just because something is said or described in exaggerated pomp it doesn't mean that it will get the player excited again and again. It very quickly turns from real drama and excitement to a soap opera sort of excitement. For references its the same mistake that was done with Star Craft 2 Legacy of the void, where you had an ENTIRE campaign at 200% drama and epicness... Its unsustainable and at the moment your realize that this roller coaster doesn't have any straight rails it loses its effect. If every section of the game has drama when will my I have a chance to relax? A big lesson for the developer to learn for future titles: Keep the drama down until it is necessary, don't try to fool us that the world hangs on the balance EVERY SINGLE MINUTE. Also, some sections have swearing in them which feels out of place, like a dialogue option saying "f**k you" ... Having that beside the whole epicness and gods and stuff feels weird. - The main story is weak, at the beginning you aren't given information about who is EOTHAS and why you should care about him so much to go chasing after him for 40 hours, ok he destroyed my keep (which I didn't see or experience in this game so...whatever) The player doesn't even receive a proper explanation for the connection between the player, the god who sent him to chase down EOTHAS and without this connection it doesn't succeed in making this story feel personal enough. The biggest disappointment with the plot is that its something that cannot be fixed with patches and we will have to live with its weakness and lack of luster. - Character portraits during dialogue sections are meh, as opposed to their normal portraits shown outside of the dialogue. Its an odd decision but I can live with it.
  12. Hello there! I'm really confused by what I should get with my pledge. I saw few topics where people were asking about Season Passes for their orders. So, I choose the "Complete Pillars Bundle" since the Fig campaing and right now I got PoE2 Ultimate Fig Edition and I don't see Season Pass on my DLC list on Steam. So, does my pledge contain the Season Pass and I will get it in the future or I'll need to buy it seperately? Thanks for any helpful answer in this topic!
  13. Just pre-ordered the game a bit ago and while I was already going to do it regardless of my system (a laptop, yeah...I know) in order to support Obsidian and for more games like this to be made, I am a bit worried if I can even play it. For reference I was able to play POE1 the whole way through expansions included and the only slow down was during a cutscene right before the final boss fight. The loading times however were atrocious though. I'll post my system specs here if it helps: Processor: IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® CPU N3540 2.16GHz RAM: 8,00GB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 920M Disk Space is not a problem i have almost free 440GB in my HDD
  14. I purchased the early access edition 4 days ago on the backer portal. I received an emailed receipt form support at obsidian but no other information. The pledge does not show on my managed products, butt does for previous orders. I have attempted to contact obsidian through both their email and facebook. Does anyone know what the usual turn around time is for processing pledges from the backer portal?
  15. It's "Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire", isn't it? PoE was...IS, my favorite game of all times, and You guys have been a fantastic Dungeon Master in the best journey I had in my fantasy since...ever! Elements of PoE and a new grim setting mixed with some of the improvements of Tyranny would make for a glorious new chapter! And if that's the case: THANK YOU! ^^ @ the Community: So, why I think it's another game related to PoE? Well, because it have been stated that PoE sequel is in the works, and the imagery with which Obsidian is teasing us have clear references to PoE's fictional elements, like letters written in Vailian, and to Eder and Aloth/ Watcher characters. Therefore, I would be extremely surprised (and a bit sad) if it would end up being something completely different from my beloved RTwP Fantasy cRPG!
  16. This is topic about idea of save export to PoE2. It is continuation of similar discussion in some other topic (where it was offtopic), so some comments could be similar. Should we continue story of Watcher? There is an option to just keep playing with old character and party, however i dont think it is good idea. After WM Watcher 1 is one of most legendary hero in Dyrwood. Slayer of numerous dragons, most wanted monsters, some archmages and choosen of fallen godness. You cant top THAT. There is also some fun in starting from level 1, pack of wolves is serious fight and player is happy with every magic weapon can grab hands on, not limited to best set. Assuming other localization than Dyrwood there is also question of what happened with our Stronghold, NPC dont care much about our lordship, but old Watcher probably focused on governing the cottage (unless player sink all the gold into fancy gear and havent improved base a notch. Why would we even go somewhere else? Should we play as some other character (companion)? Eder fanclub is strong, but not as big. There are always personal preferences about who is your favorite Companion. Not all may enjoy Eder (heretics). Playing during Saint War sounds interesting. However i am not sure if you could fully kill Eothas so he may return anyway, also in future. In game like that players like to make own character and give it best punk hairstyle engine can support. Cameos? Cameos sounds good, since it is fun to see old names back for old players, and new players probably dont care (so it is not harm for them). There is some limit, how far the new story could be locate and assume that some old NPC will get there and why. From that perspective Vailian Republics are close enought to see at least some. Some npc are more likly to travel alot on special missions: Pellegina (related to Republics) or Hilvaris (travels alot, so does Kana). Others are more home people (Sagani, Mother). Also we need to respect endings of PoE, if old Companion in canon died horribly keep him dead. There is also option to have old companions, but probably not many, since players want new faces, and it feels strange if too many companions somehow traveled to new hero. Also some old companions may had other plans than being sideck to some local hero after some legendary adventures. Save Export? The issue is that if new story is somewhere else, the old one could not matter that much. Fate of Rodrick dosnt matter outside Dyrwood. What could matter: Trade deal, who owns Defiance Bay, general fate of Dyrwood (angry gods and stuff), position of Watcher and Cuad Nua(assuming close enought), in case of cameos who died, situacion in Durgan Battery (again localization matters). It is something, but not much, and many of these looks more like news from far far away, tot something could change new story. This may be good since that makes less work for multi version of new story and applying save export. On the other hand the difference could be so cosmetic it is not even worth it. I may have fortgoten about something, but maybe it will show up anyway. Have a better new year, full of joe and PoE2 hype.
  17. Probably most folks will disagree but i wonder how nice it will be if PoE will continue the story after PoE with expansions and it will merge with him so that u can do a full Playthrough starting with PoE at lvl 1 and then finish with PoE 2 at lvl 25 or so. It can work as standalone too so if you wanna start directly with PoE 2 you can build a lvl 15 character and start just after PoE+Expansions ends. Do you prefere this way or a completely new settings\characters for PoE 2?
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