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  1. I didn't make it clear enough that I actually meant that it was a weak start, not really making you care enough for it to be a driving force to keep going and exploring, other aspects of the game cover that to an extent. If you'd written this at the start of your post, I'd stopped reading it. I mean it's very clearly explained. Thinking further, this invalidates for me your opinion about the main story kind of. Is it possible your rushed the game a bit ? See above, didn't really phrase it well so it came of as if I said that the whole story is bad and has no potential.
  2. Hi everyone, Hope its ok to post my own review of the game here, I hope the devs can get some decent insights from it Disclaimer: I was a backer for the game. The game is no doubt an improvement over the previous game, mostly in terms of mechanics and game-play but it does fall short in other areas. The good: ---------- - Graphics have improved and spells look much nicer this time around even those that were brought back from POE1 - The interface has been improved, it starts in the character creation screen where it allows you to better understand how to build your character according to
  3. Hello to Obsidian and forum members. I have only just signed up to let you guys know that I pledged 289$ for the development of POE II and to thank Obsidian for being who and what they are. Its a lot of money for me but I have no doubt that it will go towards making another great game by a company which I genuinely love, these days it really is difficult to find developers you truly like since the industry is so profit and bottom line driven... While I understand that you guys are a company like any other in the sense that you are in this businesses to make money and provide for your familie
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