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  1. Okay guys problem solved. You know what i needed to do? A main quest on Hasongo... Right after turning the lantern on she approach me right in the lantern and we started dating so all i had to do was the main quest.
  2. No they are not i am pretty sure about that. Man that means i need to lower her reputation and also i didint sacrefice Kana and have good reputation with RDC so maybe i will need to lower it eh..
  3. Hello watchers ! I have this problem with Maia cause i couldn't decide if is should choose Xoti or Maia for my romance option so they were both in my party all the time. I got most approval form both while i was flirting with Xoti but when she approched me after a kiss i said its not a good idea (everything during one chat ). I decided then already that i want to romance Maia but after a while Xoti said she is in love with Maia and Maia said she was in love with Xoti XD Of course i said to both of them to not engage in any kind of romantic realationship and i thought Maia will eventually co
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