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  1. I play on Xbox One s and my friends all play on ps4 and PS5. I can't join my PS5 friend's world when I accept his invites. I see him on my friend's list, we all have crossplay enabled and there should literally be nothing stopping up from playing. I made sure everyone had their Xbox online status set to online. I see them in my friends list and they see me. They can even join me when I host a server, but I'm on old gen so I don't want to host when PS5 would serve as a better host. (Even though when we played on my world I couldn't even hear them on voice chat at all no matter what I did.) I've tried literally every solution I could think of and I've looked at countless forums and support sites and no one seems to be having my problems and no one seems to have a fix. I need help guys this is really irritating, 3 people bought this game to play with me and we literally can't play together its extremely frustrating.
  2. Alternative title: Should it be done? Long time lurker first time poster who usually plays PotD etc. I'm still working my way through Deadfire after enjoying Pillars of Eternity. I find myself drawn into the myriad of options that Deadfire presents. I also really like priest/cleric characters in general and the idea of slamming a critical Pillar of Holy Fire on a group of charmed enemies. I wanted to get the communities read on this build concept. Right now, I’m trying to build a character (most likely a priest of Wael) with some preacher/cult leader-ish vibes and I think debonaire provides an interesting twist on the usual rogue with Charming Smile and 100% hit to crit on charmed foes. This would definitely not be solo, and the character would likely travel with a Witch Serafen and a SC Cipher Ydwin to take better advantage of the Hit to Crit. The idea would be to charm and then hit hard with some powerful spells (PoHF, Divine Mark, etc.) In theory it sounds like an interesting build but I’m seeing some issues with implementation. 1) Zealots are not the most synergistic of class multiclass combos. Although, as thelee demonstrated with his Umezawa build, the combo can work wonders a zealot is not as intuitively synergistic as say a contemplative or a cleric. 2) Aside from Pillar of Holy Fire and Storm of Holy fire the priest is lacking in friendly fire AoE spells. This can be helped somewhat by scrolls but still presents an issue. I still think this build could work and I like the flavor, but I’d like to workshop it a little before I commit to the bit.
  3. Hey guys, I am a completely new player to this game and I need some help making a human barbarian character. I heard that the human was the best race for a barbarian, but I don't see much guides on them. And since I am admittedly basic in preferring humans over other races in rpgs I'd really like to be able to build this kind of character. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Hi guys, I'm in between a couple of multiclass options for my upcoming run of Deadfire where I plan to play an off-tank paladin who can still put out some decent damage on the front line. I would really like to make use of WoTEP and its offensive parry ability, and I know both of these multiclass options have the ability to do so, but I'm just not sure which would end up performing better long term. I'd love to hear what your guys' experience with these multiclass options has been, and if anyone has suggestions for a decent Paladin subclass for either of these builds, that would be appreciated too!
  5. So I brought Tucker back to his mother but it will not let me interact with her so I'm not sure how I am to finish the quest...
  6. Ok so this is fairly simple I have basically beat the game. But I wanna show off my world to my friend and play a bit on my current world with them for a bit. Because we have a group world with another friend. But I'm wondering do all my mutations transfer cause I have like every single one and it's gonna suck if they don't have access to all of that. Also now that I think about it does it also transfer the milk molars?
  7. Looking for advice on a Paladin build as my main character. I want something that deals a good deal of damage and is semi tank if not tanky. I don't mind multi classing. Ideally something that can help me beat the mega bosses. Thank you for the help.
  8. Hi, so I just finished putting the ingredients into the Javamatic and as soon as the cinematic with the ants attacking was shown, the game is now stuck in an iffy slightly zoomed in view. I have an ultrawide (Samsung CHG90) and had no issues so far, with over 240 hours in-game. I've tried changing numerous graphics settings. Tried some stuff in-game i.e. sleeping, dying, saving then loading but nothing has fixed it. If I go to third person it's still zoomed in. One thing that has sort-of mitigated it is going to third-person view and ramping the FOV up to 120, however it's still a bit off and I really prefer to play the game first-person. I've attached images so you can see. (Somehow the site let me upload five pictures originally, but after having to redo the post it's now limiting me to two...) P.S thanks to the devs for such an amazing game! It's one of the best games I've played in recent years and I am still hooked on it. Despite the odd bug here-and-there nothing has really bothered me up until now (ok, maybe the broken Natural Explorer for a little while lol). Keep it up and really looking forward to future expansions!
  9. So me and a buddy have been playing this game religiously for a while now on the hardest difficulty. Love the game btw. However after finding the black ant hill chip, when trying to return it to burgl, we found that he was stuck behind a wall. We have tried everything possible to at least be able to turn it in and have had no luck. Is there any way to fix this. I doubt we will be able to progress any further if not.
  10. Hi I'm in act 3 and durance is not showing up. Have I missed the chance to recruit him. He's just not showing. Plz help
  11. Hi! I’m a new player and I tried to upgrade my weapons for the first time and they disappear right after I do it. Is this supposed to happen?
  12. I am at the point where i have yo defend the MIX.R modules from O.R.C. insects but i wasn't prepared so i went to collect all the data and made 12 armors allong with a lot of weapons, when i wanted yo continue the main mission Dr. Tully was ay the la where you found It and he acts like i just found him and tells me to repair the broken MIX.R modules and when i do it, he doesn't let me press the botton to advance in the mission. And all my automatic saves have that problem, the only sabe i have without it is one from when i didn't even had a house. I would aprecciate some solutions.
  13. Hi, so last night I finished playing and logged off. This morning I went to hop back on and continue my exploration. Well when I went to load my game the save was gone. It still has a world my friend shared with me and a save from early access but my current one is gone. I had an immense amount of time into this save and was at the last mission for the story, so this really really is a drag. Any help would be amazing.
  14. I recently tamed a weevil named Detective Clancy, who had died (assumed) while I wasn’t online and a friend was. I cannot find his gravestone anywhere and can’t search for it via the resource searching device (which makes sense, but it was my last hope). I was wondering if any of you had any tips for finding my little buddy’s headstone. I just wanna put him to rest and give him a proper goodbye.
  15. If I get the preview of the game on steam will that act as a pre-order and I can play the game on release without having to buy it again? I have been playing this awesome, jaw dropping game for sometime now and I am tired of getting the Xbox game pass to play. I have a PC and want to play the steam grounded preview and I don't want to have to buy it again on release. Does buying the preview give the full game when it releases?
  16. Finished the game on hard dificulty two days ago as a beguiler/debonaire and had so much fun that I decided to replay instantly but this time as a chanter (bc I love bards as much as I love summons) multiclassed with another class that might increase my overall dps. And then the problem began, bc im stuck at the character creation screen unable to decide between Harbinger (street fighter/troubadour) and herald (kind wayfarer/troubadour)... And since I have some concerns that influentiate my decision (or lack there of), i'd really love any help. (firstly, I wanna say that I plan to use this character as a summoner with two blunderbuss (i dont know how to say this thing in plural so I wont even try) and second as a debuffer, with xoti as healer, Eder as tank, maia as dps and ywin/serafen as suport... so lets get it started.) Question 1: Ive seen a lot of people praise heralds as great healers and tanks, but although I really like the idea of being durable, I have concerns if the paladins's auras, passives, FOD and sworn enemy Will be enough to make my character a great heavy hitter? (taking the buffs to summons into consideration) Question 2: Regarding harbingers, I really like the idea of blunderbuss street fighters mixed with chanters, but my concerns lie in their ability to survive at the front-midline, hence my question, is the chanter kit of the harbinger enought to secure its survivability? (ill have xoti as the healer)
  17. I am not sure where to go but with the last update (0.13) my base has been covered with wood! I can see all of my chests icons through the wood, but I can't access any of chest or storage containers directly! As well it has covered up a bunch of spinning wheels, ovens, and other workstations! How do I get them out!! I have hundreds of supplies, shards, globs, jewels, twinkling shells and more. I play on Xbox Series X, is there's some sort of debug command I can use?
  18. Decided to try a dual wield cipher, thought multiclassing it with a rouge and creating a begulier/assasin or begulier/vanilla rouge. They obviously have great synergy, begulier and rouge but with assasin? I cannot decide, mainly because I don't believe having an increased stealth attack won't help me much since imstead entering into stealth and repositioning my character then doing a an enhanced attack, I can use all that time attacking and using my spells. Which is arguably a better way to deal damage to the enemy party. Also taking %15 more damage is a big deal but nearly everyone were saying otherwise in the other threads I read, so I am a bit confused.
  19. Is there a way to send a saved game file to a friend? If not then they should allow the friend or friends to save the game play when doing co-op .... It sucks when you and a friend put a lot of time into a game and can only enjoy all that hard work unless the person that has the saved game gets online to play ... also C:\Users\Your username\Saved Games\Grounded did not work!
  20. Hello! I'm working on my first ever mod for Deadfire, something I've always aspired to do. It's going great. I followed tutorials here on the forums (all very helpful!), but I've hit a snag. The abilities that I created, like a Druid version of Mark Prey, and added to the PT_Druid table don't work while the druid is spiritshifted. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've seen other mods like Dragonblood and Druid Evolution add new abilities shapeshifted players can cast, but after combing the code I don't see anything that explains the differences. P.S. Druid spells, and other core game class spells all work while the player is spiritshifted. I added a druid spell under a different name and GUID, and that seems to work. I'm pretty baffled. Here's the ability's code. And here's the code for the progression table.
  21. Hey everybody been having fun playing various melee caster builds I decided on trying a potd solo run with a liberator, and I'm stuck on which version I should go with (kind wayfarer/fury or shifter), or (steel garrote/fury or shifter) and whether or not to use magran favor+sun &moon or darryns voulge as 2h for this run, would really appreciate the advice and help thx
  22. Every time I try to pick up the water skin in the intro scene my game crashes and drops me in the desktop, corrupting the save file that was used to try to pick up the water skin. any assistance would be awesome as I was looking forward to playing the game. I have tried two different new games so far to see if it was a one time thing and I lowered my frames to 30 to see if it was my computer. I am adding the crash repot to see if anyone can help check it out (as I'm pretty coding-illiterate). Thanks for anything! crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt report.ini
  23. Hello everyone, I am new here and have a question regarding the saves as I'm a bit confused about them. I have only one save which is multiplayer as me and my friend play together when he has time. However when he is away I'd like to be able to play without him so that I can farm resources or extend our base. Am I able to do this? If so: Do I load in Multiplayer > continue and just play solo or do I load solo > continue? If I do this solo and save my progress, will he lose all of his items and progress on his character? (mutations and such) Thanks so much for your time
  24. I’m having problems with Max- I’ve done The Illustrated Manual and the main quest line in Edgewater, and he keeps saying he’ll meet me on my ship but he never actually does. I have already finished the Roseway Quests and still nothing. I keep going back to Edgewater but he never gets on my ship even when he says he’s going to. I’m playing on th switch and I’m not sure if that’s causing the glitch or if it’s something else. Is anyone else having this problem? Please help me, I really want him to join my crew.
  25. I have a wolverine ultimate controller and am a Steam gamer. When I use the controller for the game, it switches the hints to the controller buttons, but nothing functions. Razer support says the device, firmware, software are fine. Windows support says its an application issue. Has anyone run into this problem?
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