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Found 36 results

  1. Will there be mods support? Any planned DLC? Season Pass? What endgame going be like? Multiple Endings? Character creator? Any pre order benefits? Anything else I should know?
  2. I've been playing PoE2 for a while and it's been fairly easy on Normal difficulty with level scaling enabled to everything (not selected "Scale only upwards"). So with these settings, the game should bring down higher level enemies too right? However some of the early game bosses are really difficult, like the Grub Mother in Neketaka Ruins and now the Ewigthian Titan in the desert area. Both of these are 3-skull enemies when nearly everything else has been 0-1-skull. I'm using Eder as Fighter tank, Pallegrina Paladin melee dps, Aloth as a wizard and Xoti and MC as Priest healers, no multiclassing. Characters are around lvl 7. The Titan boss is supposed to be lvl 11 according to the Wiki, which is still pretty high? Any tips?
  3. This should be in the PoE2 forum as it's for the sequel, obviously. I've been playing PoE2 for a while and it's been fairly easy on Normal difficulty with level scaling enabled to everything (not selected "Scale only upwards"). So with these settings, the game should bring down higher level enemies too right? However some of the early game bosses are really difficult, like the Grub Mother in Neketaka Ruins and now the Ewigthian Construct in the desert area. Both of these are 3-skull enemies when nearly everything else has been 0-1-skull. I'm using Eder as Fighter tank, Pallegrina Paldin melee dps, Aloth as a wizard and Xoti and MC as Priest healers, no multiclassing. Characters are around lvl 7. The Construct boss is supposed to be lvl 11 according to the Wiki, which is still pretty high? Any tips?
  4. I'm wondering if the Scripts fields can be used to directly add a command to the game, like we do using the console or if that function is disabled cuz no-one ability have this field compiled. My purpose is add an ability/status effect that add disposition points, so surfing inside the game docs i found that about script could i add that to an ability? And which is the correct syntax? Because reading the docs i'm a little confused about ChangeStrenghtComponent . Which is the parameter to refer about it? Average, Major? Cuz i wanna add just few points not a whole disposition rank. Thnks in advance Void DispositionAddPoints(Guid, Guid) DispositionComponent ChangeStrengthComponent EDIT I found the StrenghtComponent, but an answer about scripts in ability components is always welcome EDIT 2 Something like that? Could it works? "Scripts": [{ "$type": "OEIFormats.FlowCharts.ScriptCallData, OEIFormats", "Data": { "FullName": "Void DispositionAddPoints(Guid, Guid)", "Parameters": ["c7d9588c-bc62-4c0c-a2e3-76a970e7b7d4", "54772c0d-cf3f-4589-8cab-9f3601d575c2"], "UnrealCall": "", "FunctionHash": 0, "ParameterHash": 0 }
  5. So I am loving this so far and I am trying really hard to reconcile the two parts of Naxiva ix Kirent but I am not sure it is actually possible. I have done so many different combinations of motes and dialogue choices. So I want to know. Has anybody here managed to reconcile her or am I just chasing a dream here and I should just get the fight over with and move on to the next part of the story.
  6. Hi, is there any way to make transparent textures using AssetsBundleExtractor? For example to remove the top from hide armor to make it looks more barbaric.
  7. The different wording is very confusing: The clickable passive only talks about "Weapon critical hits" or "Self on critical hit" -> +1 Phrase. Same goes for class description at char creation and the clickable Sklad passive in the skill tree. Only if you then go to the current effects of the Character Sheet it says: +1 Phrases on critical hit with meele weapon" So I'm wondering. What is true? Is it all weapon crits (making ranged builds possible) or not? It feels like it works with pistols, but I'm not sure because its hard test, I cant force a crit. Thanks for some insight into that.
  8. Is Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire going to be like the first game, where if you wore a armour but no boots, your character model would still have boots on? Or will boots have independent visuals in this game? In most RPGs, I really want to play as barefoot mystical characters. It's a big deal to me, so I really hope it will be possible for my character to be barefoot while still wearing clothes/armour.
  9. Krea often talks about ripples in the force, how small cruelties can have massive consequences. But After completing the game once, (pure dark side) I still don't know what this means. Is this good, bad, or can it be both? I never had her tell me that something that creates ripples will come back to bite me, so am I just really lucky? Also, some acts of cruelty, mainly murder, seem to make her upset. What is the line between useful cruelty and unnecessary cruelty? Also, SPOILERS, does she always betray you at dantooine? It seemed like it was just part of the story, but she also blamed it on me killing the Jedi masters. Man, that hurt my feelings...
  10. Just pre-ordered the game a bit ago and while I was already going to do it regardless of my system (a laptop, yeah...I know) in order to support Obsidian and for more games like this to be made, I am a bit worried if I can even play it. For reference I was able to play POE1 the whole way through expansions included and the only slow down was during a cutscene right before the final boss fight. The loading times however were atrocious though. I'll post my system specs here if it helps: Processor: IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® CPU N3540 2.16GHz RAM: 8,00GB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 920M Disk Space is not a problem i have almost free 440GB in my HDD
  11. When I pick scalable enemies/story they will be harder But do they drop better loot too?
  12. So I decided to pick up the (fairly) new Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer and as a Cipher I had this real smug thought that I'd be able to finish the final unlock: (Deal 500 Burn damage to enemies to unlock the next level) with Soul Ignition, after some cheesy dotting I just noticed it actually doesn't count. Any idea why this is the case? Is there a differentiation between DoT and a hit of Burn damage in this case?
  13. So, if my memory is correct, 3 to 5 years have passed sense the events of Pillars of Eternity 1 by the time Pillars of Eternity 2 begins. Question of the hour is, what has the Watcher been up to? Adventuring? Relaxing? Dealing with politics? Raising their kidnapped child (if they took it, anyway) It would be interesting if we could chose what s/he has be been doing. Maybe get some sort of small bonus similar to picking our place of origin in Pillars of Eternity 1
  14. Will we be able to establish every single choice that could come from an imported save? most of them? just a few important choices? I need to know
  15. In Tyranny, when you have a conversation with companions and most NPCs, instead of the static portrait for companions you have in PoE1, you'd see a window showing the companion or NPC doing various gestures. I'm just curious if PoE2 will have that neat feature as it deepens the immersion (though you guys already do it quite well with the descriptions). Then again, I understand that PoE2 is going to be much, MUCH larger in size and scope than Tyranny (which was a joint project between Obsidian and Paradox), so, the assets needed would be much larger and there would be many more interactions than there are in Tyranny. Of course, I'd be totally fine without that since you guys do a good job of it with descriptions already. I just thought that it would be a cool thing to have with the more dynamic and evolving interactions PoE2 is going to have. edit2: I saw a suggestions thread back a bit, maybe I could post in there actually, or could have in the first place.
  16. Playing 4-4 6 player Storymode Permadeath Ezren encounters the Skeleton Horde skirmish card at the Thassilonian Dungeon All party at different location banishes their Ancient Skeletons AI gave me the options if I want to close the location and so I did. One of the Centaur villain was in the location deck and got left. It triggered before previous patches from me but not consistently, thats why I need a clarification.
  17. Quick one: Is there a limit on how much gold i can get from the game for a day? If yes..what is it? Someone is saying it, and i havent encountered it. Tried the release notes and havent found anything. Thanks
  18. Storymode. UI showing on Legendary difficulty bonus gp as 50. Is it intentional? Normal and Heroic has difficulty bonus gp at 100 and 150 respectively, why would a higher difficulty yield lower gp bonus? Also..no party bonuses on normal and heroic but legendary mode has it. Check the patch notes and it seems contradictory..
  19. On Legendary, Quest Mode, Permadeath Does it not let you close the location when you defeat it? Encountered her 3x and everytime I fought her per scenario she just dies and doesn't run even if not cornered. Then you go on as if she's a normal monster..no option to close. Everytime I encounter her she is paired up with Nightbelly Boa..which also does not let me close location ( normal) so I stuck with depleting all the location deck to win the scenario..sadly, its too hard that I lost all 3 instances she shows up with those damn boas. RIP Seoni. Huhuhu.
  20. Almost at Level Cap now for two parties and I haven't encountered it in Quest Mode. Ezren really wants it.
  21. Is it normal? 2 weeks grinding and this is the first time I encountered it as a Scenario Power on Quest Mode. Scenario Power: Tutorial
  22. Hello everybody First off, awesome to get some patches to my favourite game! Now to the question, will the patches (stat changes, class changes u name it) come in effect even on my old saves? I hope so, im in the middle of my 2nd playthrough and i dont want to start over again hehe!! Thanks for any answers, im sure this has been asked before so bear with me if its annoying.
  23. Hi. I have just bought with Pillars of Eternity and seeing how main menu is enough to make me cry of epicness I guess it will be cool adventure. Anyway, obviously I am new player here. I have played BG2 (finished once) as well as many more or less sophisticated RPGs, anyway I am new in PoE. This is a bit problematic because I really, really wanna to play as Monk class which as far as I know is the weirdest class possible. <if this is wrong thread I'm sorry, please put it in more appropriate subforum> Usually I tend to create boring vanilla characters for RPG similar to me from real life, brown hair horrible dexterity wizard nerd guy but I have decided it's lame and I need to do something different. And my new fantasy alter ego will be crazy. My character is going to be a young cheerful tall muscular girl from Ixamilt Plains, monk class, Philosopher background and hidden genius level intellect, absurd Might and Intellect, barefist combat, badass cowboy one liners, problems with alcohol, anger managment and self acceptation, explosive character, crazy ass sense of humor, obsession over prime numbers, rampant bisexuality but mainly heart of gold and great love for all living beings and deep will to improve the world. Half of those characteristics are impossible to reflect in this computer game but whatever, I really care about roleplay :D My point is, this insane character needs to be Monk and it will be damn unorthodox Monk despite it being difficult class and me not knowing anything about game's mechanics. Anyway, besides the facts it HAS to be a monk, crazy girl and philosopher background (despite other proffesions would profit more - it needs to be intellectual at heart. As I said, this girl is crazy.) I am open at advices from (wiser) people about how exactly to build DPS monk because I am completely lost at nuances of PoE mechanics - from what I see there are really many ways to build characters and even main attributes are pretty flexible. 1) What attributes are the most important for monk? Like, really the most important, not what the character creation screen suggests (I am suspicious about that ). 2) Any crucial advices at how to manage monk class, for a complele newbie like me? 3) I don't know anything about the game's mechanics besides some overview of classes and NPC companions (party is very important for me in RPGs I play and I always try to plan it before beginning new game). What team would fit the monk main character the best? I am asking about premade characters because I want to play with NPCs having their story and dialogue, not some silent companions made by me. I think my dream team would have *My little beloved girl monk being main DPS *Ered fighter as tank *Sagani ranger as ranged DPS and stealth *Durance priest as support healer but I am not sure about last two companions (I aim at 6 guy team). Who would fit this composition the best: Grieving Mother/Kana Rua/Aloth/Hiravias? From what I know all these characters use magic to CC enemies/buff team and I am completely lost as what are the difference between them. My Monk Badass Girl character thanks in advance for all advices. http://goo.gl/DBWuLA
  24. Hey guys, I just got the game and I have a few kind of dumb questions.. Firstly the bar above my head with the 5 dots (green for me, and red for my enemy) What does that even count for? I know it's probably endurance but how does it work exactly, for example does one dot go away per hit or it is there to show your total endurance (20% of total endurance per dot??) or is it simply HEALTH? it's a little weird because I already can see my endurance in my portrait.. Secondly and this question isnt as dumb.. Im at the very start but sometimes when I attack an enemy it says my attacks arent as effective, meaning I need to use a different wepon or spell against that enemy.. but how do I know which type of atatck isnt effective and I don't have a variety of weapons to switch from so I can only keep attacking with my dual swords (im a fighter). can someone give me tips for this thirdly, where does it tell me my fatigue level? and lastly... What would be a good stat build for a fighter, but not a tank. I want a more mele DPS build. a damage build pretty much, mostly Might and some constitution and per/ res? I put: 17 might 12 constitution 10 Dexterity 14 perception ( i think) 10 intellect 15 resolve I'm also a human, a fighter, and have the mercenary backround. so the stats are added to there. can someone fix a better build for a mele dps. and recommend what weapons, armor type I should wear for that. (Medium?, light?) Thanks! and sorry for all the noob-ness. I can't find much info anywhere since the game is new.
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