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  1. For instance.. if I just run straight through the front door and kill Raedric without talking to the priest up stairs or dealing with the necromancer chick, does it effect the amount of xp I get from the quest at the end? Or is it more efficient to just bypass everything.
  2. Why aren't there stuffed wolf spiders or orb weavers? The lack of these items really bugs me (ha) since I was building an enemy room and can't fill the spider section.
  3. I want to add an item that could be collected after boarding Hazanui Yaro's ship: Yaro has: "DebugName": "CPT_RDC_Yaro", "ID": "07b240dc-bdc7-40e2-9c92-433fb1f7f35a", "ShipSunkLootListID": "6f608fce-f579-45d2-8c03-83b7329b6353" -- "DebugName": "LL_CPT_RDC_Yaro_Ship", "ID": "6f608fce-f579-45d2-8c03-83b7329b6353", But when I add items to that lootlist (LL_CPT_RDC_Yaro_Ship), right after triumph, they don't appear. Alternatively, I have tried adding items to: "DebugName": "LL_CPT_RDC_Yaro", "ID": "4e4a0cb9-9ea4-4738-a4e2-6a2ae164f1a6", And to Yaro herself: 94561318-71ba-429b-b3f3-9aef85fe0a1a Still nothing. ---- Question: does anyone know what's the issue? Or how to add an item to be dropped after boarding a specific ship?
  4. Apparently they planned to release it this July. They’re doing great work on the updates, but I haven’t heard their new release date. Anyone know?
  5. I would like to get a better understanding regarding the Tactician mechanics, things like: - How does it regenerate spells? - How does it behave with a soul blade and similar subclasses? - How does it behave with things such as invisibility? - What about Solo or Party scenarios? I threw a Swash just for fun, and it made me wonder what's the point in classes and resource management, when I can spam stuff as eternum with the Brilliant thingy...odd.
  6. I have watched a few videos about grounded, but in one video, I saw the we're not alone quest, so I did it, but it wasn't finished yet. Today, I saw a video with the quest, "It seems these spies had a base of operations somewhere in the yard. We should keep our eyes out for any suspicious Ominent doors." I suppose this might be talking about the door that has a Berry with teeth behind it, but does anyone have any idea how to access this quest? I think it might be related to the We're not alone quest.
  7. Hello! I'm working on my first ever mod for Deadfire, something I've always aspired to do. It's going great. I followed tutorials here on the forums (all very helpful!), but I've hit a snag. The abilities that I created, like a Druid version of Mark Prey, and added to the PT_Druid table don't work while the druid is spiritshifted. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've seen other mods like Dragonblood and Druid Evolution add new abilities shapeshifted players can cast, but after combing the code I don't see anything that explains the differences. P.S. Druid spells, and other core game class spells all work while the player is spiritshifted. I added a druid spell under a different name and GUID, and that seems to work. I'm pretty baffled. Here's the ability's code. And here's the code for the progression table.
  8. Hello everyone, I am new here and have a question regarding the saves as I'm a bit confused about them. I have only one save which is multiplayer as me and my friend play together when he has time. However when he is away I'd like to be able to play without him so that I can farm resources or extend our base. Am I able to do this? If so: Do I load in Multiplayer > continue and just play solo or do I load solo > continue? If I do this solo and save my progress, will he lose all of his items and progress on his character? (mutations and such) Thanks so much for your time
  9. Hey there, I have completed White March Pt. II and most of Act III, still not able to trigger Zahua quest. Each rest, game restart, zone travel seems to trigger his quest. I have exhausted all possible dialogue many times over yet I keep getting option 6. You said you swore to... I keep exhausting this yet to no prevail am I able to start this quest. It is nearing upon the last thing i need to do before i can complete the game and this is irking me. How can I force start this quest? I am fine with using a console command or whatever i must just so I can complete his story, though if this would affect the endgame results that are transferred to Deadfire I probably would like another way to start it.
  10. Are you planning on having ladybugs and stink bugs fly eventually? Also how about spiders being able to hang from branches and other objects. They are already scary enough but I've found myself looking up when I'm around the oak tree expecting to see a wolf spider hanging above me. I watched the dev interview so I know there are technical challenges to creature movement already. Also from the dev interview they asked about introducing larger 'boss' creatures. I was thinking in the context of the science in this world you could have events with controlled conditions. For example who's to say that whoever created the tech for this world/environment didn't create an artificial barrier around it. The barrier would such that it keeps certain types of creatures out of the back yard in order to have control of experimentation. You could then have that barrier glitch/fail which would allow a larger creature to get in. Then in order to battle the larger creature you would need to perform missions to fix the glitch and also find a way to battle the creature through using tech/traps and team work. Not something like a trinity battle but coordination and creative problem solving. Say I'm the bait that has to run while a teammate springs a trap that's set using a specific location in the yard. Or you have to find a way to say stun a creature with a sound device or use it to drive them away. Obviously it would have to scale and adjust for single and co-op but allow for different options to try and defeat or drive it away.
  11. Have been playing the game on online Multiplayer Co-op from the beginning. Is there a way to play the same game save without the other person? My brother has been online hosting a lobby but I can't seem to play the same base by while he is not on. I would like to collect resources and stuff when he is not on.
  12. are the orb spiders meant to come all the way to the starting science hut on night 1 if not someone tell the ones on my game that
  13. So the other day I went to harvest the mint chunks and got back home put them in my chest and went to do something else then when I came back larva had spawned in my base(which is also really annoying) and destroyed my chest, after killing the larva I went to pick up my loot just to realise that my mint ch chunks were not there like they dissapeared when the chest broke so my question is will mint chunks respawn and if so how often?
  14. Hi, I play the game with using Gamepass, because I wasn't sure to like the game, since I am not a big fan of survival game. So far, Grounded make me lie, I am not addicted, I already played a lot, and I know I will play the game a lot more in the future! So there is my question: I will buy the game on Steam, does I will keep my current savegame (gamepass one) when I will buy and play on Steam version. I think so but I want to be sure. I know the savegames are stored locally on Windows (C:\Users\{user}\Saved Games\Grounded Windows 10), but I don't know if the savegame are also stored with our Microsoft Account. I am not sure if uninstalling the Gamepas version will clear them, or if they will be compatible with the Steam version. So, I don't know if others players have done the move to pass from Gamepass to Steam and can testify of their experience, of if there is an Onsidian staff that have the answer? Thank you very much and thanks to the DEV, this game is awesome ! Lirnak
  15. Hello community! I was curious if anyone else has been having trouble with the Mint Chunks or certain weeds not repawning? My group had something unfortunate happen to one of our The player had their game client crash and wasn't able to get immediately back on. Thus we continued playing without them. To our dismay about an hour or so later when they returned they informed us that their inventory was empty and there was no bag on the ground. This is very disappointing and entirely that player's fault for not immediately returning so that we could have caught the mishap and rolled back a few minutes to an auto-save. Anyways it has gotten a discussion going among our group of friends that play this game and we have all been wondering if the Mint Chunks will ever respawn again or not. We noted the fact that the certain weeds (the red stem ones) are not respawning either and that both of these not respawning could just be a game bug. I completely understand that this game is barely 2 days old now and I am sure it will get a nice little update in the coming days. In the mean-time I thought I would put this information out there to warn other players be careful and see if anyone else has either found more Mint Chunks or seen them respawn after a certain point in the game. Thank You to anyone at Obsidian (if you read this) for this very exciting, fresh take, and quite frankly addicting Survival experience. I had no idea how much I would fall in love with this game. Stoked to see what is coming in the future!
  16. So, I've unlocked scaffolding, but there isn't flooring? I unlocked foundations, but have struggled to find the quantity of clay needed to make enough. Is there an easier to make floor? Is there another use for scaffolding that I'm not seeing?
  17. Hi Y'all, I can't finish the mission "clearing out crookspur" because Atsura is hostile. Is there any trick that I can use to finish this mission? Here are some pictures about my progress. Thx Best regards, Steve
  18. Hello, I am new to Pillars Of Eternity games. But I played many RPG's and I know how build mechanics work. But in this game (PoE1), I have no idea about classes, races, weapons and combat mechanics. So, here comes the RGB-Ultra-Mega-Long question Train. Fhuff fhuffffff; I want to play sneak build, ranged or melee doesn't matter I just want to play sneak. Build suggestions? I don't like having party in any game so I wonder if it's possible to go solo with assassin? If it is possible, I need build suggestions again. Will combat mechanic be hard for me because I only played FPS and TPS before? And is there any good website that includes builds, guides etc. -end of the train fhuff fhufff- Thanks :)
  19. Stupid question incoming. Totally new to modding, but I've noticed that no one seems to have made any mods that add additional playable races to the game. I find it hard to believe that no one has wanted to play as a vithrack or xaurip, so I'm assuming there's a good reason. I'm mostly looking for someone to tell me it's a bad idea before I go down this rabbit hole.
  20. Since I wanted to remove the threat of the Floating Hangman and considerably weaken the Príncipi, I followed along with the Príncipi questline until was able to kill Lucia Rivan and her undead crew. When I returned to Aelys with the ship (I had previously killed Furrante and the other captains) I just cut her down without even talking to her. I am planning to go to Ukaizo alone. The game won't assume that I joined the Príncipi just because I went along with their questline that far, right? I'm assuming not since A Dance with Death failed, The Coming Storm did not complete and The City Lost to Time did not start. But I wanted to ask to make sure. Edit: Just realized I posted this in the forum for the first game, and I apologize!
  21. At one point I was given a Flaw option that said: Reduce offensive skills as the penalty. 1. Does anyone know what that flaw was/is called? 2. What are considered the offensive skills? 3. Also, are you ever offered flaws a second time if you decline? Thanks!!! Really enjoying the game so far.
  22. Krea often talks about ripples in the force, how small cruelties can have massive consequences. But After completing the game once, (pure dark side) I still don't know what this means. Is this good, bad, or can it be both? I never had her tell me that something that creates ripples will come back to bite me, so am I just really lucky? Also, some acts of cruelty, mainly murder, seem to make her upset. What is the line between useful cruelty and unnecessary cruelty? Also, SPOILERS, does she always betray you at dantooine? It seemed like it was just part of the story, but she also blamed it on me killing the Jedi masters. Man, that hurt my feelings...
  23. Will there be mods support? Any planned DLC? Season Pass? What endgame going be like? Multiple Endings? Character creator? Any pre order benefits? Anything else I should know?
  24. I've been playing PoE2 for a while and it's been fairly easy on Normal difficulty with level scaling enabled to everything (not selected "Scale only upwards"). So with these settings, the game should bring down higher level enemies too right? However some of the early game bosses are really difficult, like the Grub Mother in Neketaka Ruins and now the Ewigthian Titan in the desert area. Both of these are 3-skull enemies when nearly everything else has been 0-1-skull. I'm using Eder as Fighter tank, Pallegrina Paladin melee dps, Aloth as a wizard and Xoti and MC as Priest healers, no multiclassing. Characters are around lvl 7. The Titan boss is supposed to be lvl 11 according to the Wiki, which is still pretty high? Any tips?
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