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  1. I found a bug where I can't farm mints with the Insect Axe. I would hit the mint with space in my bag and I wouldn't get anything. I eventually weaselled my way out of it by switching items, throwing and re-equipping my hammer, but the bug persists. Even with the mint hammer I can't farm mint without doing a lot of weird stuff. I opened the mint container at the beginning of the game, in case that matters, but otherwise I have no idea what caused it. Tried quitting/re-entering as well as going back in time to remake the hammer. Neither worked. Wish I could give more help, but that's all I know
  2. So, I've unlocked scaffolding, but there isn't flooring? I unlocked foundations, but have struggled to find the quantity of clay needed to make enough. Is there an easier to make floor? Is there another use for scaffolding that I'm not seeing?
  3. One of the main problems that I've had has to do with walls. First of all, they are glitchy to construct, as they don't always want to sit above ground and will sometimes be half under the ground. But I think a bigger issue is how walls don't seem to matter at all. Insects, I assume because of their hitboxes, can almost ignore walls or glitch through them. Ants will steal things from containers inside of my house from the outside, spiders (when they spawn in the starter area) will be able to reach and attack through walls, and most insects can glitch their way THROUGH the walls to get to me an
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