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  1. Yes, and that is a great point. I want to preserve those mechanics too. Just to make them less (or more, depending player actions) frequent.
  2. The point is, generally speaking, to have to rest less often for one char that passed out. While adding a ton of immersion in the process, (Overkill system) and precise, direct consequences to combat outcomes (the bigger the hit, the bigger the wound). Concerning your "Concerning getting rewarded for playing well that will make the game easier. You are doing good, let's make the game easier. ": I don't get your logic: If you play well, you wouldn't need to rest anyway. So what are you complaining about?
  3. Yes, it would do wonders even for those nostalgic IWD days... You know, there are moments in the life of a man, where you just need to chop something. Aah, the good old times... :D
  4. I wouldn't want multiplayer either (imagine to have to play a rtwp game multiplayer - I don't know I wouldn't have tried it - sounds chaotic and leans towards those who can cope fast realtime combat without pausing or slowing down). I'd love a single player arena mode as Wormerine suggests. Just fights of my custom party against opponents of chosen level (or custom build opponent party). EDIT: It could also be a side game. With its own progress in addition to free fighting. Like you start with a level 1 party and you fight 3 pre-made fights at different level 1 opponents then you advance one level and so on until you beat the last 20th level group. Man, the more I think about it the more I like the idea! :D No one is talking about Multi. Single Player arena mode is what I requested.
  5. Your poll was: Would you like multiplayer in Deadfire? Arena doesn't have to be multiplayer, nor would work on a Real Time with Pause system. Single player arena is what we want
  6. Sorry to disagree again, I do respect your opinion, but this is another point on which we diverge: - Removing a party member was unneeded and dumb, since is the Player to decide how many he/ she wants, not the game. In a party of 6, permanently removing one character is a huge limitation to the tactical possibilities. Plus, if I recall correctly, you get better Exp with reduced party, but don't quite me on that. - If you play PotD you are asking for the maximum challenge. You get what you want. But still, you can slow-mo and Pause. - I assure you, I am 100% human and, as I said, I am not any "pro", I can be decent at best, but I never had problem to follow my party, in the worst case scenario (such as occluded view AND tons of enemies) a little Pause and 6 clicks would make the situation clear. Not totally sold on Grim Dawn, surely on Normal difficulty the game feels more...open? Streamlined? But that's part of the balancing, as well as what segment of users Obsidian wants to satisfy the most. And here comes the issue: the only thing that these recent changes achieved, is to make a "RTwP newbie" feel "better" about himself. Which is kinda bad, because to pursue this goal, so much was lost. And I really, honestly and wholeheartedly, don't think that slowing the game will magically resolve issues that are deeply nested in core mechanics' execution. Besides, people are complaining about the slowness already now, think how it will be at release... Before was too fast, then too slow... It's nonsense. And that's why I would prefer Obsidian to let each player tailor the experience according his or her personal taste and need. In the end, that's the best solution. That, and improving AI and other core mechanics, of course. Edit: grammar. Sorry but here is late night and I am K.O.
  7. Precisely. To appeal to some "slow players" (no pun meant), they took away the enjoyment of others. This is so infuriating, they break the game for no reason. Why take away the choice? Can you believe I cannot play the Beta because of how frustrating is to see those 5 dummies staring at the enemies? I am Not a pro, but I almost never slowed down time in POE1. I just Paused few times.
  8. First, combat have never been "fast", unless You pressed Fast Mode (unless we live in 2 different realities). Second, Real time with Pause means Real Time, duh. Third, you will have complaints always and regardless, so "bending over" is not the best strategy, because you risk to disappoint your "loyal clientele" for no actual gain. You can Slow Down the Game in POE1 and on top of that you can Pause. And if the Devs implement a second slow mode (that is, even slower), then also a paraplegic could play the game without even the need to Pause. I, as many others, never had a problem with any Infinity engine game, and found POE to be by far the best. Moreover, you are attributing AI flaws to combat speed, and these are 2 different things. The AI of POE1 was not the brightest, and on top of that we had other minor issues, but those are not "time-related". We have a better AI this time, so it's quite probable that this new little marvel can be tuned more and better than its predecessor. Lastly, I am suggesting to give more options to the player, and to let him or her decide which setting works best for them. I played POE for 400+ hours, on Classic and higher difficulty. Never slowed down the combat speed if not during Dragons and Bosses fights, and I'm telling you: I am far from being a "pro". This issue is fixable in way to suit everyone. And that's all I ask for. Thanks for reading
  9. Poe 1 was fine. About the speed modes: I suggested to add an extra-slow speed, as well as reintroduce the slow one from the first game. About the recovery time: It's Real Time with Pause, if I'd want to see sitting ducks, I'd play Turn-based games. Also, providing freedom of choice to player is often better than taking it away, especially when the choice was a neat mechanic.
  10. *** DISAGREEMENT ALERT *** You try to hold aggro in this game ? Like, on the Skulking-Terror laguafeth for example ? Son of a gun keeps moving away or turning away from my MT to engage my rogue, even though there's engagement. Tanks have a terrible time keeping aggro right now. Like, the guy literally about-faces to smash my rogue in the face no questions asked, even though I waited say 10-20 seconds before making my rogue attack. There are no field control skills whatsoever at the current time. Enemy triggers a disengagement attack ? Oh noes, he's gonna get grazed for damage that won't defeat his armor... Yeah, I commented this aspect too. A barbarian is bashing the skull of a Lad...Ladguaferth...geez, the fish thing! And what happens? The enemy totally ignored him, pays disengagement attack upon attack as he chase down my Rogue on the other side of the screen, even if said Rogue is idling since combat started. We saw this behavior in POE 1, but here is even worse, at least at the moment. But I will admit, for a while it was fun to see an enemy chasing a squishy, while chasing said enemy with a melee.
  11. What is this? A slug race? A sloth parade? Real time with pause means Real Time, what is this thing you did with the combat? You did it right in Pillars of Eternity Act I. Normal Speed should be in real time, and without trained warriors staring at an enemy bashing their skulls for 4-6 seconds! Slow Speed should be reintroduced, same as it was in POE 1. Fast Speed should be as it is now. On top of that, there is Pause. Just make sure to provide a simple and clear Tutorial and even the King of Dumblandia will get it. Wanna really help people with mental problems? Put 2 Slow Speed modes instead. Slow and Super Slow! (and call it console-speed, haha!) Thanks for reading! PS: A friend wanted to say hello, the only one that appreciate the new slowness! FINALLY HE CAN PLAY TOO!!!
  12. Weird, because POE2 normal combat speed is slower than POE1 normal combat speed (it's close to the slow speed of POE1 actually but with more misses from everyone, including enemies so everyone dies slower). If you find it "way, way, way too fast" are you sure you aren't in fast mode? It is too much slow. Way too much. Real time is bullet-time now. Plus extremely long recovery times. And misses. 4 seconds to swing a sword? Is my character a freaking sloth? I didn't bake the game to have it ruined in an attempt to suit to players that are not gonna like it anyway. Enough bending over Obsidian.
  13. At normal speed, combat should flow in real time, which means faster as it is now in the Beta. Between this an the long recovery times, fights are ridiculous idling chores. Slow speed should be re-introduced. Removing options is not adding value, especially good options; plus this would complement real-time speed well. Fast speed should be left as it is. I hate to "bash", but Obsidian, this was a short sighted mistake IMO.
  14. Thank you for your participation, I like what you said. Another hardcore selling point of the Overkill system is that will push the player to role-play each team member properly. For example if a Rogue or Wizard get hit in the face by an Ogre, chances are the player is doing something wrong. Each class tend to have resistances tied to the role, so that should keep things balanced.
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