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  1. Ok I don't know where else to ask and I'm too shy to bother anyone by asking, so I'm just putting it where I can, I hope for your understanding. Maybe I'm just stupid, but after spending many hours in PoE I haven't found (in my opinion) enough lore regarding orlans. They are too much in my heart, and I would like to hear something interesting. About clothing, life, in general lore of race beyond a short description. Where can I go with such a request? Can I somehow contact the developers? Or should I resign myself and just make up my own headcanon-lore for them...?
  2. So, I wonder if I'd actually just shoot myself in the foot focusing my build decision partially around the amount of dialogue options the game offers. I am quite fixated on Ciphers and Priests for that reason, but normally I would prefer to go for a martial class in games (Ranger or Paladin mostly, but here a Monk seems quite intriguing as well).
  3. Characters in this game talk so much about tv shows and i wanna know - are there similar series in the real world? You know, tv shows or movies about the space journeys from 50's - 80's, not star trek, because it classic
  4. Latest release is live on nexus. 50 items total at this time. Player feedback to address any balancing issues is appreciated. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/415/
  5. I just finished my first play through. Awesome experience, by the way! I wanted to comment on the unresolved plot line of what happened to the Earth. I read online various theories, that generally agreed that the lack of replies from Earth, the missing frigate, and the decreasing frequency of interstellar freighters meant that Earth was destroyed somehow. I’m thinking that these theories seem a bit deus ex machina and not quite in keeping with the focus of the plotting on the corporate misrule of Halcyon, as opposed to some sort of mysterious off screen apocalypse. It seems that applying Occam’s Razor to the problem of Earth may work best: whatever government or colonial authority now rules on Earth simply cut off Halcyon, writing off the colony, seized the missing frigate and wrote off their investment and all the people there. The gradual reduction in shipping reported on the Groundbreaker could simply reflect the diminishing value of trade and quality of goods the colony was producing. After all, what self respecting merchant wants to spend years traveling to a failing colony to sell stuff to broke people who only have toxic fake Saltuna to give in trade? Earth would’ve figured out by the time of the game that the HHC Chairman had deposed and detained or killed its legate and was sending fake news and fraudulent reports back in his name. Returning traders and maybe spies would’ve reported the horrific and failing conditions in Halcyon. They probably even figured out that the colony would soon starve, and they may even have deduced the HHC’s genocidal master plan. The “missing” frigate could’ve arrived safely on Earth, made irrational demands in HHC’s name and just gotten themselves arrested and charged with crimes against humanity, for supporting the HHC regime. The cost of sending an invasion force to attempt to retake a failing colony ruled by a madman, and enough aid to make a difference, would likely be politically prohibitive, especially given the “loss” of hundreds of thousands with the disappearance of the Hope, a couple generations earlier, so writing off the colony might be the most politically expedient thing to do. There was a bit on one of Groundbreaker side missions about communications from Earth being encrypted, before they just ceased several months before the game begins, which appears to support such a political, instead of an apocalyptic, theory. Also, word of an apocalypse on Earth would’ve reached other, better off, colonies that are hinted at, and interstellar shipping and communications from those other colonies would’ve related that news or even rumors to Groundbreaker. The idea that Earth wasn’t destroyed, but just so disgusted and indifferent toward its “lost” colony of Halcyon that it decided to abandon it within bothering to tell them, just ghosting them, would fit best with the world building bleakness of the Halcyon setting, I think. So, yea, I’m guessing that Earth wasn’t destroyed. It just doesn’t care.
  6. Krea often talks about ripples in the force, how small cruelties can have massive consequences. But After completing the game once, (pure dark side) I still don't know what this means. Is this good, bad, or can it be both? I never had her tell me that something that creates ripples will come back to bite me, so am I just really lucky? Also, some acts of cruelty, mainly murder, seem to make her upset. What is the line between useful cruelty and unnecessary cruelty? Also, SPOILERS, does she always betray you at dantooine? It seemed like it was just part of the story, but she also blamed it on me killing the Jedi masters. Man, that hurt my feelings...
  7. I'm not sure if anyone already brought this up but I know there are at least two fan versions of the map of Eora on the internet, and it looks like nothing official has been released yet. Whenever someone asks for a map of the world, they get directed to one of the fan made pictures. But. I've been running around Brass Citadel today, and I saw this in the Officer's Lounge on the hazatoha table: It's in the game so I'd say it's as official as it can get. As for the lands themselves, my guess goes as this (sorry for the sloppy paint edition): What do you think?
  8. Seeker, Slayer, Survivor. After defeating the naga at the Crucible, the Slaying Face congratulates the party with "The naga's venom offers only pyrrhic victory for those who best them, yet our contender lives to fight another day!". Does it mean that there was a person named Pyrrhus in the history of Eora, who achieved a victory, while suffering heavy casualties? Or it should be considered a bug?
  9. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this (if not please move as appropraite), but I may have found a factual/lore error in the Beast of Winder DLC, which I've only started playing through (and which I am enjoying it so far). Still, I have noticed something that might be a story/writing oversight. I'm playing in TOI mode, so I can't append a save, but during Vatnir's introduction of the Watcher to the Harbinger community (praising the Watcher for causing the Defiance Bay riots) one of the responses (again if I recall correctly) is something akin to "Again, I am not responsible for Duc Hadret's death". Now, lore-wise, shouldn't this line refer to Aevar Wolf-Grin, killed by Thaos, who soul-cast himself into poor, poor Ramir di Barrasc? -- God rest his soul (Berath allocate his soul?).
  10. Basically, Swords: - Whispers of Yenwood - Hel Beckoning - Duskfall - Modwyr Vs. Sabres: - Aldris Blade - Grave Calling - Tarn's Respite - Scordeo's Edge
  11. What prevents Aumaua from military dominating the globe? Each time I see them, and now being triggered by the size of their kids (see Josh's tweeter) I always wonder - what is their flaw that prevents them from evolutionary dominating all other races and finally absorbing them? If seen through the modern-day common evolution theory it can be: - slow breeding cycle, difficulties with child birth rates - vulnerability to some disease, framing the total population (child diseases included) - genetic flaws (syndromes) like rapid aging, long brain development or short reproductive age (child genetic flaws incl.) - social ideology that prevents expansion, pacifistic religion etc. - low level of tech until the very last era (see Asian tigers or Latin countries rapid advancements) - low level of biological organisation, biological individualism (imagine sentient, but territorial tigers or bears), inability to conduct collective tasks like wars - high social fragmentation, clan/cast/tribal systems where all conflicts go between Aumaua and there are no resources for foreign activity I guess for Huana it is the last one. Huana are too social fragmented to avoid the colonisation. But what about Rauatai monarchy? They could easily wipe the world but they don't. And please don't start with "gunpowder equals all". a) gunpowder battles were often solved in melee until WW2 (or later) b) even with heavy armor obsolete, body mass still matters a lot с) there are non-combat military tasks where str/con influences the result greatly (rapid marches, carrying heavy equipment, transporting goods and ammunition, rowing the ships) And anyway - what prevented them from total domination in pre-powder times?
  12. I'm planning on playing as a priestess of Wael. A pale elf touched by the gods... so A moon godlike from the white that wends. She is going to be a mystic, a priestess of Wael... or at least this is what I'm planning... but, is this against the lore? I readed somewhere that moon godlike are touched by Ondra... so are the moon godlike suposed to worshiper her? or it doesnt matter at all? I mean, fire godlike worship magran or their special racial condition doesnt force them to worship the god that touched them? I hope some light in this
  13. Inspiration: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6lvvHuuI4kZaHJqejNYNThrems/view?usp=sharing Interpretation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6lvvHuuI4kZOEFlNWh3QjVITXM/view?usp=sharing In case if it is not obvious enough,I traced in game icon of a globe (presumably of Eora itself). Because of a heavy pixelation this mockup is in no way geographically correct in details (hense why I call it interpretation). Still I hope it can give you some shape of the world we all love and play. On the drawing you can see the Sun,two moons - Ondra's Beloved and The Black Runner plus the third,extinct one called err...Abydon's Folly,Godhammer 0.5,Celestial Spoiler Supreme..? (Your own names are welcome!) Oh and Eora ofcourse. So all of this said and done,can you find Free Palatinate of Dyrwood?
  14. So, anyway who has played the entirety of Pillars of Eternity 1 knows that by the end of the game you have some pretty serious weapons and armor on hand. Especially if you played White March. The question of the hour is, what will become of some of these items? The Hammer of Abydon especially because this weapon was very important. I would hope that we either get this items back at some point, and not that 'oh they were destroyed with your strong hold' That'd be kind of a lame excuse. Not to mention, if returning companions had Soulbound items, will they still have them? That would be a nice bonus. On the topic of the Hammer of Abydon, and the end of The White March Part 1, Do you think the Church of Abydon might view your character as some sort of Saint like figure if you restore Abydon.
  15. I had a thought a while ago regarding Godlikes in the Pillars of Eternity universe. We have seen Godlikes of Fire (Magran), Death (Rymgand), Avian (Hylea), Moon (Ondra), and Nature (Galawain) My question is, do the other Gods have Godlikes out there somewhere in the world we have not seen? For insistence, would a Godlike of Abydon be a baby made entirely out of metal? or perhaps a Godlike of Eothas would glow brightly at all times. Maybe even a Godlike of Weal, whose appearance changes everyday to a random race and gender. Perhaps not all Gods have a Godlike because their domain is to broad to really have one exist. Or the God in question doesn't want to make them. (I would imagine Skaen wouldn't have kids), and Woedica doesn't have the power to. I know we most likely never will see these other Godlikes in-game (if they even exist) but am curious to the idea of them.
  16. So I came up with a idea, as my group of adventurers found themselves in a mysterious dungeon. Whether the Lore skill be used like perception. But instead of secrets and traps you could be granted more of those magnifying glasses. You could get more of those icons on top of some banners and what not, where you could read about the meaning of them or who those belongs to.. Aaaand i'm returning to adventure further.
  17. Before I begin, I must tell you that the game is great. How can it not be great among the heap of crap shoved to our faces by the gaming industry, but considering what is expected from Obsidian, when I set high standards for this game, it is not great. Not great does not mean that it is not "good". So I do like the game but I think the developers with their credentials are capable of doing much better (like how Baldur's Gate was very good, but Baldur's Gate 2 was epic, I hope the next addition to this series will be as such) And long story short, I am glad that this project happened, having wished for it way before it was on Kickstarter, so thank you Obsidian: There is one (maybe two) aspects to this game that amounts to my disappointment (and before I get flamed in the least constructive and silliest manners for my comments I must add that, yes, I am aware that I am not the ultimate authority on everything RPGs, and gaming, and I am aware that there is no reason my opinion should matter more than anyone elses). That one aspect is "The Setting" of the game and one particular thing done in this setting that bothers me the most, the second aspect is the "dull feeling" I got from the game. So here I go THE SETTING (3/10) I do like the world, I like the races, classes, and I like how the main story is interesting (just began Act III, and so far I am still curious), so why then I am giving the setting a 3 out of 10? It is because of this silly language thing that you have done... You know that I mean right, I am talking about this "fampyr" and "duc" business. Read my quote on the spoilers and my couple other posts, I find Elder Scrolls series utterly disgusting because the setting seems to have been created by 12 year olds who think changing monday and sunday to montag and suntag is creative writing, creative thinking. What I do not understand is that how come you guys have done the exact same thing here, and it is worse really. All those words with an unnecessary use of "th","w", and vowels with accents, all this "Anvii ora Toha", "Lle a Rhemen", "Cean Gwla", "Anamfatha" business. It was interesting when Tolkien did come up with entire languages but it really is not anymore, if you did construct entire languages for the game it is a waste of resources (which is actually not very hard to do). When I interact with NPC's it is as if all of them are my lingustics instructor, Elf: ...Our tribal leaders, the anamfath... Sagani: ...I am on "Torkik Zokrik"(do not remember the actual thing), a journey.... Glossary: ...Caen Gwla, blood mother,.... A direct relation of this is exactly like Talking to a French(Elf) person in English(Common), and they say "I am "aller au cinema", which means I am going to the movies, then I will eat "creme glacee", which means I will eat some ice cream. Seriously who talks like that? And of course there is all this: Duc = Duke Erl = Earl Conyg = King Thayn = Thane Fampyr = Vampire Gul = Ghoul Dargul = Greater Ghoul? goes on forever My goodness, how impressive, in this setting the local lords are "duc"s, very similar to dukes, but they call them "duc"s how original and inspiring. You should have called them ducks instead. Back to being serious now, I understand in fantasy settings there will be special occasions these pseudo-language names are to be used and they actually convey an interest, like personal names, names of a couple of landmarks where the idea is to add some mystery some obscurity, but when overdone it becomes meaningless gibberish!!! e.g. In Baldur's Gate, Watcher's Keep conveys an idea, Helm is "The Watcher", if it was called "Occulo Glavo Defil Krepta" it would mean absolutely nothing, just as Underdark, Trademeet, Umar Hills, are still very interesting names but also carry some meaning and are not complete gibberish, and there is a reason I remember these places but I keep forgetting "Lle a Rhemen" or "Cilaban Rilag" which does not stir any sort of emotion or a sense of danger or interest. However think how it would be if they were instead called, completely making these up, "Rhemen Ritual Circle" or "Ruins of Rilag"? or in Planescape Torment, can it get more interesting than "Alley of Lingering Sighs", would it be better to call it some gibberish? If anyone thinks this is meaningfully creative and immersive we should encourage more of this nonsense why don't we Dwarf = Beerdfolc Elf = Eeerfolc Orlan = Shirtfolc Sword = Sabr'edu Greatsword = Dar Sabr'edu Dagger = Shivv'ass Ship = Galley-vou Inn = Rest'a'casa Lion = Aslan etc. etc. THE DULL FEELING There is not much to say here, the cities and towns lack some dynamics, and the entire game is lacking on surprises and plot twists just as Baldur's Gate was lacking them but Baldur's Gate 2 actually had them so I am hoping this will happen in the next game. The towns and villages have just a background music not ambient sounds, again in Baldur's Gate 2 when you went to the Slums or in Copper Coronet you could hear muffled conversations, shouts (WHO ARE YOUUU, or WHY YOUU), doors creaking, people rushing to you etc. Or we had lords turning out to be dragons, commoners turning out to be bhaalspawns, complicated guild wars etc. END NOTE I did not get into Combat, The Exceptionally Dull Stronghold, The Half-Interesting Mega Dungeon (it does not matter if it is 15 floors, Watcher's Keep with 5 levels was much more interesting), The Items where none of them felt any special, The very short and not class specific Talent tree, and all that... As I said, I am happy that Pillars of Eternity exists, I am happy to play it but I really think that you can do much better. I hope the next game in the series will have more polished combat, much more interesting abilities and talents, dual-multi classes, and actually unique items. I also hope that there will be less of enchanting, or a much better system, hunting flowers, body parts and pets are for world of warcraft the intellectual resources might better be spent elsewhere. Thanks for reading.
  18. Hi, I have recently finished my PotD run with a full party of 'supposedly min/max'd' (ew) custom characters. Now that I feel comfortable enough with the mechanics, I feel like it is now time for me to focus on the one aspect I have always loved in the IE games: theme of the party. Before we (or I) start, here are some links to some amazing high quality portraits with similar styles; permission already granted through their websites: http://www.jasonseow.com/poeportraits by Jason Seow - full permission to modify and repost http://wespenfresser.deviantart.com/ by wespenfresser - disallowed cropping and posting without link http://lucanii01.deviantart.com/art/Rain-the-Cipher-522921730 by lucanii - free download Feel free to let me know if there are more of these around so I can add them to OP. The topic at hand: Themes Many comes to mind when Pillars of Eternity contained such deep lore, the posibilities are limitless! I often imagine my group has just arrived in Dyrwood only to find the newborne nation to be in deep dissent rather than trying to solve the soul crisis. I'll list two of my favorites: Vailian Mercenary Warband Commissary - Gold Pact Paladin/Old Vailia Aristocrat Captain - Fighter/Old Vailia Mercenary Lieutenant - Fighter/Old Vailia Mercenary Sergeant - Fighter/Old Vailia Mercenary Specialist - Rogue/Old Vailia Laborer Chaplain - Priest/Aedyr Clergyman The White that Wends Expedition Emissary - Chanter/Aristocrat Adventurer - Fighter/Explorer Scout - Ranger/Hunter Guard - Fighter/Mercenary Fugitive - Rogue/Drifter Scribe - Cipher/Mystic These groups are far from being the most viable composition for PotD, but, hey, it's more fun this way.. based on personal taste. Post your party and its theme, along with whatever info you'd like to provide: Names, roles, classes, backgrounds, even bios! Let us all start lobbying for custom biographies for all the hired adventurers!
  19. Since i finished the game today i wonder about one point in the conclusion and lore (major spoiler following): Well, maybe i'm just questioning the lore too much...
  20. Can someone please explain to me the purpose of the skill system? I understand the basics, meaning I understand that you can pick locks with high mechanics or you can receive extra dialogue options with high lore, but are these skills class specific? Should I focus on certain skills when I play with certain classes or should I develop all the skills simultaneously? The athletics skill for example doesn't appear to be useful beyond a certain point. If my fatigue is already reduced by 90% what's the point of developing the skill even further? My barbarian won't become stronger from athletics as far as I can tell... His health and endurance are based on his level and attributes. Or am I mistaken? The situation is similar with the rest of the skills as well. Maybe stealth and mechanics are exceptions (I suspect I will encounter more observant foes and stronger locks towards the end) but I am not sure. I think from a role playing perspective a stealthy barbarian would be pretty ridiculous just like a wizard with high athletics. I have an aumaua barbarian and I have the first four companions but I have no idea how to develop their skills. So far I gave mechanics to Aloth and developed his lore. I also developed the athletics and survival skills of my barbarian. But I don't know what to do with the rest. There are only 5 skills so there aren't too many options. When I find the ranger companion I will give her stealth... but apart from that the skills of most of my companions look the same. It's quite depressing. I checked the game manual for more information but its skill descriptions don't match the in-game descriptions so it wasn't particularly useful. Can someone please explain to me the skill system? I would appreciate some suggestions regarding how to develop the skills of my party members too. As I said my party contains a barbarian, a fighter, a wizard, a priest and a chanter.
  21. Hey you guys, actually I really haven't even started playing pillars because I'm quite pinned to the character creation screen. xD Now I'm some kind of picky - I know. But in order to finally decide on my character I have some Lore concerning questions: After hours of consideration I finally decided to play as a cipher (eventhough rogue seems appealing to me). First I though rolling for a druid, but then, since Baldur's Gate I know that these games tend to be heavy in city related plots so druids kinda feel like the third wheel being all for nature. But ok I decided to go for a cipher since I want a unique pillars of eternity experience and because I always play humans I wanted to go with one of them. Now old Vailia seems a cool origin for this character I wanna play and I already found a great portrait for him. But (!): Ciphers origin from an Aedyr colony named Eír Glanfath and the phenomenon seems solely to be found among orlan and elves. Ok now there are some animancers from Dyrwood that researched the topic, but Dyrwood too is no possible home country for your character (like Eír Glanfath). Does this mean Aedyr would be best suited for human ciphers? This leads me to my initial questions: Is it possible for humans to obtain this ability? If yes: Can they be born with it or do they have to learn it? If they can only be learned: How is it possible for an old valian citizen to hear from this abilities and learn them? Obvious is obvious: you can choose to play a old vailian cipher, so there must be an explanation. But I wanted to know if this combination is good in terms of game experience (like how NPCs react to this race/class combination or if they never wonder at all). Because if it's totally uncommon for humans or old vailians to obtain these abilities and nobody notices during the game it's kind of lame. I ask because my first companions "Heodan" and "Calisca" thought it pretty normal that a guy from old vailia had a purple glowing sword. :D Ok ok I know this is no pen and paper and the game can't react to every decision I make, but I just wondered, and since I felt so excited about pillars I really want to dive into this world. So I want to create my character according to the lore of the world. As an pen and paper veteran for me that's highly important for my gaming experience. I would love to hear from your points of view! Many thanks in advance! May the gods be on your side!
  22. Found a few places that didn't make sense in the Royal Edition Guidebook, and I'm not sure where to submit this kind of stuff so here it is. On pages 47-48 it says Dyrwood's erls are all hereditary rulers but then it says they're elected: Also, not sure about this one, but on page 72 it says "they fled the city, but not after the dike that held the fury of the sea at bay." Shouldn't it be "but not before"?
  23. I got the game yesterday, and am extraordinarily exciting to jump into this fantastic world, but I do not know very much about the lore, which can be an issue in character creation, so without further ado, what is your suggested names that best fit each culture and race?
  24. Hey folks, this is especially for those of you, who already delved further into the story. From what i'm understanding so far, the whole Watcher/Soul-manipulating thing cries for a cipher or maybe monk, at least something "spiritual"... I started a fighter first and when the whole Watcher thing kicked in, to me it felt like there was no immersion anymore... So i'd appreciate any (no to low-spoiler) hints on what class would make most sense lore-wise. Thanks in advance
  25. The character sheet for Aloth says he has 7 lore, but I've given him 2 scrolls that say they require 2 lore and he can't use them (they're greyed out and the lore requirment text is red). Am I missing something?
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