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  1. I copied the two files into PoE I install directory, but when I press ctrl + shift + backspace nothing comes out. I guess I'm doing something wrong.
  2. Some love for Orlans. (I fused the head of the Hearth Orlan with the clothes of the wild Orlan). The hair of this orlan is dark too. Could somebody do a watercolor version?
  3. I found dis. They are not mine, but I want to share them.
  4. More love for dwarves. This time, I modify a female portrait that is already in the game. Original Portrait: My Modified version:
  5. Okay. I'm here with more modifications. Original (actually it was already modified by me...) My new Modification (less chubby, more hair). Original (look at the rain drops, and the tattoos in the eyes) My modification Here with less ambient light.
  6. Can I have a watercolor version of the modificated portrait I made, please?
  7. I didn't remove it because it looks like make up. But if you are feeling like removing it, feel free to do it. It would probably look cool.
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