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  1. The real kicker is that the quest log literally says: "If I can prove Penhelm's forgery, I may have some leverage to get the breastplate back". Then when he confronts you, there's no option to actually try that, as in "Ok, you give me the breastplate, I'll give you the affidavit". It's really frustrating because it makes no sense that the only option leading to an exchange involves agreeing to hand it over with no expectation of something in return - that choice is presented as just 'the right thing to do' (I guess). It gets even more annoying when you take that route in order to try a
  2. Thanks Aarik. It's strange - when I loaded up the game later, the problem was gone for the items I mentioned but then seemed to return for another item. Unfortunately I can't find a save where that is the case now. It was as if new items I picked up that had a spellbinding property wouldn't grant their spellbind until I restarted the game. But I can't say for sure, so consider it resolved for the moment and I'll post here if I encounter it again.
  3. Hi Aarik - here you go. Thanks! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57780372/130c6fc7-8d5f-436b-99e4-2561da4896bc%20quicksave.zip https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57780372/output_log.zip
  4. Neither the spiderfinger gloves nor the animancer's boots are granting their repsective spells for me. I'm getting the other effects. Windows version 1.06
  5. I get the following error dialogue (followed by about another 3) when trying to run the gog.com setup file for the kickstarter item and pet: Runtime Error (at 46:598): Internal error: Unknown constant "windows"
  6. When I exited from below Caed Nua via the ladder that leads to the garden I tried to re-enter the cellar the same way, but all I got was a blank map overlay with the title "Paths of Old Nua".
  7. If you click on a key bind entry to set it, then click 'esc', the game will ask you if you want to replace the current binding. I clicked 'cancel' and as soon as that dialogue disappeared, the 'Save changes?' confirmation opened but with a semi-transparent overlay on it that is preventing me from clicking anywhere. I had to force-close the game to continue.
  8. The character sheet for Aloth says he has 7 lore, but I've given him 2 scrolls that say they require 2 lore and he can't use them (they're greyed out and the lore requirment text is red). Am I missing something?
  9. Forges – these blacksmithing locations can be used to make all of the equippable gear. From helmets to armor to boots, if you can wear it, then you can make it here. Personally I'm not a fan of the 'if you can wear it you can make it' system. This will most likely become a gather-make-sell cycle that is all about making money. How often do you need to actually make stuff for your party? Does this mean finding armour and weapons on the path will be of less significance? Finding cool stuff is way more fun than waiting for your stats to go up so you can make the next level of item, imo. I th
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