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  1. I don't agree with some of your opinions (I love Tekehu and hate Maia), but your take on Aloth is spot on. He's accompanied the Watcher in both 1 and 2 in the most sordid scenes of violence and squalor, he's traveled to many places, suffered physical and psychological abuse, faced the reality of having been involved in something destructive, lost control of his own body on many occasions, lived a lie more than once, experienced many things and read more, and yet he's a whiny, shallow wussy bitching about other companions' proximity in quarters. Even if someone was like that initially, the many
  2. I don't know if this has been discussed or if this is the right place to post it, but since most fan feedback here seems to be negative and the the Deadfire Stories forum is a place to "discuss your favorite stories about your playthroughs of [Deadfire]," so... Okay! Going for it! Thank you so much for making Aloth romance-able in Deadfire! <3 I know a lot of people had their hearts set Eder and were really disappointed, and I truly feel for them. It also seems like a lot of people prefer Tekehu, and that's totally cool too. I'm very endeared to him myself. But Aloth has been fa
  3. It's almost become a running joke that wild orlans have one set appearance, and all you can do is change their fur color. And I get it. Wild orlans are probably the least played character race. No sense putting so much work customizing a race that most players won't even play, and when you won't even run into that many NPC's of them. And since in-universe they're the least "humanized" of orlans, they don't have many hair or beard styles in-universe. I guess it just felt like it made more sense in PoE1 because the character was so small that most physical features came from the portra
  4. "RAM INTO THE ENEMY'S SHI d) "RAM INTO THE ENEMY'S SHIP!!" "No, Watcher, that'll destroy our own ship in the process." "But at least we'll take the enemy ship down with us!" "I don't think you understand how 'naval warfare' works."
  5. Sorry, I try to keep my posts short. Oh, the "Rivalmances" were toxic and unhealthy at best, emotional abuse at worst (with Hawke has the emotional abuser), and I'll never hear different. If memory serves, BioWare created the term to tell people that's not what they were doing. People were complaining that all companions romanced you regardless of player gender, thus their sexuality changes to suit the player character, then BioWare coined the term "Playersexual" just to give a name to what people were accusing them of, and saying, "No, that's not what they're doing. They don't
  6. I know how you feel, but for me, relationships or romance in a game that only exist to pander to the player or for wish fulfillment are unsatisfying.I thought Dragon Age Inquisition's approach to companion romance was a huge improvement over Dragon Age 2 where all the love interests were conveniently playersexual. Allowing companions to have romantic and sexual preferences and gating players from experiencing every type of relationship with every companion makes them feel more like real people... for better or worse, depending on how the real world treats you I guess. I'm nervous about gettin
  7. I'm not excited about sidekicks since they're under-written, but I'm not against them either since Obsidian has basically written as many companions as they're going to write, so it's not like including these guys will detract from the part of the game I like. Plus, these sidekicks will be cheaper to make than more fully-written characters, but not just empty shells like the mercenaries you create hire at taverns last game. And it's a viable alternative for people who don't want whole backstories for their murder party. I'm game, even though I'm not excited and probably won't use them.t
  8. Knowing my luck, that's exactly what's going to happen. (Especially since Iselmyr is only into women.) My Watcher has been hopelessly in love with him since practically day one, but it turns out he's only into men, or only elven women, or only women/elven women (bad news for my wild orlan watcher), or what have you. I know the devs have stressed being faithful to the characters even if it disappoints players, and I'm all for that... but it wouldn't stop it from being disappointing.
  9. Do avian godlike have coclea and ovulate eggs? Do female wild orlans go into heat once a month like cats? Do aumaua give birth to live young or lay egg cases like sharks? Are mountain dwarves born from rocks? (As Oghren tells Velanna in DAA.) Since it's been established that different races can't have children, why is inter-race sex not super common as a foolproof form of birth control? (Aloth's mom entered an official mistress "marriage" with a human noble, which is apparently common since it lets male nobles have a bit on the side without worry of bastards to dispute his legi
  10. And I thought Dragon Age was the only fandom with a small but dedicated dwarf fandom. 0_0 I'm all for another dwarf companion for those who love them. I finally got my wild orlan companion, so I want others to be happy. That said, since dwarves are THE most highly stereotyped of the playable fantasy races, if Obsidian does make a dwarven companion, I hope they create a dwarven character first, "NON-STEREOTYPICAL DWARF!!!11" second. As much as I LOVE Sagani, her entire gimmick was that she was The Anti-Dwarf. Fantasy Inuit instead of Fantasy Scottish, an archer instead of an axe-wie
  11. The variety sucked. Men can either choose the innocent girl-next-door, the bad-girl, or the milf. Women get... that one obnoxious guy. Maybe. Only if you don't mouth off at him when he's being insufferable. And only as long as you're a thin, sexy human or elf, not a short, fugly gnome, dwarf, or husky half-orc. Dude, try romancing Solas as a female Lavellan in Dragon Age Inquisition and its Trespasser DLC, and tell me that doesn't enhance the overall story. You could say that about literally any game feature, yet people make requests all the time. If "pressuring"
  12. I used to hope they'd make a Wild Orlan companion, but the blue-and-green duel-wielder answered that prayer. I also wouldn't mind a Pale Elf companion since I'm desperate to learn more about their culture, other than the vague text-based blurb of "They live in the White That Wends, rarely travel, rarely trade, and no one knows much about them." I also wouldn't mind a Death or Nature godlike companion, since I would love to see the perspective of two of the most commonly reviled and killed godlike. (Nature godlike because the moss and plants growing out of their skin makes them look dis
  13. I'm all for that, but why "instead of"? Why can't it be "both"? We all know they're going to shoot far past their highest stretch goal before the month's out, so why not develop both companion interactions AND reactivity to the main character? To me, having a detailed background doesn't mean much if there's no other fleshed out characters around to react to it. I think I lucked out with the "hunter" background since it got mentioned a few times (Calisca mentions you shouldn't mention it around Sparfel since he'd just try to prove to everyone he's the better hunter, and Sagani bonding
  14. OMG, I would love that! My favorite class is the ranger just for the animal companion. I've been asking for more ranger/animal companion bonding from day one. This would just make my game.
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