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  1. Baldur's Gate: Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Zombified Living Dead Mindflayers Part 3
  2. Surely there was something, eh nvm
  3. This is from October 2018, so maybe they had a change of heart?
  4. Didn't I gave you a Steam 50% off coupon?
  5. Thanks for the insight. But how do I get the book? A tiny spoiler would be ok.
  6. My playthrough has been on hiatus for several months now. Currently it is somewhere in the middle of the game. Will I be missing something out when I get back to it?
  7. PoE1: because it is more cliche, and I'm a sucker for cliche fantasy, somehow I was just more commited
  8. Well, you know what they say: the tongue always turns to the aching tooth iykwim
  9. I'm worried that I will not have time to play this.
  10. Souls of the killed presumably go back to the Wheel. Souls of the wichts, now this is tricky, and would like to know this as well. The body already has a soul of an animal inside, so it either (1) bounces off and goes back to the Wheel as well, (2) or it pushes the animal soul away and you get a Mowgli type person, (3) or sticks to the animal soul and you get a ravaging wild two-soul creature thingy.
  11. The gods are semi-real. Their origin is just not divine but artificial. Take them as super powerful entities made by kith. You believe in God? Say that it turns out there in fact exists a God, but he was a mechanical contraption all along. Sure, he exists and does his thing, but for you, as a believer, this most probably will be a serious blow in everything you believed in. So the Eora gods prefer to keep things as they are. Ondra is the goddess of forgetting stuff, so it suits her agenda to get rid of the last people with ties to the so called god-creation-process. Also, vide point 2 above. Abydon didn't stop the *entire* moon from falling. Years later Engwithans died out becuase there were few and far between, so you could say they just got extinct. Thaos is Woedica's favoured, he got special treatment from her. You can do so by not pledging to any of them and remain without a boon. But if it is the "what to do with souls" choice you are refering to, well, there are 11 gods in the pantheon, so it seems whatever your choice there will always be a god that will be happy with the outcome. Guess taking the power of the souls for yourself would be just too OP.
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