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  1. Me: can i haz link You: gogle it Thank for the rest. Happy Holidays
  2. Look who's talking. As I said earlier, I've already been to the wiki's, but hey, "check out the wiki". 'cause y'know rif. Also, my question was about the whole Golarion, not only River Kingdoms. Something similar to "lore in a minute" youtube videos… Alas, these here are quite lenghty (37 videos): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk_5Tr_1rJKgO-8CkAM4nlO49_TA2Rl_n Anyway, I'm resting my case.
  3. Funny you're pointing this out. Wonder how'd you react if I were to start a new thread And even though I hoped for a more lore'y post, big thanks for chippin' in.
  4. Necromancy! So I really have little time for playing. I've finished Deadfire the other day, and Kingamker is now next on my list. The trouble is that I usually try to get to know some lore beforehand. In Pillars this was easy, as I was learning about it since the Kickstarter, and first worldbuilding posts from Josh. It is different with Pathfinder, because this has been around for awhile. Been trying to learn the basics from at least two different wiki's but there's just so much about it. Could someone give me a quick rundown of the lore? A crash course? At first it looks like a DND
  5. Ye Great but Totally Subjective 'PoE' Comparison Table (by Messier 31st of His Name) Lo, and behold! I give you my subjective 'PoE' comparison table, in which I briefly describe what Obsidian did better in my humble opinion. Note that inferior/superior doesn't automatically mean that it is awful/awesome, it just means which one I liked better. There are also things I would like to personally see in the hypothetical third part, if it ever comes out. We know that Josh wants to learn from the low Deadfire sales and it isn't clear if we get to see a continuation anytime soon. Super
  6. Thanks for the insight. Still, I'd like to know what is that thing? Is it a construct? Being ablaze it gives me Magran-ish vibes.
  7. Hey, this will be quick. I just finished the SSS, but what the Hel is this thing on the screenie? Never have I seen it nor fought it. I mean, the last boss fight is just some angry croc.
  8. Yeah, even though I like 'em I hardly see the difference, there's just not so many. Aedyr shoulda been Ædyr, ffs.
  9. Funny, cause I don't recall wether it was sea or land. Gotta check it out. But mind this: I opened the book and there was the whole interface change that comes with it. The scripted interaction thingy with the narrator saying something like "she is not coming to talk, there is only silence". The last time we spoke I was kinda rude, and she was pissed. Could that be the case?
  10. I simply denied Castol my involvement in the VTC final quest due to my relationship with Maia. This made the VTC ending perma-closed, and Pallegina left as soon as I set sail, with a letter concerning my "hostile" approach to the Republics. I had no other picks for the faction siding at that moment, and only sided with the Principi much later (as I intended from the start).
  11. So I got the book. Had a couple of talks with Woedica. After completing the "He waits in fire" I got prompted that the book is *warm* or something. I open it aaaaaand, she doesn't show up, book closed. What gives?
  12. Hey, I loved both Bekarna's Folly and Forgotten Sanctum (these two are kinda connected, so yeah). Could someone please throw a little spoiler here? I'm playing a rogue character, and I literally lack insight. What happens when you pass the 8 insight check in the Arkmyr's scrying pool scripted interaction? Is it really possible to be a part of the Circle if you are a wizard (or multiclassed wizard)? Thanks, mates!
  13. OK, a short question that bugs me greatly. Pillars of Eternity 1 is set in 2823 AI. IIRC devs said back in the FIG campaign that 5 years pass. Pillars od Eternity 2: Deadfire is set once again in 2823 AI. Is this a bug or what?
  14. Baldur's Gate: Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Zombified Living Dead Mindflayers Part 3
  15. This is from October 2018, so maybe they had a change of heart?
  16. Didn't I gave you a Steam 50% off coupon?
  17. Thanks for the insight. But how do I get the book? A tiny spoiler would be ok.
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