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  1. Yeah, the past is what I'm interested in more because I'd really like to delve more into the history and origins of the gods of the setting. Then again, a post apocalyptic future version could work just as well, and an archaic part of the world would also raise interesting questions, such as does that area have its own gods, is the adra a global phenomenon and such. Either way, I thought that the two things could be combined; re-visit the themes of Tyranny AND broaden the lore of Eora at the same time, both of which I'd really like to see.
  2. Now that Avowed is coming and being set in Eora, perhaps time is to start thinking about Pillars of Eternity as a franchise (you should add the Pillars of Eternity title to the Avowed logo btw, seems silly not to use the new product to also market the old ones), and the opportunity it offers for revisiting Tyranny. Tyranny was a failure as a game in many ways, the setting was unique and infinitely more inspired and inspiring than what PoE was at the time, the theme of power is interesting and fundamentally tied to the whole roleplaying genre, the art and music were simply phenomenal in creatin
  3. Obsidian isn't very good at handling criticism, as evidenced by all the threads that criticized the game being deleted on these forums. The Beta was likely suffering from the same sort of dishonest and narcissistic managing. If you read up on what's been going on with the owners of the company, what they did to their most talented writer etc, you'll understand how corrupted a company Obsidian really is, and why it has never been able to develop a single product without vast issues. You cannot save Obsidian because the corruption there begins from the high-ups. The best you can hope for is for
  4. I think Josh is finally getting fed up with Obsidian's bull**** and wants to leave the company.
  5. Obsidian ****s up constantly because their owners, Feargus & CO, are pretty much **** towards their whole dev team. I've been reading on whats been going on in that company and it's obvious that it's the high-ups that are responsible for the company's poor performance when it comes to quality. That's where your money is going, the guys who piss on the artists and their work. And yeah, things may not be as bad as they are at EA, but things are obviously not good either, and things are obviously declining as the company drives away their most talented people and pretty much keep the ones who
  6. So they decided to go with player-sexual companions after all, despite all their bravado of not doing so. Disgusting. It feels like Obsidian is in an utter moral decline, they obviously no longer have a moral spine at all.
  7. I couldn't. This is kinda my frustration with the game, there is a crap-ton of these sorts of problems within and I really don't know how many are due to bugs and how many are simply bad writing. I really hope they'll fix the bugs in dialogue as soon as possible instead of giving us the giant "**** you" by simply pumping out DLCs in order to get more money as soon as possible. I mean **** you obsidian for planning 3 ****ing DLCs for the first 6 months when the actual game is essentially still in a Beta state. This is utterly inexcusable.
  8. So I was wondering if multiple resistances of the same type stack, so that If I get two resistances against a group of afflictions (say one from a class ability and another from race), would all afflictions of that type be downgraded two tiers rather than one? Would a third resistance (from a piece of gear for example) make my character completely immune to those types of afflictions?
  9. There are plenty of reasons to be hesitant about playing this game. My advice would be to get a refund and buy the game at some point when its on a sale if obsidian has addressed the countless issues the game has by then instead of trying to force down pointless unfinished DLC down our throats. I've enjoyed the game so far, but in hindsight, had I known the kind of mess the game is, I wouldn't have bought it yet, I would've waited to see if they'll actually fix the game.
  10. PoE1 was dull and boring. There wasn't any life to the world and the atmosphere was way too gloomy in a gray boring way instead of an entertaining black and oppressive way. PoE2 has a lighter atmosphere and I very much like it; this is the stuff that makes me really feel that I'm on an adventure. PoE1 on the other hand didn't.
  11. Overall, neither, but Nekataka definitely could use more combat. As for dialogue, the problem isn't the quantity, the problem is the lack of quality.
  12. I think we can let it go now calling other people fanboys in order to make their opinion invalid. Fanboys are not the topic of this thread anyway. You have expressed your definition and your opinion about fanboys now. We have also all be reminded by a moderator to "Knock off the personal commentary". So at least in this thread, we should not call each other that anymore. The thing is, even if I agreed with your opinion and your definition of a fanboy, what good is that as long as I cannot use it against other forum members on this forum whose opinions I don't like? But that is exa
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