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  1. sorry didnt follow the thread for quite some time. does suppress affliction affects all hostile abilities? if so please find my saved game. i use the suppress affliction ring and it doesnt seems to suppress the whitewind though. https://www.dropbox.com/s/35m5uhqryhmxwvz/Sylvanas%20%2893008a5c-bce9-4b39-9771-c73f18efdfb9%29%20%28LAX-123ABCDEFGH%29%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0
  2. PoE2 for me. but my biggest issue with obsidian is their approach. They use nerf as a concept in balancing the games. Instead of making their games better. Well of course it's the most fastest and easiest way instead of improving the AI, putting thoughts and revisiting and handcrafting the encounters
  3. They mostly abandoned the game already. If I'm them I probably do the same focusing on outer worlds now. Most fanboys are keen on defending them. They often forgot they are not doing charity. They are a business. Obsidian games are really quality in terms of content and gameplay. The biggest issues are bugs. Obsidian games are really buggy and they seems to not have any quality and standards in resolving them. Often recurring bugs. And not only that. Critical bugs even reintroduced in a game that released more than a year. The more they fix or change it the worst it becomes. It's really disappointing for me as a gamer.
  4. I don't see any spam on screen anymore.. i have 100K gold.. suddenly it became 45K.. i thought fine.. maybe i bought something.. now after done amira island.. i became 28K. I have no idea what is going on. Anyone has such problems?
  5. i need to meet talfor before being able to talk to avetta. previously i skip talfor.
  6. how can you reveal degnos betrayal to avetta? there's no such options. i only can talk to degnos in queen's berth. only options i have is to return the satchel to degnos. any ideas? also.. i skip the meeting with talfor.
  7. it is truly annoying. i thought i had wait for them to fix bugs.. but the more i wait.. the more bugs it has. i work in saas industry. i would end up in disciplinary action if i weren't able to resolve certain bugs or issues within SLA. i would say it's really nice if i don't really have to revert or even answer to any bug or technical issues at all.
  8. this is what i hate the most about obsidian game. so many bugs and recurring ones. i had stopped for awhile previously due to the walking speed bug. and now this? we are also not aware of how many broken ones more. this is truly saddening.
  9. - less bugs - chanter should have its own grimoire. there are so many creatures in eora. - remove figurines (is too OP) /s - improve proc mechanics. learn from out action RPG or dota - slow time feature instead of pause
  10. I'm not sure why this is obsidian design goal. The whole reason I can see why they are doing so is in the name of replayability
  11. also.. the combat speed up or down doesn't seems to reflect in the UI. gosh each patch the bugs are more and more. this is really annoying and getting out of hand. i know fans are eager to defend obsidian but this is just plain bad.
  12. Here are links to the files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/liu1srwutt19mt3/AAAqxOxyh6wRU0qvKlyIV6Uha?dl=0
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