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  1. Yeah, I also have some questions... I'm just going to go with the theory that they simply test your abilities. The way I imagined it was that they'd make sure you could 'handle them,' like you said. There are a few more contradictions concerning the Circle too. For example, Llengrath, when asked about joining, describes the process and says Tayn completed it because he "can be frightfully driven when he puts his mind into it." Tayn later says that he earned free scholarships due to his father's influence and wealth. He also states that he didn't fight all the archmages, but simply pulled up a chair. Does that mean the Watcher can also just pay their way into archmage-hood? Another question more concerning Llengrath is: How did she get new dragons? If you kill her, you kill both Gafonercos and Turisulfus, so how in the world does smaller Llengrath have another dragon? Is there a store where she just picks them out or something?
  2. Yeah, then it's probably a bug. You aren't actually supposed to go to the powderhouse until near-endgame Best of luck
  3. Did you blow up the entire Powderhouse? I think Maia is scripted to either leave or stay if you have a +2 reputation (possibly need romance, no idea), but since there was no quest, then yeah, that's probably what did it. Variables that are tied to Maia are (to the best if my knowledge): RDC reputation Huana reputation Her personal reputation with you, ie your options during her dialogue and whether or not your 'follow' what she likes Her quest, The Courier's Calling or something like that Romance Whether or not you sacrificed Kana and Kana's outcome in POE1
  4. The Godseed quest in Forgotten Sanctum. (You have to make either archmage trust you)
  5. Maybe, but there'd have to be a lot of changes. Like, character reactivity. For example (and I'm assuming the Circle would return in POE3), why would the Circle of Archmagi employ some random flunky if they've already worked with the "illustrious" Watcher? The same goes for the gods. Why would they choose a random new guy if Berath already controls the Watcher? I don't think a new protagonist and the Watcher would work well in tandem. Besides, Obsidian will already have to write a crap ton of alternating dialogue based on the Watcher's reputation as a whole, which faction they chose and their reputation with companions and NPC's alike. I just don't see them doing all that and coming up with a completely new protagonist on top of that.
  6. As of right now, POE was the first and only RPG I have ever played. As a new player, I did not think it 'impenetrable,' rather it was incredibly lore heavy and almost dumps its entire narrative on the player at once. For me, that was part of what made me keep playing, I wanted to understand this world and its various myths and histories. I think Deadfire does alleviate this problem somewhat with the pop-up explanations of the gods, cities and historical events. What I don't understand is how players of the first game didn't pick up the sequel. I think I would chalk it up to poor marketing, setting-as Boeroer said, and a less impressive story. One way Obsidian could change this would be to have a new protagonist, a fresh start, so to speak. Perhaps you could import your Deadfire save into POE3 or have choices available and have the decisions you made as Watcher of Caed Nua directly affect this new protagonist. This would make the game a little more welcoming to outsiders and new players. Or, they could have a completely new story and just mention the Watcher here and there. I don't think this will happen because of the cliffhanger ending and all.
  7. Hmm. If you want something without a lot of micro managing, maybe try a more melee-oriented class, like paladin, fighter or barbarian. In my experience, spell-casters are usually better single-classed, especially wizards. SOLO play on Normal/ Relaxed will be a breeze with a melee wizard. Pick high Perception and Intellect, slap Llengrath's Martial Mastery on them and they'll be good to go. (Micro managing is limited with AI. I really like Sin tee's build: Chanters are another viable option, as they're a kind of Jack-of-all-trades class.
  8. I'm certainly no expert on Fighters, but I'll do my best. Devoted: Increased Pen and Crit damage at the cost of Accuracy when not using chosen weapon. Since you mentioned dual wielding sabres, I'm going to go with that (Also, there are like, so many sabres in Deadfire, so you'll have plenty to choose). For a Devoted/Streetfighter you would want to wear less armour (preferably lighter) and invest lots of skill points into both Alchemy and Stealth as you're going to "Bloody" a lot. Devoted/Beserker: I would pick Might, Intellect and Constitution. Might and Constitution because you want your watcher to stay alive and hit like a truck. Intellect because it affects the range of Carnage. You might want to choose 2h specialisation because the great sword Sanguine Harvest can do wonders. If dual wielding, go for Kapana Taga. I would also advise regenerative items because Beserkers take constant damage. Devoted/Monk: Honestly, monks are fun and easy to multi class with, so pick whatever sounds fun. Build-wise, check out this one out: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100743-build-the-tornado-fightermonk/ You can also scour the build forum. They have plenty of people who have well-constructed builds. Hope this helps!
  9. Kinda unrelated, but what actually happens if you give the Oracle to Concelhaut? I remember giving him the body as a joke and subsequently realising I had to redo the entire fight (which sucked). Are there any event-related slides or some such?
  10. Hmm. Looks like it might be bugged? Otherwise, did you make sure Xoti and Maia aren't in a relationship with each other? When in the party together, they will flirt if not in a relationship and reference one another in a romantic way if they are. Another possibility is your reputation with Maia. She will only approach you if you are 1+ (I think) and have completed her quest. The only other problem I think could prevent Maia initiating romance is if you sacrificed Kana or have an bad reputation with the RDC (though I'm not sure if this matters).
  11. I honestly enjoyed the combat in PoE2 more. I prefer having more spells than constantly resting due to the lack of abilities. Deadfire's combat was, in my opinion, more fluid and fun. There is one major disadvantage to PoE2's combat: You can easily fall into a rhythm of just using the same spells every encounter, but still — better than micromanaging and timidly casting spells/ abilities only a few times.
  12. Yes, it does. Maia's ending slide will be pretty depressing, but. To do this you have to have Maia's relationship fully completed (level 2). I'm not sure if you have to romance her or not. Pretty sure this doesn't work with Pallegina.
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