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  1. From what I can tell, the encounter is a little buggy. From my experience, you need to have completed 'He Waits in Fire' and be level 18. Only then will Llengrath show up on your ship. If the encounter is bugged, using the Fonferrus has always worked for me.
  2. What other narrative device can you think of that would make your character want to trek all over the Dyrwood?
  3. Well, that's entirely subjective. I don't think I'll ever get over my love of Tolkien-esque, fantasy worlds, so I didn't think the Dyrwood was bland at all. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by 'awaken and watcher are very difficult to understand and pointless.' Your character is a watcher, and I don't see how either PoEI or II could have existed of you weren't awakened and a watcher. Lady Webb's death did carry weight, though. So did Duc Aevar Wolf-Grin's. When Lady Webb dies, you see the real Thaos, the man you've been searching for all along. It fleshes them both out, and
  4. Didn't Neriscyrlas use magic? And I'm pretty sure none of the dragons in PoE ever used spells.
  5. https://www.neoseeker.com/poe2-forgotten-sanctum/walkthrough This should have all the answers
  6. Really? I loved Defiance Bay and Neketaka to a lesser extent. That feeling of walking into Copperlane after only visiting small hamlets, inns and forests was incredible. Before then, PoE almost felt as though the entire Eastern Reach was a series of dominoes that fell and tipped as the watcher came and went. Defiance Bay was surreal. All the bustling kith, each with different storylines — it fleshed out eora in a way Gilded Vale couldn't. For once the watcher wasn't the most important thing since sliced bread, they were just another traveler or mercenary. That feeling is what I felt was
  7. My interpretation of the difficulty is this: STORY MODE: I either don't want to really interact with combat, I play the game for the story alone EASY/RELAXED: I play the game to have a fun, easy time and enjoy what it has to offer without stressing about combat. This is the 'test-the-waters' difficulty NORMAL: I want to play the game so that there is a suitable challenge that I have to learn to overcome. I like both combat and actively pay attention during it VETERAN/HARD: I know/have experience and want a challenge. I read all the weapon and item descriptions and pic
  8. I agree that difficulty is subjective, my interpretation differs slightly from yours on a couple notes. Veteran (in my opinion) should be playable for someone who has experience with these types of games. Only PoTD is supposed to test your 'in-depth' knowledge of the game. By that I mean knowing the ins-and-outs of the story, the mechanics, etc. My point above was that even on veteran, some bosses can simply be incredibly beefy, often requiring more 'meta-knowledge' than I believe should be necessary on Veteran. But again, this is only my opinion.
  9. That's kinda my problem with the difficulty. Even on veteran (which is just supposed to be hard, not damning), there are certain abilities that you simply must have. On PoTD, I can almost justify everything, since it is path of the damned, but regular hard?
  10. I agree that the DLC's can get a little unfair on PoTD — what with their bloated armor rating, 'boss' fights sometimes boil down to your party swinging at an enemy, hoping to graze it to death — but I don't see how Normal poses such an enormous challenge. Unless you hit select all and click on an enemy without abilities/buffs/spells, Normal should be perfectly doable. For Forgotten Sanctum, I'd recommend killing the summoner of the weapons, as they'll all disappear as soon as the caster dies.
  11. I don't fully remember, but I think you can confront the Circle of Archmagi on whether or not they know more than they let on. Edit: Found it! With 8 Insight: "You're holding something back. What is it?" "Better that I remain silent on the matter." Arkemyr takes in the other members of the Circle. Their responses are myriad - some shake their heads, others shrug, and others still lean back in their chairs and wait to see how it plays out. (I think I arranged them correctly)
  12. Yeah, Benevolent Soul just means your watcher went a Neutral Good route. I think all the choices are described somewhere?
  13. Really? Personally, I thought FS was the best of the DLC and actually bolstered the main story rather than diluting it. The other two DLC fell rather flat for me, since BoW was a separate adventure (more so than the White March) and SSS was really just an excuse to have a battle royal arena, FS was a welcome reprieve. Since the main quests were... of poorer quality than the side quests, FS just helped give the story a nice boost. What with the rather unexpected return of Llengrath, whom I thought was a nice call-back to PoE. I just think FS as a whole is both a lot more polished and bette
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