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  1. I honestly enjoyed the combat in PoE2 more. I prefer having more spells than constantly resting due to the lack of abilities. Deadfire's combat was, in my opinion, more fluid and fun. There is one major disadvantage to PoE2's combat: You can easily fall into a rhythm of just using the same spells every encounter, but still — better than micromanaging and timidly casting spells/ abilities only a few times.
  2. Yes, it does. Maia's ending slide will be pretty depressing, but. To do this you have to have Maia's relationship fully completed (level 2). I'm not sure if you have to romance her or not. Pretty sure this doesn't work with Pallegina.
  3. Generally speaking, unless the DLC specifically states which companions to bring along, all of them have about equal amounts of dialogue. For example: In FS, Aloth and Fassina are recommended and all the other companions chip in here and there. Sidekicks usually don't say much, but I seem to remeber Ydwin commenting a lot in FS.
  4. Check your graphics selections? I seem to remember several detailed 'light-involved' settings.
  5. I would say that I slightly prefer PoE I. It just felt much more like a compact story, whereas Deadfire is a huge, sprawling mass of a game with a lot of exploration. I think PoE I had better writing snd the companions had more depth and feel to them. Mechanically speaking, Deadfire is much better in almost all aspects.
  6. The Neketaka guards are neutral and so only attack of provoked. If an enemy strikes them, they will fight the enemy. If you accidentally attack them, they will turn hostile. You're probably hitting them with an AoE attack.
  7. What issues have you experienced while playing? I've been playing in both modes and everything seemed to be working fine...
  8. Tayn and Llengrath are a great comedic duo as well. If you bring Vatnir along for FS, Tayn starts poking him. Tayn also starts eating nuts that he found on the floor and Llengrath sounds so done.
  9. Start with Veteran/Normal. Whatever class you choose, make sure you put at least some points in perception. Otherwise, you will be seeing no pen! constantly and want to pull your hair out. If Veteran gets too easy, move up to PoTD. The hordes are a bit annoying though...
  10. Tsk, Tsk, shouldn't have betrayed the gods... But really, that does seem rather unfair. You would think that the gods would remove their curses since they actively want you to find Eothas
  11. I don't think more DLC is nesseccary. After all, there are only so many adventures that our dear Watcher can be sidetracked by
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