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  1. You had me at high INT high CHA sniper. My Fallout mains were *always* fast talkin' science guys. However, maybe I should go against type. Maybe not the *exact* way, but something different. Maybe.
  2. I've been going through the Beast of Winter DLC for Deadfire. DLC can be hit or miss, but Obsidian nailed it with this one. Deadfire is superior to Pillars, at least to my tastes, but Pillars captures the creepy a bit better. The Beast of Winter does a wonderful job of recreating some of the surreal atmosphere of Pillars. In fact, Rymrgand is a much more interesting figure in this game. Still plodding through slavishly whenever I get the chance. I would say that I hope to finish soon, but I'd be a liar. I'm having great fun. Some games feel like a race to the finish or a chore of ferreting out the nitty gritty. Deadfire is just plain fun. The sailing is fun. The NPCs are fun. The exploration and unfolding story are fun. Truly an excellent game. Whenever I waste time hashing out a thorough review, I'll be up front about those issues that detract from my enjoyment, but the fact is, at this point, there are few such things to cite. Meanwhile, I finished one... side chapter? in Rymrgand's realm. Lady said she'd repay me by helping against tall, dark, and bony when I finally have to duke it out. EDIT: I just started The Bridge Ablaze. Incredible. I don't know were' they'll go with this, but it's ****ing brilliant! Even if they screw it up in execution, the underlying idea is just phenomenal!
  3. Ended up going into a confusing temple where I suspect I'll end up facing other enemies a second time. I'll have to find out tomorrow because it's too late to continue tonight.
  4. I understand this, but that assumes a cartoon reward. I don't trust myself to make an entirely coherent post at this post. BUNCH OF EDITS: let me leave it at this until/unless I feel a bit of more robust in my thought process.
  5. I just finished off a dragon in what I assume is DLC. I finally find a bunch of fellow pale elves and they try to get me killed. I got it on the first try, but I managed to make a fairly significant mistake so Serefen ended up with two wounds. Still, it was a fun battle. Since my (wizard) main was the only one doing significant damage to him at the end, and he was looking pretty bad, I don't know if I would have made it had my last spell not hit. Serefen did some good damage. Disintegrate can ruin a day if it hits. Still, that bony bastard dragon had a real hardon for the little runt. Fun times!
  6. Damn you! Give it back! Finally quit for the night. I'm in some sort of undead city. I'm not at my most alacritous right now, but I think this has to do with some sort of Flying Dutchman thing in the game. Rat bastard game keeps me up to all hours.
  7. My party is now level 16 in Deadfire. I've had a lot of weird things happen. The biggest news most recently is that I set a sea dragon free after siphoning off enough of its soul to keep the druids going for the time being. I simply killed off the slavers on their island. I figured I'd be screwed somewhere along the line, but apparently it doesn't matter that much. Anyhow, I (b)finally (/b) figured out that I can move to places within cities by clicking on specific locations once I click on a district. Good Lord! THEN, I found out I can sail to places immediately by clicking on known locations. I'm telling you, I'm kicking myself. However, since I'm (b)already(/b) planning my next run, it's not so bad. I have literally lost sleep playing this game, which is a hallmark of greatness.
  8. I'm always for accepting folks fighting for what they want in a game. Seriously. I also don't hold grudges for people letting off steam and hating on things or even me. After all, a little heat can sometimes bring a bit o' light. Good God, I should put that in a fortune cookie! <.< Okay, as a jilted former nobody one his fifth for the night, I'm just saying that creating an account for the sole purpose of hating on this one aspect shoots past ridiculous, surpasses sublime, swerves around transcendent, and heads straight to divine. Okay, after a few, I get even more goofy. Anyhow, I don't mean any offense. I'm just joking around in my own weird way. In all seriousness, if you feel really strongly about it, keep fighting for what you want, PsychoCat4. The jaded view is that it's a limitation imposed by Microsoft, but if that's the case, then you can't blame Obsidian for it, right? If it's not imposed, then maybe it would take much longer to implement something that can't be used on all platforms? Perhaps the consumer pool insistent on this feature is simply not large enough to warrant the extra resources to implement it? If the latter is the cased then mayb e having enough people push for it could convince them. I personally don't care because I'll only play on the PC.
  9. Didn't realize there was a thread already. Wrap this thread into the old one if you'd like. Also, Wormerine… Bubble Bobble? You bastard! I really love Sunless Seas. The game, the soundtrack, the whole idea.
  10. I'm not offended. Of course, I'm not the original poster. However, I was also confused. I had the idea that clean sweep would hit a wider area, but I just wasn't sure from the description. I use positioning a lot, so getting people grouped up is much more to my liking. At any rate, I ended up having my suspicions confirmed, but I have to admit I was a little confused also.
  11. I have two. One from Mandate of Heaven. Spanish guitar. Hauntingly beautiful. Another from Planescape: Torment. Nothing proclaims your love for someone you got killed more than melancholy music. I'll limit myself to two, but I could easily put in all sorts of games in here. There's a commercial out right now that sounds just like a beautiful song from Sunless Seas.
  12. I don't know. I always go after slavers and no one ever accuses me of being a social justice warrior, although I'm quite social, I firmly believe in justice, and I endeavor to a warrior for the good. ...But, no, not really an SJW in today's parlance. I get where Katarack is coming from. It's personal. Kind of like the old DnD Chaotic Good with a little more bloodshed and a lot more 'good at the end of a barrel." I've found, over the years, that I'm a law and order kind of guy. I won't regale folks with real life examples, but, and this was surprising, I believe the laws of society are reflective of our desire for order and peace. I believe those laws should be a guide and, where those laws are wrong, they should be changed. Much different from my wildly liberal (in the classic sense) past. Oh, I still believe the individual is paramount, but how that individual fits into society is the question. This particular individual "points at self" pretends to lawful good. That's why I don't use Katarack's playstyle, but it doesn't strike me as woke scold territory. I won't beg pardon if I've offended anyone, but I won't go vendetta if someone responds angrily. It's funny, I've always envisioned myself as a wizard or a rogue my whole life only to realize in middle age that I'm probably more of a paladin or bard. Not a real paladin. They're much more upright, stronger, and braver than me. Not a real bard. They have real talent. ...But my predisposition would be so.
  13. lol bastard! I plan on posting a meandering and long winded evaluation of Deadfire, but I refuse to do it until I'm well rested and at full capacity!
  14. That's great! lol Every now and then, I admit I'll just go gonzo and slaughter everything in sight, but that's typically when I feel lazy and I'm not serious about playing at the moment. On the other hand, if the design team is good enough to create characters I dislike, I'm tempted to kill them off. That is to say, if there's an important person in an organization and he starts to get under my skin, I'll start to talk and sometime respond with outright hostility. Also, I love well-done evil dialogue. I'm basically Dudley Do-Right in games, but I get real laughs out of the snidely whiplash dialogue. Sometimes, great dialogue isn't evil per se. I laughed out loud last night when I came across Eothas and one of my options was like: "You stole my soul, you jackass!" Not evil at all. I was tempted to choose it because I kind of felt that way. Still, I thought it was better to problem solve. Hey, Gloomseeker, your post was entirely understandable. I was quite tired and perhaps not thinking very clearly. If I'd been speaking, I would undoubtedly have been slurring my words. Instead, I'm afraid I slurred my typing. EDIT: I almost always just kill off slavers. Rat bastards.
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