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  1. I been in this game game long enough to know summons are always suck. Devs can never figure out summoning or pet classes.
  2. You paint the perfect picture for your side to make it seem better. If the expert already knows then of course he dismisses the novice and didnt need his help in the first place. What about when the expert doesnt know? Its scenarios like this that the game is trying to simulate by allowing helping in the first place. When the expert doesnt know, the novice chips in. When the novice chips in for certain skills, its only counted positively. You might as well say what if the novice stealther wants to go left but the expert dismisses his advice and tells the group right. This also is w
  3. It is unfair if Other skill checks dont have this set back. Not everyone needs to diffuse the bomb or identify the plant, so likewise not everyone needs to go sneak up on those ogres and spy on em. Also someone can blunder it up and snap a twig screwing up the sneak operation. Likewise, someone with low alchemy sucks at alchemy and can accidentally tell you misinormation or blunder something up. The advantage here is the game only counts the positives in that someone with 1 alchemy might have helpful info for the phd to get him over the hump. The 1 alchemy guy can never be unhelpful.
  4. Correct me if im worg. Some of these stealth checks are too damn high. Currently level 19 and my highest stealther is 14 stealth and lowest is 3. The problem is when its a party wide check and my 3 guy cant pass a 10 check. Thats crazy. If it aint party wide then it selects the lowest thats for sure. cause i sont get to select the guy who takes the check like i do in other event checks. Its unfair man. I only need one mechanic to unlock boxes. I only need one religion clown to pass religion checks cause i get to pick my highest guy and have him try. So whys stealth have to be d
  5. It wrecks havoc on your conscience until you're doubting your own humanity. Are you really a good guy irl or just an evil ahole thats too afraid or incompetent to break the laws? That, my friend, is why i always play paladins and rangers.
  6. Lets all go 5 secs without mentioning bg 2. Official thread. Every thing that was good was made 20 yrs ago: water, christianity and bg2. Ready start.
  7. People get too caught up in balance. Id wager obsidian just wanted freedom in backstab choices and the harder hitting 2 hand wespsons just work better by coincidence. Id also make a hedge wager that obsidion meant for 2 hand weapsons to hit harder on backstabs cause it makes sense. Yea. It makes sense. What advantage does a dagger bring when it comes to damage over a 2 h axe? Daggers are easily concealed thats it. That aside, if you happen to find yourself 2 meters behind your target, you want a free swing with an axe or a dagger- with an arquabus pointed at the back of someones he
  8. Subjectivity card activated. Surely we can and must consider the game itself and not just each individual's preference or else we are forced to accept absurd claims from boneheads like bieber and brittany are equal to Mozart and queen.
  9. Might over intelligence works perfectly for deriving a mages spell power.
  10. Full on voice over not needed. It sounds great on paper just like each blade of grass being animated sounds great. I sont think they have unlimited resources to do either one. Just let us read. We can do it. It isnt boring. Also if something works ok in one game it doesnt mean we need to see it everytime. Imagine if every final fantasy game had materia system and huge swords. Are skill trees really that awsome? If its rehash, can we at least get skill octogons or skill little dippers? Has anyone played a video game before? Skills trees provably more common than princesses and castl
  11. Once again, the hardcore storymode community left out in the cold. I saved the world too ya know.
  12. A monk/ranger is about as regular joe as it gets. Just a dude and his companion. The class is the wanderer o believe. Pick a dog or wolf and use a staff weapon. Just his fists and animal buddy fighting and clawing for justice. You might go the drugg monk version like some lowlife wanderer. You might go the sharpshootin ranger like some keen eyed rebel that doesnt take any shht. Maybe even the ghost heart crybaby that lost it all due to misfortune and wanders with nothin to lose.
  13. Read the whole thing. Needs a tldr whats the difference between poe1 and 2.
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