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  1. Woedica still bitching, skaen still slamming doors like a grounded teenager, berath need me to help her move, ondra got a boob job and hi confidence levels, hylia started all natural soap business
  2. Real time is better. You can press space to pause at anytime to queue up commands for multiple characters. Real time you have greater control over turns so just pause when you need time to think and set up. The game wasnt designed around turn based so you going to get more rough edges.
  3. Roleplay 1st playthrough only do quests and join sides you think your guy would actually join. 2n playthrough do the samething with a different character. If you see it all in 1st run then ofcourse you cant play it a second time
  4. People think and think and think and think themselves into dissatisfaction. Who cares what and how much youre going to do with the polearm of electric slaying. Just play the game and enjoy the experience as a whole. Making a new mode, new game plus, just so you can use polearm of electric slaying more is ridiculous. This doesnt need to become an item finding mass monster slaying ffx2 arpg. We have those. Lets play those.
  5. Hah. I must be really something. Believe in whatever you want. The game doesnt lead you to think the expacks pick up after the main game. The game prompts you to white march well before drop into the pit. The game throws out a carrot to lure you on into white march. What the game certainly does not do in any way is hint that the expacks continue after the main game is completed. Nothing. If you get the wrong idea then sometimes its on you...
  6. They are all good. You can literally beat the game with one character. Anything normal difficulty or below you can beat the game with who cares. Pick a character that looks fun on paper. They all work dude. Youre not investing in stock market.
  7. Tell me about. I just ditched amiri and linzi for two mercs and it was the best and quietest decision ive ever made.
  8. You guys are hilarious. You think youre a different animal or not an animal at all probably( i would believe it). You guys even seem to talk down to the idea that you are influenced by ads like its something that can even be below you. Exaggerate all you want about mindless zombies that cant think for themselves cause thats not what im talking about. No ones saying you covet everything. Ads put ideas in your heads. You remember that information and use it later on. Yes you do. The vast majority of what you possess came from ads. You dont even know about those products without
  9. Too wordy. We dont need that much context, tangent and background for everything. Do ya like rpgs? If yes then try it. If no then dont. If you like the rpgs these games are famously imitating then try it. If not then dont.
  10. You fkt up. The game clearly warns that you cant return if you jump down the hole. Yes they are elaborate side quests, arguably the best parts of the game. Sayonara
  11. Story sucked compared to poe1 but everything else was spot on. Making each stat, might, perception, resolve etc, worthwhile was a great improvement over older nostalgia dependent games. Open world is another a plus improvement. Its definitely the future of gaming especially as devs get better at it. Advantages of linear story telling are becoming fewer as games implement better ai, random scenarios and plot points.
  12. Then pick the offensive skills and 1 handed talents. Obsidian dug its own grave when it balanced all stats. People still searching for the "right" stats to this very day.
  13. Dude, you can easily find builds on google. Theres a youtuber more than willing to help you, no matter how deserving, for a like and subscribe. Whats funny is a lot of google searches for builds or class advice bring up threads from this very forum by these very posters. I dont blame them for refusing you help but believe me they have no choice.
  14. Normal or lower difficulty you can take whomever you want. Just look at the classes and pick whats fun.
  15. Ekera, This game needs multiplayer like it needs a hole in the head. Its single player froms scratch and most fans like that about it. Mutliplayer would be nothing more than some useless add on gimmick. What on postenago earth about this game would lend itself well or benefit from multiple player? Dont be a casita head.
  16. No one? I just found that jubilost by the river qui. I made him into an alchemist fighter. Is that a pretty good combo?
  17. The best pet? People need to power game everything? They should make poe 3 just a google spreadsheet where people can google the best thing to put in every cell and just put that thing in the cell.
  18. What are we supposed to do? No one can tell you why you dont like the game. No ones that smart, trust me Theres no need to aplogize for not liking poe2 after poe1.
  19. Lower the difficulty. Thats what its for face palm. Yes it will be fun. You can find the right challenge for you so you dont get stuck on whats "absurdly hard."
  20. Not everyone has half a million posts and discussed all this to death before hand. Let people talk on a forum....
  21. Gem activated Gem deactivated Gem activated Gem deactivated It means whatever you think it means.
  22. It aint the game if a lack of voice acting prevents you from getting into the story. Va is as over rated as achieves. Books dont have voice acting or achievements and we still read them.
  23. Typed from his computer, instead of his phone, over his internet, concerning his video game all which he bought directly from ads.
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