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  1. I haven’t hit number 47 yet, but I enjoy the struggle from early on. It’s only when I get to level 20 I get bored because everything dies so quickly even on potd upscaled. That’s when I start over and try a new build. I’m trying to do a blood mage/ancient Druid build now. I like the variety.
  2. Excellent suggestions. It took me 6 years to finish my first play through of dragon age inquisition after all the restarts and game decision paralysis and taking breaks.
  3. Set your Auto pause to pause after a character finishes an ability. This was really helpful for me.
  4. I used to do this but it often doesn't work in newer games because the effects of your choices aren't seen until much later in the game or sometimes even the epilogue.
  5. So I really love this game. It's awesome and I want to play the hell out of it. I've felt this way about other games too: Dragon Age, DOS, POE1, etc. My problem is, once it's over I can't really get myself to play again. The story is revealed and it's like watching the same movie twice with minor variations. So what i do instead is start multiple playthroughs with different characters and play half the game maybe 5 times then finally finish with one character. I'm level 18 in my playthrough and maybe half way through the story content so I keep restarting with different builds. Do those
  6. I’ve been using your soul sniper build for my first play through. I’m at level 13. It’s great fun. But this is about the time I start wanting to try new stuff. I have strange game psychology. Once I completely finish a game I’m unmotivated to play again. I generally start over a bunch of times and then just finish once. Poe1 I have about 200 hours but only finished it once.
  7. I was actually using your build, not so clever hound, and enjoying it a lot, but had an itch to start over to see what else I could do. I just love alts and trying new stuff. Once I finish a game though, I never feel like going back. I try to play different characters and finish with the one I most identify with and enjoy. I’m on my 5th play through of Skyrim and have never finished it. Lol. I had 80 hours in poe1 before I settled on a barbarian and finally finished it - and only because I wanted to play dead fire. I’m hoping there’s a poe3 but not hearing good news about it.
  8. Yeah, you discovery an ability and it’s awesome but after doing the same thing for 10 hours, it loses its appeal and you’re ready for a restart! The key, I think, is finding something flexible with a lot of different options.
  9. Awesome, thanks for the detailed reply. Any thoughts on attribute distribution? Max resolve you’ve mentioned. High perception is always important. What about might and intelligence? Medium? 14ish? Does race matter? I’ve been lurking in these boards now since I got the game last month. I have an issue with rpgs where I can never decide on a character and spend about 40 hours just starting and restarting. This game is especially “bad” because it’s so complex. I’ve played fort maje quite a few times now. It’s amazing how much expertise some of you have with this game. I’ve had an easier tim
  10. Hi folks, I’ve searched quite a bit but can’t find this build brought up by Boeroer in a few discussions. It uses the great sword with offensive parry. Any help with a link or more details would be much appreciated.
  11. Op, I do the exact same thing. I'm glad I'm not the only. I just finished dragon age origins last year after shelving it for years. I have 60 hours played in POE and have not made it past caed nua. i usually try to plan for two play throughs to try to get every permutation of story, character, and npcs. I'm usually lucky to get through one though because of all the restarts. I don't feel bad though. I've already got my money's worth. Eventually I will go back to divinity and shadowrun and all the other games I abandoned.
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