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  1. So here's me responding to myself: bummer you missed out on the white march. Thankfully you didn't make the same mistake with Deadfire, which is so much better (and it's hard to say PoE left a lot of room for improvement in the first place) that it's hardly worth shedding a tear over. On a game-time to dollars spent ratio I'm looking at about 4.5hr/$1 for the whole package I bought and I'm only done with one Deadfire expansion. This would make the PoE I and PoE II package one of the most reasonably priced games I've ever played, even with the lost money on the PoE I expansions. This ratio doesn't matter satisfaction, which is off the charts. I will say that as an rpg player, I prefer the mini-sequel type of expansion to the elaborate side-quest style used in PoE franchise. Beast of Winter did a lot to explore my past in PoE I and further draw me into the plot of Deadfire. I'd hate to think if I had played this game at it's release I would have missed that, or would have had to go back to a previous save to experience it. Thankfully it's a moot point coming in 3 years late, but for PoE III (pretty please tell me there will be a third) I would hope to see a resurrections of the usual after-story type expansions.
  2. I agree that Tekehu is also pretty sweet. I'm really liking Maia, in fact I sat Aloth on the bench despite being more powerful just cause I enjoy her banter. And yeah the story is kinda meh in comparison, but it also doesn't matter. The driving force is how cool all the side stories are, the truly MASSIVE amount of things to do. I've got the watcher to lvl 13 and I don't think I've even done a third of what's available. The best part is all the side quests are actually interesting. I'm just looking for turnips for xp or some bunk like that.
  3. I loved PoE one (was pretty pissed about the ending though), but I just gotta say Deadfire is a masterpiece. The changes to combat, the character interactions, ships, the graphics. Absolutely A++ work. And you brought Eder back even, everyone's fave, and some how made him better. Xoti's awesome too, hoping to buy her a drink later, see if she's interested in a little reaping. Cheers, and thanks, Monjoie
  4. So, I spent 157 hours on PoE base game. I did everything, EVERYTHING, and treated myself to nuking the end baddy this evening. So I says to myself, "hey, self, lets do the expansions now." "Great idea, you sexy idea machine," I replied. So I clicked continue on game load thinking that I would, you know, continue with the content I purchased, and I 'm right back in the fight with the end boss. Can someone please explain to me if this is a bug? Or did I just waste $20 buying expansions I can't play because they're not really expansions, only elaborate side quests that have to be completed before starting act 4 of the base game, like all other side quests. If the former, how do I continue on to the expansions ? If the latter (which would be some real horse poop) , how do I get my money back? Thanks. Margram's flame guide you all. Jeff
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