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Pillars of Eternity End Game -WTF?! White March??!

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So, I spent 157 hours on PoE base game. I did everything, EVERYTHING, and treated myself to nuking the end baddy this evening.  So I says to myself, "hey, self, lets do the expansions now." "Great idea, you sexy idea machine," I replied.  So I clicked continue on game load thinking that I would, you know, continue with the content I purchased, and I 'm right back in the fight with the end boss. Can someone please explain to me if this is a bug? Or did I just waste $20 buying expansions I can't play because they're not really expansions, only elaborate side quests that have to be completed before starting act 4 of the base game, like all other side quests. 

If the former, how do I continue on to the expansions ? 

If the latter (which would be some real horse poop) , how do I get my money back? 

Thanks. Margram's flame guide you all.



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@Monjoie11: Hello and welcome!

I can explain the problem:

First of all let's read the official description of the product you bought:

Obsidian said:

Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part I is a large sprawling expansion pack with hours of gameplay integrated into the main adventure. Along with the new quests and area content, the team at Obsidian continues to support and make improvements to the entire game, including the additions of Player Party AI and Enhanced Enemy AI. Even if you haven't played Pillars of Eternity, now is a great time to jump in and experience the hardcore classic RPG with The White March - Part I.

I marked the part that's especially important to your case. I guess you missed that description when buying the expasions. It's not very aggressively promoted that way and if you just fly over the descriptions before buying you might have missed or forgotten that line. A lot of other players have as well in the past and asked for a solution here, so no shame. ;)

White March I and II do expand the main game. They will add two new areas to the main game's world map (the White March in the north and Crägholt Bluffs which is very tough and lies on the way to the White Mach - don't go there before you go to the White March but on one of your ways back). You can go there anytime you like during your main campaign and solve the related quests. But of course if you go there too early it will be very hard and if you go tehre too late it will be rather easy (although the difficulty will rise steeply and there is an option to scale the content up if the game sees that your level is very high). You can bring/take all items into/from there, it's a seamless integration. So it's a "true" expansion of the main game and not a mini-sequel on the engine of the main game like Throne of Bhaal etc. were.

You can't go back from Sun in Shadows once you jumped down the pit. So if you only have that one single savegame you are screwed. BUT Obsidian made it so that there should be a separate auto-save right before you jump into the pit. I hope you didn't manually delete that. 

So what you can do is to load that save, go to the White March and do stuff, in between go to Crägholt Bluffs and then return to the White March to do the second part. Or in another order - doesn't matter as long as you can handle the content with your party. As I said you can go there and leave at any time.

Naturally you will lose the (little) progress you made in Sun & Shadow and you will have to fight Thaos again since you are reloading the save BEFORE jumping into Sun & Shadow - but I guess that's not too bad since that part is very short anyway. 

Thaos will be ridiculously easy after WMI/II compared to before so that shouldn't be a mechanical problem. Just a bit meh to have to do it twiche maybe.

You could also do a completely new playthrough if you wished. There are many new/cool items and stuff that might motivate you to try a completely different character. If you played PoE for the story then that's maybe too boring because that part will not change obviously, but with a different character and also party compistion there's still a lot of stuff to discover one might have missed in the first run - e.g. when deciding for a particular faction and missing out the quests of the other factions (naturally). Or the companion quests of somebody you didn't pick up. Or the dialoge lines you couldn't unlock because you didn't have the right skills/attributes/class/race etc. 

Hope that helps, cheers! 

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Well I said you would be screwed if you only have that one last savegame but that's not entirely true if you are not playing on consoles. 

If you are on PC/Mac/Linux you can use a cheat code to teleport you from Sun in Shadow to any other map and from there you could travel to the White March like normal. If nothing else works this might salvage your playthrough maybe. But I personally would prefer to load that save right before jumping into the pit. 

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You fkt up. 🍔

The game clearly warns that you cant return if you jump down the hole. 🍔

Yes they are elaborate side quests, arguably the best parts of the game.🍔

Sayonara 🍔

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54 minutes ago, asnjas said:

The game clearly warns that you cant return if you jump down the hole. 

Very true my genius level glue sommelier - but if one believed that the expansions follow the completion of the main game this wouldn't be a perceived problem, would it?

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