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  1. It's weird that the accuracy bonuses of both weapons get displayed in one window frame. Like... two times the same Weapon Focus bonus and all that? Something's not right.
  2. I guess the Monk is actually a Priest? Did you by any chance go to Crägholt Bluffs?
  3. I think Sympetrum meant the consumable poisons such as Razorgill Dust and so on. If you apply a poison to your AoE weapon - like Fire in the Hole - will the poison get applied to all enemies in the AoE?
  4. As Kaylon said in some other thread, Eager Blade, enchanted with Battle Unending used by a Berserker/Forbidden Fist is a good combo. You'll get an alternative crush dmg attack with the Forbidden Fist attack. With its Enfeeble you prevent the enemies from getting occasionally healed by the blade - while you still profit from the healing on crit.
  5. Is great sword the only option or would estoc also be okay? I personally like defensive builds with Whispers of the Endless Paths (and Offensive Parry), especially Steel Garrote/Bloodmage but also Soulblade/Trickster and such - but the estoc Engoliero do Espirs is maybe best suited to "smite wave of foes". Engoliero with a Paladin/Forbidden Fist plus Sacred Immolation is pretty dope imo. Berserker/Troubadour, too. Reason is that the enchantment "Blade Feast" gets triggered by any kill, not only weapon kills. And the Ghost Blades that come out do not only profit from all sorts of weapon damage bonuses etc. but also heal your character with the damage they cause - countering the self damage of Sacred Immolation or Berserker Frenzy. Maybe Whispers of the Edless Paths with a Devoted/Helwalker using Clear Out. Devoted provides Clear Out with high PEN and the Helwalker awesome MIG and INT (for bigger AoEs). The AoE cone of Clear Out "stacks" with the AoE cone of the weapon, giving you a ton of attack rolls if you manage to target several enemies at once: every attack roll of the Clear Out cone triggers a cone attack from the weapon. That's also smiting waves of foes I'd say. Well... Soulblade/Trickster with Whispers of the Endless Paths is maybe also fitting the description. The Soul Annihilation attack gets dispersed over the whole cone and Riüoste + Offensive Parry do stack. Also pretty tanky and versatile because... Cipher. Some call it boring, but a Crusader (Fighter/Paladin) can deal a good and steady amount of single weapon damage with something like Voidwheel or Effort - and at the same time be sturdy as hell.
  6. Yes, but as was said before: it's not correct that all of Tekehu's shock spells get +5 Power Level from Deltro's Cage + Lord Darryn's Voulge. Only Druid spells that carry the keywords "electricity" or "shock" and "storm" will combine +2 PL from the armor AND +3 from the Pollaxe. Those are in this build's case Returning Storm and Relentless Storm. Spells that are storms but no shock will get +3 PL, spells that are shock but not storms wll get +2 PL. That's still good but not as good as +5 PL of course. A SC Druid Tekehu could get +5 PL on Avenging Storm and Maelstrom. +5 PL on Maelstrom is very impactful as it boosts an already very powerful spell. If you combine that 5PL with the additonal 5 Power Levels you get from using an Empower point you can wipe most normal encounters right from the start, especially if you combine that with some of the passive abilities that can boost Empower further (like Accurate Empower). However, the build presented here is very versatile - which is a great quality in itself and often more useful than being extraordinarily powerful at one particular thing (like electric storms).
  7. Maybe because they often come with lots of totems/wards. Also most Naga fights in Hasongo have lots of barrels standing around - which gives you Thunderous Blows in every fight. I think the random mind affliction on 50% of crits can be pretty cool.
  8. Maybe because it also interrupts. Having multiple attack rolls can make sure to actually interrupt the target. And in case that target has (multiple layers) of concentration, multiple attack rolls might remove those, too. Huh - interesting find!
  9. Oh - I used it on a Berserker/something (don't remember) and just lived with the occasional healing of enemies - I only lowered that a bit with Effigy's Husk. That wasn't too bad actually. I didn't think about going one step further and use a Forbidden Fist to prevent that healing completely - what a nice idea.
  10. Of course I mean for usefulness for the party. If the wielder can reliably crit with BotEP he himself won't need much more accuracy or deflection debuffing. But if you as a party can drive a boss' deflection down by 60 points or so, every party member (plus summons) can land good hits, making the fight a whole lot easier. If you combine that with weapons that disable on crit (Ball and Chain, Thundercrack, Grave Calling etc.) this has great synergies, too. I try do do the same with the other defenses, too. That's why I often have stuff like Pikes (Ngati's Tusk), Morning Stars (Willbreaker), Flails, Maces and Clubs in the party and combine them with other sources of stacking debuffs. Engoliero do Espirs has Blade Feast that triggers on all kills, not only weapon kills. Also works if you kill allies (like Many Lives Skeletons) and barrels and stuff. Blade Feast can proc itself (a kill from the cone procs another cone and so on as long as smth. dies). It not only damages enemies but also heals the wielder. It's essentially Ghost Blades + healing. Since it procs off of any kill it's even great for offensive casters. You just have to stand near the enemies because Blade Feast will originate from you, not the killed enemy. It also counts as weapon attack so it works with Avenging Storm and such. Avenging Storm again will trigger Blade Feast on kill. Blae Feast also profits from weapon quality and other dmg bonuses. Then, with the right apporach you can quickly get +3 to 3 attributes which isn't bad either. One examplary character who can make great use of it is Berserker/Troubadour with Many Lives Skeletons and Blood Thirst. SC Barb with Driving Roar is also nice with it. Or Evoker/Helwalker, a Skald who uses Her Revenge a lot, Fighter with Clear Out...
  11. Estocs are fine if you are not clinging to them in every fight. So... Devoted+Estocs might not be the best combo. But it's also not that bad imo. Leaning into massive PEN, even if only pierce, can be fun, too. You make overpenetrated shashlik from some enemies and not much from others. Of course Estocs are worthless against pierce-immune foes (enemies with high pierce AR often still receive full PEN, at least with the modal and esp. with a Devoted). But that's what the 2. weapon set is for, isn't it? A pollaxe can be a nice backup, doesn't even need to be unique imo. A Devoted can use Monastic Unarmed Training if he fears the lower ACC with a backup weapon. Engoliero do Espirs has awesome potential but also comes pretty late for my taste. The early Blade of the Endless Paths is an excellent unique weapon to me. The potential -20 deflection on (4)crits synergizes very well with the auto-accumulating ACC bonus it gets. The debuff stacks with all other deflection debuffs - such as the pike modal. It even stacks with itself if you have two or more BotEP on the field (Wizard's Phantoms, Watery Double, Living Illusions). Theoretically one can stack unlimited instances of the deflection debuffs because every newly added phantom/double adds a new stackable instance. If you prolong them all (e.g. with Dispersed Suffering) you can theoretically drive anybody's deflection into the realm of sub-zero. Not that this is practical... just saying. Had great results with it on several characters who used it to support the main weapon damage dealers. It doesn't make a big difference against most ordinary enemies but is really handy against tough ones. I combined it with the Cap of the Laughingstock and a Ranger more than once and added a buddy with a pike. Wicked Beast for example is a great partner for BotEP, especially on a Monk with Swift Flurry/HBD (Wicked Beast has multiple potential attack rolls per attack). But you absolutely need backup weapons. Places like Hanging Sepulchres are not the best environment for those. Maybe I fee like that because I prefer a more slowish style of encounter. I usually don't try to overpower the enemy with brute force but try to strengthen accuracy, then debuff and only then try to deal damage. I guess BotEP fits that approach better. --- Anyway: a weapon type I almost never use (as tools for melee dmg) are hatchets. The modal is not very useful imo. Wands are also kind of meh to me.
  12. I think I have an exported character with only Ngati's Tusk somewhere if you need it. You can also export a "cheated" character and then edit the file (it's just a text file basically) and set the according boolean back to non-cheated - so that said character wouldn't disable achievements when imported.
  13. I have two different suggestions: 1. Howler (Furyshaper/Troubadour) with a Pike (aiming for Ngati's Tusk, Morning Star such as Willbreaker as backup)? At least 10 INT and max out the Survival skill. First of all it's easier to position if you are in (somewhat) confined spaces. The modal supports your own attack as well as Edérs. A Howler can be an excellent debuffer without actually having to do anything for the debuffing actively (aka wasting time better spent for poking things). You pick Spirit Frenzy (debuff enemies Fortitude by 10 on hit with Carnage and with chant hits), The Long Night's Drink (debuff Fortitude even further by another 10 points). With Ngati's Tusk you can lower enemies' defenses by more than 10 in an aura (autohit) if you enchant it with "Lord of the Hunt". With Willbreaker you can use Body Blows for -25 fortitude and -3 Will per hit. Once you can summon Fear Ward you do that, too. You use phraes for Ben Fidel's Neck (-10 to all defenses, stacks). Result is that enemies' defenses are really low, especially fortitude. That is great for Edér because his Knockdown and Clear Out target fortitude. Nice buddy synergy. Looks great as a Huana (Aumaua) with some fitting armor (Reckless Brigandine or one of the Hide armors). Also looks nice with Blackend Plate (add 1 or 2 other auto-hit auras) - almost like a Death Knight because Ngati's Tusk looks like pale bone while the armor is... well... quite black. 2. Shepherd (Paladin/Ranger - Ghost Heart is most convenient with the positioning of the AC for Stalker's Link, Stalker is the most tanky one) with Blade of the Endless Paths. It's easy to position yourself with Evasive Roll. It's a bit of a variant of my PoE1-build "Counselor Ploi" which was my best buddy for Edér in PoE1. It was focused on giving Edér (or anyother party member) the best possible accuracy boost. Here in Deadfire I use FoD + Ring of Focused Flame OR Accurate Wounding Shot (should my Zeal be low) for the sweet +20 ACC in combination with Zealous Focus (more ACC) and Marked Prey and Stalker's Link etc. in order to get really high ACC pretty early. I want to crit a lot because the Blade of the Endless Paths has an enchantment that causes -4 deflection on crit (stacks up to -20). At the same time the ACC of the Blade also goes up during the fight. Basically you "mark" the enemy with crits for your buddy Edér while you also will land a ton of crits with nice damage yourself. A bit like hammer and anvil... so maybe give Edér war hammers. Of course a Paladin can heal well - which is always nice in the front line. This char looks very nice imo with Devil of Caroc's Breastplate and Helm of the Falcon. Proper MC looks if you ask me. You'll need some backup weapon like a Pollaxe or so bc. of the Estoc's pierce-only dmg. This marking stuff also works well with a Geomancer (Wizard/Ranger), using the Essential Phantom in order to get two parallel marking stacks from the Blade otEP (then up to -40 deflection on the enemy) - but that is a lot of casting for a deflection debuff and it also gets crowded pretty quickly with an animal companion and a Phantom. It's also ACC/debuffing overkill in most cases. But you'll have the versatilty of a Wizard...
  14. Yeah, the PL scaling from 1 is nice (both for ACC and also damage). And I particularly like the CC effect that switches off most single foes immediately - and that it feels so affordable. And the additional Carnage trick is pretty cool, too and sort of free additional (raw) damage. But I guess the best part is that Efficient Anguish is fueld by wounds - which are potentially an inexhaustible resource. Imo there is no other martial attack ability that gives you so much impact for the (non-scarce) resource you are investing. Since I like the combo Berserker/Helwalker so much I have to say that the cost of 1 wound almost feels like nothing - because the wounds keep piling up so damn quickly from the synergy of Frenzy self damage+Wound Trait that I cannot spend them all with Efficient Anguish alone. Being able to spam Efficient Anguish with no pause is maybe a big part of why it feels so powerful against most singular foes to me (even enemies like Neriscyrlas usually go perma-prone with the help of a fellow priest for some more ACC). BUT this might not be the same for other Barb/Monk combos, so maybe it feels more expensive then and less good - I don't know. But still it's way more affordable than let's say 1 Guile for Crippling Strike, 1 Discipline for Knockdown/Piercing Strike, 1 Zeal for FoD or even 2 Rage for a Barbaric Smash (without refund) or so. Since I only use Barbaric Smash as finisher (it's total overkill but just too much fun) I seldomly pay anything for it. I find it way too expensive to use it as a regular attack.
  15. But I wasn't talking about Brute Force. As I explicitly wrote the combo Barb/Monk with Efficient Anguish lets you deliberately target Fortitude or Deflection based on what's (potentially) lower even without Brute Force: Simply because Efficient Anguish targets Fortitude (and stuff like Stunning Surge or Barbaric Smash do not). But that wasn't the main point why this combo is good against single targets. It just adds virtual accuracy in most fights which is good. Main point: since Efficient Anguish adds Carnage damage to the main target (and that adds viability against single targets) and because its one of the best martial attacks against single targets in the first place (PL1 scaling, CC/interrupt on the fly) you want to use it against single foes. But it targets Fortitude and thus using a Morning Star, Spirit Frenzy and Enervating Blows is the smartest approach for exploiting this additional damage potential against single foes. Additional benefits of the Morning Star: in combination with Saru Sichr and Swift Flurry/HbD it also helps to make the DoT of the weapon land crits (because it always targets fortitude). Making it more likely for the DoT to crit greatly increases the chance to trigger crit chains with SF/HBD which significantly improves the performance against (weaker) singular foes (for example casters). Yet another advantage is the stacking DoT which is powerful (if not immune). I don't use BPM so I don't know what details may work there or not. Wasn't aware that Saru Sichr works differently there.
  16. You can pick human as race and Monk as second class, pick a Morning Star (preferably Saru Sichr) and primarily use its modal Body Blows in combination with Efficient Anguish, Enervating Blows and Spirit Frenzy as well as Swift Flurry/Heartbeat Drumming. The advantages are that the enemies' fortitude gets lowered by up to 45 points on the fly which usually means a virtual accuracy increase. There are few enemies that have 45 points of fort. over deflection. And those who have usually have crappy deflection in the first place (then use Stunning Surge or Barbaric Smash). Being able to pick between two defenses for your melee attacks (even without Brute Force) is very advantageous imo. Then Efficient Anguish (besides it being a PL1-ability that is cheap and scales very well) has a nice synergy with Carnage: it pushes the enemy into the Carnage AoE before it gets rolled. This means the initial target not only gets knocked down and pushed but also suffers the normal weapon damage PLUS the Carnage raw damage. Saru Sichr has a second weapon attack roll attached (vs. fortitude) which can trigger Swift Flurry/HBD as well as Enervating Blows and Stunning Surge refunds. It is substantially easier to trigger Swift Flurry chains with Sari Sichr than with weapons that only hit once. Also because both single attack rolls will proc two rolls again. In addition to that the DoT of Saru Sichr does stack with itself which is very strong against singular foes. It is poison however - so against some enemies it doesn't do damage (but still procs crits iirc). Thunderous Blows does also help if you aren't a Berserker. Hylea's Talons will help to gain woundsas well as add damage. Their DoT gets triggered by both attack rolls of Saru Sichr. All this makes the Barbarian/Monk excellent against singular foes. Against bosses with stellar defenses one might want to pick Instruments of Pain and Enduring Dance of Death in order to gain and keep a decent accuracy bonus on top. Barbarian/Monk with Morning Star is one of my favorite multiclasses. I personally like the razor's edge that is playing a Berserker/Helwalker, but it works well with any subclass combo. Another way to make a great single target Barb, especially against single casters, is to pick Ranger and pile up accuracy bonuses and crit chance (Marked Prey, Stalker's Link, Survival of the Fittest, Bloody Slaughter and so on) and use Wounding Shot with dual battle axes plus Bleeding Cuts + Barbaric Smash as finisher. Barbaric Smash does tremendous damage once it crits - especialy in combination with Bloody Slaughter. With Evasive Roll the Barb/Ranger is super mobile even before getting Leap and can reach enemies very quickly. In this case the ability "Master's Call" isn't bad if you are a Stalker because it ends Bonded Grief very quickly and also is a useful CC tool. Of course Bleeding Cuts unlock Predator's Sense which also help with single target damage. Your AC is a part of your character after all... I found that Barb/Rogue, while doing great weapon dmg on paper, is usually not as effective as those two options. I can see a Barb/Paladin doing well against single targets, too. Using Eternal Flame + Ring of focused Flames as the main source of weapon damage and finishing with Barbaric Smash while using Brand Enemy, Blood Storm and Bleeding Cuts (or other weapon DoTs) to bring down tough nuts. SC Barb and especially SC Furyshaper is great against mobs but imo lacks the tools that would make him good against single (tough) targets.
  17. Sorry - I stay logged in (no need to log in all the time anymore).
  18. Now that I let third parties track me (on this site) I stay logged in.
  19. After more testing I can confirm that blocking tracking sites (Google and Microsoft, see below) I will get logged out as soon as I close the browser. If I let them do their thing I won't get logged out. That wasn't the case in the past. --- (Formerly) blocked tracking sites: microsoft.com googletagmanager.com google-analytics.com google.de
  20. No - and I didn't change any of my browser/cookie settings. It's weird... yesterday the session ended as soon as I closed the browser. Just now I visited the forum again (first time today I believe) and I was logged out again. But when I clicked on "sign in" I suddenly was logged in again and didn't have to do anything. Edit: this is superweird: I now tested it again and closed the browser and opened if back up, went ot the forum site: it says I'm looged in (cool). THen tried to edit this post and the edit option is not there (huh? logged out secretly?). Reload the page and I'm logged out. I'm using 2FAuth - maybe that's causing a problem? No idea... I am also blocking 3rd-party cookies and use Disconnect to block third-party tracking - but there's only 1 content request from Microsoft and a bunch from Google afaict. In the past that didn't cause any problems with the login process. I can try without those and report. Edit 2: deactivated the Disconnect addon and now I keep being logged in. OKay, I can live with that. It's just weird that this worked in the past an now it doesn't. Is the session cookie from a different source now or something?
  21. Hi @SChin - it seems I now get logged out as soon as the session ends. Have to log in (with 2FA) all the time... Am I the only one?
  22. I don't really understand. Blinding Smok is an enchantment of Serafen's Hand Mortar. I don't see how one could combine Xefa's Blunderbuss with Blinding Smoke. Blinding Smoke has an AoE in the form of a cone. It procs from a crit from Hand Mortar rolls (AoE crits included). You can proc a lot of Blinding Smoke cones with just one mortar shot (the more enemies the better). It is indeed devastating with Avenging Storm. That's why I sometimes use it in combination with Fire in the Hole (Chain Shot) on a SC Stormspeaker (Tekehu) or SC Druid.
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