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  1. Mostly correct I believe. I think it works on some neutral NPCs that are on guard as well. At least I remember that (not yet hostile) guards in Fort Deadlight reacted...? But shop-dudes and such: nope, they won't move. Rokowa's Fingers will work though.
  2. Yes, Beguiler's mechanic is pretty broken because it applies the deception's affliction first and only then checks whether you'll get focus back or not (which will always be the case if you don't miss). What is pretty cool about Beguiler/Beckoner is that you can use summons AND mind control to turn a whole army against one remaining enemy (or a few). But as I said above: that works even better if you have one Beckoner and one Beguiler, not necessarily a Beguiler/Beckoner. Because you can cast that stuff at the same time and don't have to cast everything one after another. Still fun
  3. No, the only thing that unlocks the Assassin's passive are attack rolls from stealth or invisibility. Beguiler does nothing special for an Assassin. Actually I find it's a suboptimal combination. Maybe. Just know that SC Rogue may feel a bit less interesting at first - because you have less options. But on the other hand you'll unlock new abilites a lot faster - and spamming Gambit can be a lot of fun.
  4. I don't. That would be the same as usual (in fantasy CRPGs) and feels a bit like an appeal to everybody's secret delusions of grandeur. That was cool when it happened with Ultima IX or Throne of Bhaal or something back then. I was much younger and liked that "I'm so special" treatment. But I don't read the kinds of books nowadays that I read back then. I don't watch the same kinds of movies anymore. I grew old. I actually found it kind of refreshing to have a somewhat surprising yet anticlimactic ending and not the typical "you're important and you get it all" stuff. I mean if it would ha
  5. Fast attacks and lots of crits sounds like a Berserker/Streetfighter with dual daggers. Or at least anything else with Streetfigher, not necessarily Trickster. Played one with Marux Amanth + Pukestabber and all the speed goodies (Alkohol, Devil of Caroc + Abraham, Two Weapon Style, Frenzy, Bloodlust, Heating Up, Blackblade's Hood and so on) and all the dmg goodies (One Sands Alone, Blooded, Barbaric Smash, Bloody Slaughter, Sneak Attack, Deathblows, Blood Storm, Deep Wounds etc.). It's incredibly fast once you get flanked and has very high crit damage bonuses with Barbaric Smash, especial
  6. I guess "POD" is Might? Imo the problem with low CON isn't mainly the lowish endurance but the low health. Wizards don't really start with good health to begin with and the level-ups aren't great either (in that regard). Unlike a party Wizard one might consider taking Infuse with Vital Essence as spell mastery when going solo. It will offer you actual health gains which even persist after combat, scales with healing bonuses (such as from camping/survival and of course MIG) and can somewhat counter that problem. It can make stuff like Wound Binding obsolete. Of course you can al
  7. There are several combos that can boost summons. But actually - since the buffing/support for summons doesn't have to be done by the one summoning - it's better to use party synergy instead of multiclass-synergy because the action economy is much better compared to doing all stuff by yourself - imo. That means I would recommend a SC Beckoner and supporting his summons with another party member. Also because the upgrade of Animated Weapons with a Beckoner is very good (8 weapons). The Beckoner himself can already support with phrases (e.g. Mith Fyr + The Arrow Sings ) and Animancy Cat etc. Also
  8. It would be invisible support (supportive invocations, Mith Fyr, Animancy Cat etc.) and doing debuffs/CC (Shield Cracks, Killers, Ben Fidel's Neck etc.) for your summons. Arkemyr's Brillant Departure only breaks when you deal damage yourself. Summons and Walls do not count as "yourself". "Normal" self damage like Alacrity or Berserker Frenzy also won't end it, but unfortunately Blood Sacrifice counts (there seems to be a hidden attack roll involved thatr determined whether you get low, medium or high self dmg), so it will end the invisibility. So in the end it has to be Wall of Drain
  9. You are missing one point. I guess from the cultural background? 5 INT would be a no-go for me personally. I would do 10 MIG and 10 DEX I think. You'll have +5 MIG from Thunderous Blows and +5 DEX from Swift Strikes at some point. When going for Swift Flurry I would go high PER, with Lightning Strikes I would go a bit lower.
  10. Yes. The Chanter's initial phrase boost only kicks in after combat started. He will have 0 out of combat iirc (also a chanter will not chant when stealthed). In a party that's no problem because somebody else can trigger combat. Using Smoke Veil: offensive phrases will break invisibility? You can just use non-offensive ones of course (those which do no attack rolls). I never tried but I think a Bloodmage/Bellower (or any other chanter) could use Arkemyr's Brilliant Departure + summons like Animated Weapons (deal damage) + offensive chats (that don't deal dmg) + cc invocations l
  11. Say hello again to my FF/Trickster who does absolutely nothing but is just standing there - yet kills enemies faster than some chars who actively attack.
  12. Right. Maxing out stealth or sleight of hand doesn't make a lot of sense (unless you want to increase flanking damage of Stalker's Patience or something lika that).
  13. Why Fury? The passive of the Fury only works with Druid spells that have the "Elements" keyword. Also Lord Darryn's Voulge (+3 PL to storms) doesn't work with Thrice Was She Wronged (afaik). For Heart of the Storm? Imo it would be better to use a SC Bellower (+3 PL compared to multiclass bec. SC reach 9 and can pick Prestige) or some class combo that provides additional spell dmg and/or PEN. Like for example Helwalker (+15 MIG, +2 PEN via passive + Thunderous Blows).
  14. Yes, that's a lot of PLs with very little effort and maybe the most usable way. Fire is one of the more resisted dmg types though. But you'll have plenty of non-fire PL bonuses, too. For lots of more versatile PL bonuses one might want to pick a Bellower I guess. Even if the Bellower can't profit from that many fire PLs one can get up to +7 PLs from the phrase counter alone. Nature Godlike + Stone of Power and you are at 9 power levels that are not tied to a certain type of damage. Add Empower once per encounter with Sasha's Singing Scimitar and the Weyc's Wand and you'll have a +14 PL spe
  15. I agree. Unless you face imps in the early game I don't know how Valorous Echoes may be more impactful than Whisper of Treason. And iirc there's no encounter in the early game with only imps. Strong and Insightful are nice to have, but if you are in a party anyway Valorous Echoes is inferior to casting Holy Power + Blessing: lasts as long/longer and can cover the whole party. And since early game encounters aren't long the big advantage of a Cipher (that he could recast Valorous Echoes over and over again) does not make an impact. Whisper of Treason on the other hand turns most encounter
  16. Maybe, but the initial dmg part will get PL bunuses from fire and shock keywords, the pulsing part will get bonuses from freeze/water keywords and they all should get bonuses from storm and wind keywords afaik. There is no other spell that combines as many PL bonuses in theory. If you pick a Nature Godlike Fury that spells should combine the most PL and PEN bonuses of all abilities think. At least I don't recall any other ability that has that many keywords which overlap with that many PL buffs from items.
  17. Right. But iirc the fampyrs & darguls in Russetwood will fight beetles for example. Maybe being rational makes a difference? Also the fampyrs start neutral and only turn hostile after dialogue. That might play a role, too.
  18. Watershaper's Focus Stone of Power Otto Starcat I think the spell which profits most from stacked PLs is Great Maelstrom because it comes with multiple elemental keywords.
  19. Yes. But it sounded as if @Griffonheartwanted to pickpocket unique armor and weapons from the two Vaillian families. And that's not possible.
  20. Sleight of Hand doesn't need to be very high. Also stealth hasn't to be very high in order to pickpocket most NPCs (you can't pickpocket enemies anyway). Stealth can also be buffed by items like pet, boots etc - or you can use Leap to jump right next to an NPC and pickpocket them with almost no stealth (because you will be there in an instant instead of slowly sneaking towards them). If you pause when executing Leap (from boots or as a Barb) and then unpause/pause quickly you can time it so that the target cirlce appears near the NPC but your char is still in the air. If you cancel the action
  21. You can tag the community manager here or tag him elsewhere on social media (Twitter for example), write an email to Obsidian's support or ask them on their Discord.
  22. It may be that the one invocation (Rejoice) is botched somehow. Please try this if you are on PC (do not save the game afterwards!) : Open the console. Type "IRoll20s" and hit enter. Open the console again. Type "SetClassLevel player" and then hit the tab key. Your player character's name will get auto-completed. finish with "Chanter 20 false". It should looke like this: "SetClassLevel player_<your_character_name> Chanter 20 false" Hit enter. Open the console again. Type "AddAbility player" and then hit the tab key. Your player character's name will ge
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