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  1. 150 because not only Mirrored Images gets dispelled but also Refreshing Defense. Also you will not only get hit by stuff that targets deflection - but also abilites that target other defenses, fortitude mainly. Especially in the late game.
  2. Looking at the highest levels probably not. Stuff like Great Maelstrom and Missile Salve etc. is so strong that it's hard to beat. But during mid game stuff like Helwalker/Caster def. has its advantages.
  3. Acolyte's Hatchet is pretty good though. Vion C'Thingy used to be extremely good on a Ranger/something with Binding Roots but it got nerfed hard unfortunately (from +100% dmg to +30% - or even +20%? Forgot...). I actually like Gladiator's Sword. Unlike weapon modals its +5 universal deflection bonus stacks with everything and you don't even have to graze anybody. The +10% dmg is not breathtaking, but the upgrade does not only remove the -1 PEN bit turns it into +1 PEN which transforms it to a sword with 8 base PEN instead of 7 which is pretty great for a defensive weapon imo.
  4. I think not. It's been a while but I'm very confident that it's +12 ACC max. Wound generation is not limited.
  5. +1 AR is a very effective bonus when we talk about tanking. -25% damage isn't an additve dmg malus. It goes through double inversion and is actually a lot more impactful as you might guess. If we speak about tanking an Unbroken is way better than a Devoted if you use a large shield. Devoted's PEN bonus is +2 and that's nice, but actually it's not as impactful as long as you are willing to switch weapons according to enemies' AR values. Most of times the differences between the singular AR values of foes are 2 or higher which means that if a non-Devoted just switched weapons to meet
  6. Shadowdancer does great dps. Better than SC Monk in the mid game. Later in the game there are no great improvements anymore though. Deathblows is nice but it doesn't come near to Resonant Touch and Whispers of the Wind.
  7. Enduring Dance caps at +12. Rangers have the highest passive and stacking active ACC bonuses (active effects that stacks with everything are Marked Prey and Hunter's Fang) and Ciphers have the highest active bonus with Borrowed Instincts and access to a PER inspiration. Hence Cipher/Ranger should be the class with the highest possible ACC bonus that's not limited to a certain attack ability. Ciphers can have +1 PEN for weapons (without any drawbacks) as well as powers, Sharpshooter can have +1 PEN for near enemies. At the same time Ciphers have a potent AR debuff.
  8. I forgot Cipher/Helwalker which would also be a very strong contender. +10 MIG and +10 INT as well as Stunning Surge and Lightning Strikes is very good with Watershaper's Focus, too. Add Thunderous Blows and Enduring Dance.
  9. Swift Flurry tends to deliver very high dps on enemies where it doesn't matter much because they are dead quickly anyway.
  10. No. Not if you look at a whole playthrough. Whispers of the Wind + Resonant Touch is very strong and maybe that's what he's referring to, especially in combination with Swift Flurry and Heartbeat Drumming, but there are so many combinations of situations, classes an abilities and items and party compositions that it's impossible to say what has the highest single target dps when it comes to the "real" playthrough. Of course you can theorize around what would be the highest dps on paper under the most preferable condition - but those discussions are moot most of times since most theory falls fl
  11. Afaik ranged Ranger/Cipher has the highest ACC potential. Especially Arcane Archer with high Arcana and Imbue Shots. The highest ACC iirc is a Cipher/Arcane Archer with max Arcana, an imbue shot and Spearcaster as weapon. Paladin/Arcane Archer might be on par with Flames of Devotion (no penalty with Arcane Archer) + Ring of Focused Flames with Spearcaster. But Ciphers can also lower deflection easily with Secret Horrors, Phantom Foes and Eyestrike, giving them more "effective" ACC.
  12. I still didn't play TB mode, but since recovery and action speed don't seem to matter much, I would guess that Watershaper's Focus with Blast and Ondra's Wrath should be one of the top-notch weapons for a ranged Cipher since Ondra's Wrath not only does very high dmg but also generates focus. The biggest downside of Blast in RTwP (the slow attack speed) shouldn't matter in TB, right? I assume that a Cipher/Arcane Archer would be a devastating dmg/CC combination then, because the Arcane Archer procs his imbue effects with every jump(!) of a projectile. Meaning Binding Web and Pull of Eora e
  13. To be honest: if an upgrade makes it so that I can use the ability against less foes than before (there are a lot of creatures that are immune to disease) I wouldn't pick it.
  14. I never noticed. That's indeed great. Especially good for Xoti as Monk I would say since I really hate her increased wound costs.
  15. max RES, max INT, mediocre MIG (you don't want to hurt yourself too much with Blood Sacrifice), high PER (always good as MC because of traps, secrets etc.), mediocre CON, low DEX.
  16. Yes, it will apply raw damage in an AoE - but not equally- I mean not the the same raw dmg to all enemies. It seems like the first hit gets all the raw dmg, the next not so much (if any) and then it rises again with every enemy. It's erratic but it seems like you gain focus internally via the AoE which immediately gets dumped onto the next enemy again as raw dmg. It's kind of funky but it works. Best thing about WotEP though is Offensive Parry which loads you up with focus when enemies miss you (which is easy to do because Paladin's defensive passives stack with Borrowed Instincs and Psych
  17. Long after this thread emerged I did a playthrough with a SC Stormspeaker Tekehu with dual mortars, aiming for Avenging Storm + Sure-Handed Ila. Since Blinding Smoke from Hand Mortar will trigger Avenging Storm (although not doing damage by itself, it just disorients enemies) and Fire in the Hole has an innate jump with Chain Shot, once you get Avenging Storm hell breaks loose. You can empower with Sasha's Singing Scimitar and then switch to dual mortars or just use Hand Mortar and keep Sasha's in the offhand (same shooting speed basically and you don't have Full Attacks anyway). I used Deltro
  18. Yeah it's funny. I wonder why no disengagement attack is triggered then. Clearly the dying dude is disengaging and needs a last slap.
  19. Yes, as long as you are not picking the benevolent/diplomatic stuff you're safe. You want to pick cruel or rational from time to time to get Faith & Devotion/Deep Faith to the max. Rational is easy enough. Cruel sometimes hurts - but there are enough situations where you can be cruel to some douchebags like Benweth and such - so that's ok I guess. Maxing RES is a good idea. Every additonal point of deflection has increasing returns, so the more the better. He can be the tank most of times (i played him solo long enough) - but I would not let him tank all alone all the time. He's gre
  20. I guess it's the oomphteen's time I come up with this (and forum members might want to crucify this orlan), but Steel Garrote/Bloodmage with Whispers of the Endless Paths and maxed out deflection (bracers, cloak, armor etc. all with deflection buffs) is a lot of fun. Key trick is that Offensive Parry causes dazed on enemies and that automatically unlocks the Steel Garrote's draining with further Offensive Parries. While Offensive Parry is triggering, dazing enemies, doing a bit of dmg and healing you at the same time, you can cast your spells and use Blood Sacrifice. Arcane Knights are tanky a
  21. Iirc it has its own scaling which is pretty potent. But maybe better test it - I used it a looong time ago and only as backup weapon for my Mortar Monk.
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