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  1. And one can't create an effect like AttacksTargetEnemies or whatever and apply it in the same way?
  2. What I said above is only my guess - from looking at that code. It may be that an offset get calculated - I don't know Unity classes and what their methods really do. i only know C#. Could also be that Obsidian used their own Random class or whatever. But if I had to bet I would say that the hash from the char name, the position of the container and the day determine the item you'll find in the container.
  3. India has a region where people either elect the local socialists or the communists - and it's the region with the best overall figures afaik. Calling India fascist is pretty wild, even if rising nationalism is a concern. But then you need to call all western democracies who currently see a surge of right wing populism and nationalism fascist countries. That would include Sweden, Poland, Hungary and Germany as well I guess... My wife is a rel. high ranking diplomat with the German Foreign Ministry (currently with a minister of the social democrats - so basically a younger Bernie Sander
  4. I find SC Arcane Archer extremely impactful in three different setups: As CC setup with Imbue:Web from stealth followed by an immediate Imbue: Web (or the other way round), Watershaper's Focus and Driving Flight - which gives you 6x AoE damage from Blast + high chance of Ondra's Wrath happening + 3x Binding Web + 3x Pull of Eora with insane ACC. It pulls the enemies very tightly together and they can't move on their own. Perfect setup for further nuking. As AoE dmg setup with Hand Mortar (Blinding Smoke) + Twinned Shot + Driving Flight + Avenging Storm: Blinding Smoke gets triggere
  5. If you want some of the potential unique items from the stronghold adventures then better build quickly. But otherwise you can take your time. I personally try to up the security first because those stronghold attacks are quite annoying.
  6. I would argue that Goldpact Knight would be even sturdier (highest armor is the most effective dmg mitigation in this game) - but Shieldbearers have +1 engagement which is useful for a tank, too. Paladins don't have as many engagement slots as Fighters but you need some to prevent enemies to just run past your tank towards your backline. Shieldbearers get 2 engagement when wearing a shield which is good but not enough imo. You should also pick a weapon which gives you more engagement (spear + modal comes to mind - also Shattered Vengeance or Kapana Taga). There are other items which can add en
  7. The code above def. looks like the "randomness" is indeed influenced by character name. I don't know what "base.transform.position" refers to - player position or container position or camera or whatever position. I firmly believe container position. The code is pretty meh - why temporarily storing the float and vector3 variables? The whole stuff could have been: private void SetSeed() { Random.seed = (int)(base.transform.position.x +base.transform.position.z) * GameState.s_playerCharacter.name.GetHashCode() + WorldTime.Instance.CurrentDay; } But anyway: The Random
  8. Cool. But wow, manually that would be too much work imo. But if the naming patterns and ability structures were consistent then one could write a routine that does this automatically. But I fear that will not be the case. Has anybody knowledge about how Confusion causes everything to become friendly fire? I guess there's an overarching effect at play and not an implementation like above?
  9. Oh, then you will have the same problems with Storm of Holy Fire, Missile Salvo and other stuff that triggers the Least Unstable Coil multiple times I guess.
  10. There's no "best". It depends what you want to do. If you release his soul your stronghold will get +2 prestige which increases the taxes and quality of positive events (unique item merchant, prestigious visitors and so on). If you bind his soul to the stronghold you get +2 security which reduces tax robbery and the frequency of bad events (attacks on stronghold and so on). If you siphon knowledge you can get a unique sabre names "Flames of Fair Rhîan" which is an exceptional weapon with a burning lash and 3 Fireball casts per rest. For example if you ar a character who likes to use spell
  11. Absolutely. But you can use Svef (it's rel cheap), Potion of the Focused Mind, Devil of Caroc's Breastplate, Modwyr, Luminous Lobster, Captain's Banquet or an INT inspiration from a party member (e.g. Priest or Chanter) or scroll (Prayer for the Spirit). In the early game I will often use Svef. You could also use the Ring of Mule's Wit - but that's bit suboptimal of course. The easiest solution is the Breastplate imo.
  12. I just thought it would fit as part of an INT inspiration - because the other way round (turning foe-only into friendly fire) is part of an INT affliction.
  13. Huh? Shouldn't it get implemeted like Gouging Strike and Brand Enemy? So it only lasts until the end of combat?
  14. Reinfection is not unheard of with other viruses, too. It's possible to fight off an infection but not have a long-lasting immunity. It's also possible that a vaccination doesn't work for an individual. As I said some time ago I don't respond well to Hepatitis A vaccinations and have to refresh it every few years in order to have sufficient immunity. Nobody knows why.
  15. I wouldn't say it's impossoble to fail. You can build bad characters if you want to. It's just so that if you pick what sounds reasonable and fitting you will not have a trap build. Also because all stats have their uses for any class. In other systems like D&D you could - as a beginner - make choices that sound reasonable but are complete trash.
  16. By the way - the Fire Stag had (maybe still has) some hidden gem mechanic: If you put Barring Death's Door on it you could let it explode over and over again and it wouldn't die. Don't know if tht got fixed.
  17. Yes, right. You are at PL 4 at lvl 7 as a SC Priest. I forgot that BH is PL1, not 0. So +3 PL seems right (not +4 as I wrote above). Also right: 11 + Devotions (which I forgot) = 15 MIG -> 15% dmg increase. If the dmg bonuses get applied to the "base" dmg of 120 before the 100*health_percentage gets substracted then it may indeed explain the numbers. Cool - I guess this is not too far off. Hm... a graze will do the same dmg as a hit and I assume (since there's no graze malus to dmg) there's no crit bonus either. Now I haven't tested if dmg malus/bonus from under-/overpenetrat
  18. Different enemies react to different stats. For example Barbarians prefer to attack low deflection. Rogues seek enemies with low DR and also low percentage of endurance. And so on. I made a druid tank build and posted it here. It's cool but first of all it diesn't work well until you reach a certain level and secondly the defenses are not good enough for some of the late fights. It great as a second tank but not so great as the only one imo. I mean in PoE I think one single tank doesn't really work well in the first place.
  19. Infuse with Vital Essence and the potion of Infuse with Vital Essence are your friends. The health-healing gets influenced by MIG and other effects that boost healing, too.
  20. Greater Maelstrom is awesome. It's cool to build around it because it can get a lot of PL bonuses from different "directions". For example +7 with Magran's Favor + Sun & Moon + Otto Starcat + Deltro's Cage. Or +6 when using Lord Darryn's Voulge or Chromoprismatic Staff. Even with Watershaper's Focus or Lace of the Midwood Stag you still can get to +5 (which is like an empowered version of the spell). And as Elric said the combined multiple PEN passives of Scion oF etc. + Fury are great as well. All that because Maestrom has so many PL-relevant keywords. But your Druid will tu
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