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  1. Boeroer, can u explain me your build (mortar monk) in details? The race, the right distribution of point in str, dex ecc, the active and passive skill ecc Thanks for the patient
  2. Is that a good build? Is for 5.0...In this Fextralife guide, which u suggest me? Take his build because are update for 5.0 Transcendent (Swift Annihilation) Tempest (Berserker’s Fury) Psyblade (Phantom Tactician) Holy Slayer (Righteous Rejuvenator) Ancient Druid Cleric (Unholy Champion) Mindstalker (Puppet Master) Brawler (Unarmed) Brute (Reaping Whirlwind) Cleric (Ghost Blade) Fanatic (Dual Pistols) Holy Slayer (Sniper) Inquisitor Ravager (Unarmed) Sage (Spirit Lancer)
  3. Thanks for reply, don't have a particular preference, I like both melee and ranged combat, I would like a build that managed to be strong throughout the game and that blended well with the rest of the NPCs
  4. Good evening, as the title suggests I'm looking for advice for a build for a first run The run will be RtWP, Veteran difficult and full party. 1-Im not new of PoE, played some times first chapter, and a lot of hours with PoE2. 2-Find a powerhouse build that can carry party. 3-No fear to micromanage or dualclass. 4-Doesnt matter if melee or ranged build. Thanks for advice.
  5. Hi, can u advice me a class and build for first run on Hard difficulty? I like frontline NPC, that can tank but with a good dps. Thx for the patience. Is that good with 4.0 patch? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1427165707
  6. Ciao e grazie dell'apporto che dai alla traduzione italiana, sono Krudar quello che ti aveva avvisato del combat log. La stringa della percezione nella creazione del pg è buggata, non si vedono i bonus/malus quando aumenti o diminuisci il livello di quest'ultima.
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