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  1. I do hope that there will be a PoE3. Microsoft has no other active Iso cRPG. That problem with Deadfire is, it was already to much Skyrim and similar, and far to little PoE1. However, the fools above the developers that have nothing to do with the actual development came to the conclusion it was too less Skyrim, Assassins Creed and similar, and to much PoE1. That is why Obisidan Developers were forbidden to develop a PoE3 more in the direction of PoE1, instead detaching themselves from PoE and using another game title, so as not to be prejudiced against being more PoE1. To Top
  2. The lore of PoE says, other then other Death Godlikes cannot see facial impressions from Death Godlikes. However, during the playthrough Eder i.e. always can say the Watcher had a strange looking face impression and similar. How does he know that when he cannot see the expression on his face??
  3. Some Weeks ago I have played my first playthrough in PoE. After my Tortelion (Wizard with Mercenary Background, trained in Melee) followed by a Bleak Walker who I really loved to play. In my third playthrough I am with Konradt, my Druid with a gun. I have installed Deadfire and my Tortelion felt very strange. Somehow he is not my Charakter anymore. But Deadfire gaved me a new idea for a new Character in PoE. The Arcane Warrior (Wizard + Paladin). It was my favorite specialisation in Dragon Age Origins. In this way this Character could feel more like mine in Deadfire, after PoE. I t
  4. Apart from the fact that they look like plasticine figures in the ugliest purple. The dark shadows are missing and head 3 from PoE no longer exists. I now understand why Deadfire doesn't import the look from PoE, because it can't, because Deadfire has a completely different set of looks. What I can't understand is that they let it happen. Content from PoE was removed and replaced with new content instead of putting the new content on the back. Really bad work by the developers. Of course, I am now looking for a mod that at least restores the "Dead-Godlikes". Unfortunately, Nexus ha
  5. I have just begun with Pillars of Eternity but I love Eder, already. It is odd there is no way to romance someone, but for Pillars of Eternity 2 make it happen, please. My Wiborg wants him, only him to romance.
  6. Eder has made a strange comment about the face expression from my death godlike, when he is talking with the female dwarf on the tree from Goldthal. I thought only other godlikes can see the face of the death godlike, but Eder is speaking about the open mouth and not blinking about my godlike.
  7. The time ist running^^ I am excited about to start the game on PS4. It's odd that the evening school is starting day after tomorrow. :s Do you saying this way on english? xD
  8. Imagine, you starting the game for the first time on PS4 after the release countdown and it begins with the muppets theme. Well, with lyric that fits to PoE. *goes into cover*
  9. It would be great, if the PS4 would have a mod manager like Fallout 4 and Skyrim from Bethesda. I never could arrange me with the portraits of Baldurs Gate, all of them was ugly and embarrassing. When I start a game in Baldurs Gate, I am starting Dragon Age Origins and with the character creator I make a new one, once before.^^'
  10. The weapon seems to be an axe halberd. No matter, this character this figure stands for what I want to play. A battlemage with weapon, shield or a two handed weapon, an armor and heavy spells with big range. at this point I would like to know, if you can change the colours of the armor. I prefer it, when it is free as in The Sims Medieval, not with extra costs like in Titan Quest or Diablo 3.
  11. Yes, I know. This thoughts are only my first idea which way I want to play a Character in PoE and how much I can adapt my play style as I have descriped with my Dragon Age Origins experiences. ^^ Maybe, I could play a Dukemon styled HC. I still have no idea what I can create exactly in PoE. Not yet.^^ When I am already at asking, what you can do in PoE. Is Gamepad gameplay available on the PC version or will it be added into the PC version after PS4 release?
  12. Hi, at the beginning, my English skills are not good and I am sorry, if my text has several grammar and vocabulary mistakes. ^^' I am still thinking about to buy Pillars of Eternity when it is released on PS4. Defnitly, I prefer game pads for gaming. My experience with RPGs begins with X-Men Legends 2, but it have really begun with Dragon Age Origins on PS3. Now next to the decision to buy the game I am asking me on which way I want and can play a main character in PoE. In general I prefer the mage class and than I like it to kick the cliches and standards in to the bin play a chara
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