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  1. I'm on a playthrough of the game on PotD. I am at the point of no return on Act 2 (pending animancy hearing) and finished WM1 and all sidequests available to me (including all of Endless Paths, Adra Dragon, a handful of bounties, etc.) at this point in the game. Per the recommended play sequence from the Devs, I'm about to play Cragholdt and then WM2 before continuing on to Act 3. However, I feel like any items that I will be able to find or buy in Act 3 will be largely moot because the game will almost be over...
  2. I too was enjoying my monk. I think I'm going to restart with a different race (I picked Human but I want to try Moon Godlike for an easier Act 1). Thanks for your advice! Your nuggets of wisdom are littered literally everywhere in this forum haha.
  3. I've read so many threads since you replied to me. Anyway, I started a monk on POTD playing with story companions only and was having fun (I'm at level 8 now in Defiance Bay). The difficulty wasn't too bad, but now I am thinking about all the other characters and classes I'm missing out on. I am wondering, in 2021, what are you favorite class/builds for the MC in POE?
  4. Welp, it's been 5-6 years since I last played PoE. I don't know what 75% of the words mean in this thread, but here I go. Gonna see if I can follow this build.
  5. The real question is, when you charm your ally back, he is really back, or is he... charmed?
  6. I don't think irrecoverably missing nearly all new spells in a $15 content DLC counts as a "minor" bug.
  7. Because Obsidian and this community eschews any game design improvement that happened after BG, because BG was perfect. /s
  8. Now now boys, even though that particular talent may be poorly designed, Paladins don't need anymore buffs lol.
  9. Caster classes in this game are mostly auto-attacking wastes of space until level 9, when they begin to matter due to spells becoming per encounter. The per rest mechanic is an anachronistic artifact from yesteryear's (lack of) game design that raises the burden of and obfuscates optimal play (much like scrolls and potions). Make all spells per encounter, give me a spell book that says I can choose 1 spell from all my known spells to actually cast in battle. Increase the slots by 1 every 2-5 levels.
  10. You'll probably want to wait a couple of patches after part 2 is released before playing anyway, since the initial release will likely be riddled with bugs (such as missing 90% of new spells, etc.) that won't be retroactively fixed.
  11. FPS. When Battlefield 4 runs at a smooth 60-120 FPS with a 780 GTX, and this game runs at 30-50 FPS, there is something seriously wrong with the engineering over there at Obsidian.
  12. It supposedly adds 2% raw damage per wound. From the output log, I see the extra Burn from Turning Wheel and the Shock from Lightning Strikes. But I don't see Raw. Are these gloves broken?
  13. Since I installed 2.02 BETA, the Bartender's Ring has an erroneous description. Apparently the game cannot find "Spirit Bane" and instead says *Missing itemmods 288* Attached is a screenshot.
  14. Thanks for the response. I'm not saying you're wrong, but on my previous playthrough, my main character was a Monk, and he successfully saved the wolf by using Resolve to calm it first. Having Kana (Chanter) or Eder in the party has no effect on the outcome of pulling the arrow out (just tried with the linked save).
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