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  1. You should not want to play without pausing, that makes it too close to not being an RPG!!!!!!!
  2. Swiftblade concept sounds REALLY good. It always annoyed me that PoE rogues need to be stealthed to rogue-out.
  3. What about giving a few light weapons, such as daggers and rapiers, the ability to do a modified Backstab effect when used under certain conditions (like for ex. when used during invisibility). That would be good enticement for supporting the classical interpretation of dual-wielding with a lighter off-hand weapon.
  4. AFAIK i don't there's currently any way to affect how stealth attacking / backstab works with full attacks... this has been a complaint since the beta I believe. of course i'm hardly that knowledgeable about this and i haven't kept up with the updates to the modding parameters they've added either, but my suspicion is that if someone hasn't made a mod about this yet it's because they can't. as for poison scaling that is definitely possible i believe since there are mods on the nexus which alter the way items and scrolls scale, and there is also another mod that makes some wizard spells, spec
  5. hey, if you figure out how to make bashing shields, it would be pretty neat to add a very miniscule bashing property to a few swords/weapons: basically a pommel strike, so to speak. would be cool if then that weapon also has some enchantments that makes the bashing property proc something else. (this also would be cool on the bash shields). alternatively, you could make/modify one of the weapon modals to make the weapon modal apply a bashing function when active! you could add the modal to weapons and also to the shields, appropriately Sawyer-ized of course. EDIT: just had a thought: ever c
  6. This is really cool! This could be used for making "explosive rounds" and "explosive arrows", for guns and bows respectively.
  7. Removing/simplifying spell and attack FX would go a long way toward making the game easier to follow during combat.
  8. I legit can't understand anything peardox posts. Is English your first language? Also you never answered whether the items were your unique design or not.
  9. Would be nice if one could tune the amount of DMG dealt to 'friendlies' and reduce that by 50-75%, that way one can continue playing as-intended while minimizing the annoyance.
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