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  1. Nice to see people still using my mods! At some point I gave up updating on both steam and nexus and focused only on steam (much more user friendly to update tbh). So steam workshop had more updates and changes.
  2. I think there is a bug related to atlases and Steam workshop, if you could take a look at it I will appreciate. New icons works fine when the mod is inside the override folder. However, it appears that the game does not recognize the "atlases" folder from Steam's workshop download location.
  3. 1. Those are the armor penalties for attack speed without the perk and with the perk. 2. Only for the main character. For companions you need to use specific mods that changes their classes/subclasses. 3. No.
  4. Thanks. You sure? Did you download the latest patch from Nexus/Steam? The passive is showing here for my Xoti (modded for Eothas instead of Gaun). Thats odd. The only change I made was to remove the hidden Health (special status effect). Everything else is the same as vanilla, including the Raw DoT.
  5. The mod had a recent update on the nexus (and faster update on Steam Workshop): Main Features and Companion Classes The new changes includes new subclasses for Cipher, Ranger and Rogue. Casita Samelia Fix (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Fix the deflection bug and improves scaling to 0.35 Companion Armor (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) Modified Companion armors: - Aloth: Added Arcane Extension - Eder: Added Burnished Joints and Radiant Light (+ %Damage and Healing scaling with Religion) - Serafen: Made Unique and lighter (+5 Armor / +20% Recovery), added Soul Barrier, Lithe Motion, Safety at Dist
  6. I now have a different bug with game version 3.0+. Finished the quest, got the 200 cp and did not get the ring. Someone else reported the same bug on another quest on Hasongo (not receiving the item reward: Strand of Favor).
  7. Hey BMac, Would it be possible to expose in the gamebundle files the Animal Companion's name (the string used which constains the player's chosen name for the animal) and the Animal Companion interface Icon? Also, would it be possible to expose the ID from "Game.GameData.CharacterStatsGameData, Assembly-CSharp" the summon/prefab/animal companion will use instead of having it fixed on the Prefab file? If these are made possible, then we would be able to create new animal companions from the various monsters/pets from the game and allow it to have its own Icon with the name
  8. Actually, you can use the Claw abilities as ranged if you wield a Sword and Pistol/Blunderbuss. Guess it is a bug because it is a Full Attack and not Primary Attack
  9. I noticed that I'm getting missing string errors when using Steam Workshop. Somehow, the game is not recognizing the stringfiles from Steam even when they are in the correct file structure: "steamapps\workshop\content\560130\1509970155\localized\en\text\game"
  10. Thanks for this! I've finished posting my 40+ mods (that are all part of my Po2 Deadfire Tweaks pack) in the Steam Workshop. *Phew* That took longer than I expected...
  11. (New v2.0.2) Companion Fessina Conjurer Fury: Added Fury subclass(New v2.0.2) Companion Maia Gunhawk Assassin: Added Assassin subclass(New v2.0.2) Companion Rekke Fighter Helwalker: Added Helwalker Subclass(New v2.0.1) Companion Vatnir Trickster Beckoner Adds the Beckoner and Trickster subclasses
  12. Sadly this appears to be hardcoded and can't be changed as far as I know.
  13. I can look into it. The Holy Radiance mod might be a little awkward in the new spellcaster format, since you get a "ability point" and would use it to either pick a passive, a new spell, or the upgrade for Holy Radiance during level up.
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