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  1. Nice to see people still using my mods! At some point I gave up updating on both steam and nexus and focused only on steam (much more user friendly to update tbh). So steam workshop had more updates and changes.
  2. I think there is a bug related to atlases and Steam workshop, if you could take a look at it I will appreciate. New icons works fine when the mod is inside the override folder. However, it appears that the game does not recognize the "atlases" folder from Steam's workshop download location.
  3. 1. Those are the armor penalties for attack speed without the perk and with the perk. 2. Only for the main character. For companions you need to use specific mods that changes their classes/subclasses. 3. No.
  4. Thanks. You sure? Did you download the latest patch from Nexus/Steam? The passive is showing here for my Xoti (modded for Eothas instead of Gaun). Thats odd. The only change I made was to remove the hidden Health (special status effect). Everything else is the same as vanilla, including the Raw DoT.
  5. The mod had a recent update on the nexus (and faster update on Steam Workshop): Main Features and Companion Classes The new changes includes new subclasses for Cipher, Ranger and Rogue. Casita Samelia Fix (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Fix the deflection bug and improves scaling to 0.35 Companion Armor (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) Modified Companion armors: - Aloth: Added Arcane Extension - Eder: Added Burnished Joints and Radiant Light (+ %Damage and Healing scaling with Religion) - Serafen: Made Unique and lighter (+5 Armor / +20% Recovery), added Soul Barrier, Lithe Motion, Safety at Distance - Xoti: Made Unique and added Fine, Protective Runes, Padded Underlayer, Path of Mercy, and Lesser Lay on Hands - Tekehu: Made Unique and added Parabolic Wave, Visual Refraction, and Oilskin - Night Market Amulet(Eder): Changed to trinket and added Holy Radiance ability - Pallegina: (Honor Guard Breastplate) Added bonus Zeal, Bonus Damage as Health decreases, Heavy Mobility Difficulty Settings (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Prepared food now takes 3 days to spoil instead of one - Increased enemy level scaling ranges - Changed Path Of The Damned modification values for those that only want more monsters with minimum stat changes: - "HealthMultiplier": 1.25, (Beta 1.1 patch) - "AccuracyBonus": 5, (down from 15) - "DefenseBonus": 5, (down from 15) - "ArmorBonus": 1, (Beta 1.1patch = 2) - "PenetrationBonus": 1,(Beta 1.1 patch = 2) Godlike Rebalance (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Improves Godlike attribute stats - Changed attributes to +1 Dex,+1 Int , +1 Constitution and +1 Perception to compensate the lack of Helmet - Ashen Skin: 6 Burn Armor instead of only 2 Burn Armor - Battle Forged: 1 Armor +1 Armor/8 Levels after 1st. Damage increase to 4-8 Fire Damage, 10% Damage Scaling from Power Level instead of 5% - Death Godlike: Powers now activates on Bloodied instead of Near Death. Pallid Fate now gives only +2 to compensate - Moon Godlike: Made Silver Tide to scale with level (+3/Level) Items Rebalance (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Watcher Blade: Soul Charge - Effort (Fixed Raw damage bug and added new abilitites): Quickened_Blade + Double Strike - Berath Bell (1/Encounter) - Arcane Blaster (Improved %Chance multiple shots) - Nerians Ward: Changed the healing ability and gave Dragon Scale - Berath Cloak: Of_Health + Spell_Defense + Protective Runes - Obsidian Cloak: Rapidity + Well-Travelled - Ring of Focused Flames: Renamed to Focused Elements. Now works with Fire/Frost/Elements attacks - Defiant Apparel: Added Captain's Eye + Pirate - Nomad's Brigandine: Added Deft Motion - Lethandria's Devotion: Improved Pale Light (no more day/night cicles), added Bastion and Hard Counter - Killer's Gloves: Made Unique, added Devious and Conspirator - Spellkeeper: Changed to be 1/per encounter instead of 2/per rest - Golden Ring: Negotiator + Minor Deflection New Chanter Tweaks (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) Bard (Chanter Subclass) - Changes most of the Invocations from the Chanter Tree by giving varying types of Martial, Support, and Arcane abilities, while also adding new Passives - Bards are able to cast some elemental spells (Fire, Earth, Water, Frost) - Bardic Abilitites (check screenshots for further details): - Inspire Hope (Healing) - Inspire Prowess (Buff) - Inspire Luckiness (Buff) - Inspire Bravery (Buff) - Inspire Heroim (Buff) - Healing Melody (Healing) - Crusader's Aria (Healing) - Reaper's Tune (Primary Attack) - Frostbrand (Primary Attack) - Freezing Melody (Chant) - Inspire Triumph (Chant) - Shielding Melody (Primary Attack) - Furious Thrust (Primary Attack) - Armor Mastery (Passive) - Fast Recitation (1 & 2) (Passive) - Lingering Song (1 & 2) (Passive) New Cipher Tweaks (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) Added a new spell: - Pain Suppression: Lv1 spell that suppress afflictions and gives a small Heal over Time effect (scales with Metaphysics) Added new Passives for Ciphers: - Gunner - Marksman - Veracious Visions (+4 Accuracy to attacks) New Subclass (Soul Magus) Bonus: - Max Focus is increased. - +15% Cipher spells area of effect. - Shred spells have +1 Power Level. - Shred spells have a small chance to "echo", reapplying their damage and effects to their targets again, instantly (15% - chance to repeat attacks after 0.1 sec with Shred spells). Penalty: - Deception and Echo Cipher spells cost more focus (+5). - +10% Recovery Time for Deception, Echo, and Shred Cipher spells. New Paladin Tweaks (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) Church Inquisitor (Paladin subclass) - Sworn Enemy gains the upgrade "Cleansed Enmity" which suspend for 20 secs all beneficial effects from the target - Favored Dispositions: Rational, Honest - Negative Dispositions: Cruel, Shady New Priest Tweaks (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Added three new passives: Extra Casting I, II, and III - Added new Healing spells at Power Levels 2,4, 5, 7: - Restore Vigor:Restores 8 Health / 3.0 sec for 18 sec - Restore Moderate Wounds:Restores 60 Health - Restore Greater Vigor: Restores 16 Health / 3.0 sec for 24 sec - Restore Critical Woulds:Restores 90 Health - Buffed Minor Intercession and Light of Eothas Healing (70 and 120) - Changed Eothas subclass 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th spells to: 2nd: Bulwark of Elements 3rd: Enduring Beacon 4th: Pain Block 6th: Sunlance Changed Magran subclass: 1. Burst of Summer Flame 2. Spiritual Weapon 3. Combusting Wounds 4. Soul Ignition 5. Firebug 6. Flaming Weapons 7. Storm of Holy Fire 8. Symbol of Magran 9. Magran Might New Ranger Tweaks (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Double Shot: Lesser version of Twinned Shot at Power Level 5 with -25% Damage - Added new Hunter passives (+25% damage against enemy type): Beast, Primordial, Spirit, Vessel, Wilder - Added Armor Profiency and Expertise (-25% Armor recovery and +1 Crush/Slash/Pierce armor respectively) - Added Predator Strikes (Inflict Weaken on Crit) - Added Ranger's Recovery (Restore +1 Bond on Kill) - Added Ranger Stances: - Swift Aim: -20% Weapon Recovery, -5 Weapon Accuracy, 10% chance to recover instantly on Hit - Vicious Aim: +10 Weapon Accuracy, +20% Weapon Damage, +1 Weapon Penetration, +20 Weapon Recovery - Brutal Tempest (PL : Full Attack in a Cone causing +25% Damage, +2 Penetration and Prone - Bonded Ferocity (PL 5): A weaker form of Bonded Fury at an earlier level - Fox Senses (PL1): Gives Insightful Inspiration to the Ranger - Begin the Hunt (PL3 upgrades Fox Senses): Adds Quick Inspiration - Archery: +20% attack speed with bows - Thrill of the Hunt: FullAttack with -50% damage that gives a buff to Ranger and Pet (+20% health from damage done) - Arcane Archer Arrows: (8th) Modal to add elemental damage - Arcane Archer Imbues: Added new imbue arrows: (2nd) Mind Blades, (4th) Combusting Wounds, (6th) Expose Vulnerabilities Warden (Ranger Subclass) - Gain +1 Bond, scaling with Survival. -10% Weapon damage. - Gain the following Spells: 1. Insect Swarm 2. Nature's Healing 3. Burst of Summer Flame 4. Moon Light 5. Writhing Tentacles 6. Calling the World's Maw 7. Returning Storm 8. Invigorate the Pack (AoE Heal over Time centered on the Ranger) 9. Great Maelstorm New Rogue Tweaks (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Reduced Guile cost and added Gunner - Added new talents: - Mob Tactics (Passive): Bonus Accuracy for Nearest Ally on same Enemy - Reckless Assault (Modal): -4 Deflection, +10% Damage, + 4 Accuracy - Vicious Fighting (Passive): Recover Guile on Kill Sniper (Rogue Subclass) - Marksman and Driving Flight talents available - + 20% Range - + 3 Accuracy - + 20% Recovery Penalty - + 20% All damage received Subclass Unlocked (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) Unlocked all hidden subclasses Trinkets (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Gauntlets_of_Discipline - Mortification_Bindings - Swordsmans_Bracers (added Ruffian and Martial Mastery) - Gwyns_Bridal_Garter - Drunkards_Regret - Elementalists_Bracers - Engwithan_Bracers - Dyrwoodan_Mayoral_Medallion - Bone_Setters_Amulet - Tears_of_Saint_Makawo - Sisyfos_Stone - Protective_Eothasian_Charm - Gauns_Pledge - Dragon_Pendant - Elewyss_Locket - Cauldron_Shard - Ciphers_Shackle - Claim_and_Refusal - Wahaki_Tua - Eyepatch Vanilla Barbarian Rebalance (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Changed Berserker Frenzy to no longer HideHealth - Mage Slayer can now use potions - Mage Slayer spell resistence affects onlyhostile spells - Mage Slayer now suffers 10% less spelldamage - Barbarian Carnage Rebalance: - Changed the Accurate Carnage talent toprovide the following bonus: - +8 Accuracy (was +5 on the originalgame)+ - +10% Carnage Damage - +15% AoE Vanilla Cipher Rebalance (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Changed Recovery and Damage values foralmost all Cipher spells - Damage values similar to the first game - Recovery changed to 2.0 seconds - Casting Speed changed to 1.5 seconds - Improved Bitting Whip from 10% to 20% - Cipher Soul Blade Ranged: - Soul Blade changed to Weapon range insteadof Melee - On kill effects changed to trigger whenscoring a kill within 12 meters instead of melee Vanilla Druid Rebalance (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Improves Druid casting and recovery Speeds Vanilla Fighter Rebalance (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Improves Fighter abilities - Changed Weapon Specialization to 15% - Changed Weapon Mastery to 5% damage and +10% Attack Speed - Changed Armored Grace to 50% due to how Armor Recovery is calculated and added a +1 Crush/Pierce/Slash Armor, resulting as follow: - 20% -> 2% - 35% -> 12% - 55% -> 26% - Changed Charge to also do a PrimaryAttack to the Target and everyone in the Path (Game Version 1.0 was Full Attack and Beta 1.1 is only a Stun) - Tactical Barrage now also gives Quick Inspiration Vanilla Monk Rebalance (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Changes Rooting Pain proc rate from 33% to 66% - Shattered Pillar wound threshold lowered and SP's lesser wound improved to increase max wounds to 8, lower wound threshold and allow to slowly gain wound from damage as well (1/5 rate) - Changed Turning Wheel and Enervating Blows to work with Ranged Weapons as well Vanilla Paladin Rebalance (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Reduced Zeal cost from Exhortations andsome of the other highter level abilities - Increased Lay of Hands range to 6m insteadof 3m and reduced Recovery time - Made Zealous Auras to stack with everything - Added +1 Weapon Penetration for ExaltedFocus - Kind Wayfarer Healing Flames now has a +2Health/level scaling - Added +1 engagement for Faith and Conviction with a scaling based on disposition (maximum of +3 engagements slots from the ability when having max dispositions) - Paladin Goldpact Knight Rebalance: - Changed Gilded Enmity Armor bonus to stackwith other sources - Paladin Shieldbearers Rebalance: - Gave a +1 Armor bonus when using a shield - Changed Lay on Hands ability: - Improved duration to 9.0 secs (from 5.0) - Changed Heal value to 15 (from 20) - Removed Immortality bonus from Lay on Hands(replaced with the ability below) - Added a 25 damage absorption shield for 9.0on Lay on Hands that scales with level (+5 shield / 2 levels) - Hands of Light now gives double the amountof Shield and Shield scaling (50 + 10 / 2 levels) Vanilla Priest Rebalance (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Improves Priest Spells recovery and casting times - Increased interdiction duration from 7 sec to 14 sec - Increased Spiritual Weapon duration to 60 sec - Spiritual Weapon lash now scales with Religion Vanilla Ranger Rebalanced (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Reduced Bond cost by 1 across the board - Improved Thorns Damage (normal andupgraded) and now they are AoE as per Beta Patch 1.1 - Improved Wounding Shot Raw damage from 20% to 40% per 3.0 sec - Reduced Casting and Recovery times for Pet Heals and Thorns - Improved Evasive Roll and Fire duration to20 seconds - Improved Concussive Shot and its upgrade by adding Penetration (Both) and Damage bonus (Upgrade only) - Resilient Companion scales +1/8 Levels and+2 Health/Level - Vicious Companions scales damage +5%/5 Levels and +1 Penetration at level 13 - Changed Marked for the Hunt to givea +10% Damage to Health for the Pet and the Ranger on each Strike - Changed Pet Attack Recovery to Fast (3.0seconds) and "Attack Speed" to Fast (0.5 seconds). - Changed Pet damages to: - Bird: 8-12 damage with 7 Penetration (Slash Damage unaltered) - Bear: 18-24 with 6 Penetration (Slash/Piece) and Attack Recovery 4.5 seconds  - Wolf: 13-19 with 6 Penetration (Slash/Piece) - Other pets: 10-14 with 6 Penetration (Slash/Piece) - Ranger Sharpshooter: - Bonus Hit to Crit conversion when attacking targets greater than 4m away - Bonus Penetration with Ranged Weapons - Reduced the deflection penalty to -5 - Added a +3 Ranged Weapon Accuracy bonus - Added a -3 Melee Accuracy bonus - Added a +10% Ranged Weapon Damage bonus - Improved the range of all ranged weapons(+20% range) Ranger Stalker: - Changed distance to be 12m for both abilities - Stalker and Companion new bonuses: 10% Hit to Graze, -10% Hostile duration within 12m - Companion new bonuses: +5 Acc + 10% Damage to Flanked enemies - Stalker new bonus: +2 Steath Ranger Arcane Archer: - Changed Arcane Archer bonuses to include +Bond/Arcane and added Arcane scaling to offbalance the -5 Accuracy - Reduced bond cost - Added Arcane scaling to attacks without Imbue keyword to offbalance the -5 Acc - Added bonus Bond passive based on Arcane skill Vanilla Weapon Rebalance (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Rapid Cast changed from 10% to 25% bonus - Improved all Two-Handed weapons (minusQuarterstaff) damage by 20% and added +1 Penetration (Patch v1.2 also did that). Includes Firebrand, Berath's Great Sword and other magical weapons. - Improved Arquebus Base Damage to 22-28 - Changed Savage Attack Modal Accuracy Penalty from -10 to -7 and added a +1 Penetration Bonus - Gave Arquebus Aimed Shot a +10% DamageBonus - Improved Two-Handed Style to also give a+10% Recovery bonus to all Two-handed weapons (melee and ranged) - Gave spears increased Reach (1.3m) - Improved Weapon and Shield Style talent to alsogive a +1 Armor bonus when using a shield - Rapid Reload (Pistol): -5Accuracy +25% Reload Speed - Block (Medium Shield): Changed Recovery Penalty to be Beneficial instead (+15%) in order to make Sword+Board style more viable and competitive with Dual Wield. - Half-Sword (Longsword): Changed to -8 Deflection - Rapid Shot (Hunting Bow): Changed to -10 Accuracy - Aimed Shot (Arquebus):+10% Damage - Savage Attack (Greatsword): Changed Accuracy to -7 (from -10) and added +1 Penetration - All modals now stack with everything (bonuses don't get suppressed) Vanilla Wizard Rebalance (PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks) - Adds 1 bonus spell cast per rank for specialists.
  6. I now have a different bug with game version 3.0+. Finished the quest, got the 200 cp and did not get the ring. Someone else reported the same bug on another quest on Hasongo (not receiving the item reward: Strand of Favor).
  7. Hey BMac, Would it be possible to expose in the gamebundle files the Animal Companion's name (the string used which constains the player's chosen name for the animal) and the Animal Companion interface Icon? Also, would it be possible to expose the ID from "Game.GameData.CharacterStatsGameData, Assembly-CSharp" the summon/prefab/animal companion will use instead of having it fixed on the Prefab file? If these are made possible, then we would be able to create new animal companions from the various monsters/pets from the game and allow it to have its own Icon with the name given at the Character creation screen when selecting the Animal Companion, similar to the existing animal companions (wolf, deer, bear, boar, etc.).
  8. Actually, you can use the Claw abilities as ranged if you wield a Sword and Pistol/Blunderbuss. Guess it is a bug because it is a Full Attack and not Primary Attack
  9. I noticed that I'm getting missing string errors when using Steam Workshop. Somehow, the game is not recognizing the stringfiles from Steam even when they are in the correct file structure: "steamapps\workshop\content\560130\1509970155\localized\en\text\game"
  10. Thanks for this! I've finished posting my 40+ mods (that are all part of my Po2 Deadfire Tweaks pack) in the Steam Workshop. *Phew* That took longer than I expected...
  11. (New v2.0.2) Companion Fessina Conjurer Fury: Added Fury subclass(New v2.0.2) Companion Maia Gunhawk Assassin: Added Assassin subclass(New v2.0.2) Companion Rekke Fighter Helwalker: Added Helwalker Subclass(New v2.0.1) Companion Vatnir Trickster Beckoner Adds the Beckoner and Trickster subclasses
  12. Sadly this appears to be hardcoded and can't be changed as far as I know.
  13. I can look into it. The Holy Radiance mod might be a little awkward in the new spellcaster format, since you get a "ability point" and would use it to either pick a passive, a new spell, or the upgrade for Holy Radiance during level up.
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