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  1. Btw, if using community patch, shattered pillar wound limit of 10 works as long as you don’t take lesser wounds. Hopefully that will get fixed with an update but haven’t missed it myself.
  2. You aren't missing anything, as is being discussed in another thread, you have a mature RTwP system heavily balanced around action speed and the way initiative/turns works so far isn't adequate. I really admire Obsidian's audacity for attempting this. It's only first the beta release, I bet they will figure out how to make dex more relevant. I really enjoy the game as-is but prefer turn-based generally, if they can make it work I will be very pleased.
  3. I didn't realize it ate up the movement portion of their round, good to know. Maybe skip turn would be too powerful but in RTwP you can keep an enemy proned and out of the fight for as long as you have the resources(and can land it) so this is a major downgrade. Perhaps, prone should now also add a debuff like dazed for the remainder of the round.
  4. See your point, would be nice to have finer control over Delay Turn but might get annoying if it just drops you one rung in the current round(still on Maje, but so far, I've found myself wanting to drop all the way down mostly). Adding an option to drop down 1 rung or all the way would be good but guessing it would add more U.I complexity than developers willing to accept. On subject of interrupts seems to me that Prone (Mule Kick and Slicken for example) is almost useless? It doesn't forfeit an enemies turn as I would expect, just drops them down the order in the current turn. Very weak effect unless I'm missing something.
  5. I do agree that you can still get good mileage out of them but why not just fix it by making anything that walks into an AOE hazard on their turn make a dice roll right then? That's how other turn-based games I've played work and I can't think of a reason why it shouldn't work this way. Yes same here, it's frustrating and weird, needs to be fixed for sure. Agreed!
  6. I just got home and had a chance to confirm, it seems to only "tic" on the start of your turn. I think this is a serious oversight actually. Yes you can always wait until your after your enemies are clustered together but a fair amount of CC is laying down AOE ahead of them, to slow down , divert, or debuff 'em before they engage your party. As an example, Eder and my wiz main got our butts kicked by the Xarups before the Engwithan digsite. In the first round, I dropped a binding web in-front of Eder to prevent him from getting overwhelmed by all 6 or 7 of them at once - but they just ran though it like it wasn't there. Sure, they got stuck in there on the next tic but they had already surrounded him at that point. Same story with slicken and chill fog. On RTwP I would have control over the initial engagement - and why I made sure my wizard had 19 dex for a turn based run. I think these AOEs also need to tic on any specific individual when they first enter the affected area in addition to the start of the turn. For Eder's sake!
  7. Seems that multi-round AOEs are not working quite right. I’ll just go right into an example to illustrate the problem. When I cast a spell like Binding Web or Slicken, everyone in AOE when its first cast makes a save roll as you would expect. However, for these multi-round spells, enemies outside the effect initially can run straight through the AOE during their turn without being affected at all. It seems that only if they are still in the AOE at the start of the next round is a save roll made. I need to do some more testing to confirm for certain but this does seem to be what’s happening. Anyone else notice this issue?
  8. I reached lvl 20 on my most recent playthru(PoTD) and for most of that time I used Eder and Serafen as my front line. Eder as a dual wield swashy and Serafin as a pure barb weilding a morningstar. I like having Serafen in my party but as others have said, his cipher subclass is very frustrating. From a RP perspective, it's a shame not to have him as a cipher or witch but I was very glad I followed advice in these forums to build him pure barb using morningstar (Willbreaker). The modal synergises with Brute Force and Eder's mule kick(targets fort) and can be applied in an AOE with Heart of Fury. Barb is really easy to play/build, here is a link: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/106968-how-to-play-serafen-as-a-barbarian/ Hard for me to suggest what type of main to play but will say that with these two I would rule out having your main be a dedicated tank. You also mentioned ranged DPS, while that's totally fine of course it doesn't give you as much flexibility to freely swap in/out your other two slots as you wanted. A main with either healing/buffing/debuffing would be better in that respect. Personally, I find a wizard to be invaluable but part of that might be that I enjoy playing them. I also find Aloth too far from optimized.
  9. Same issue here. I defeated Fyrgist by boarding ship and Kapana Taga was not among the loot.
  10. I would second this. On my current play-thru I have a custom companion that is a Mindstalker (Trickster/Psyblade). Like Elric said, good dps, good defense from trickster and cipher abilities add replenishing debuffs/buffs. Lot's of ways to play when managing or I can simply run her off of AI utilizing rogue DPS strikes/cipher debuffs and she does just fine. I also did a full play-thru with a Mindstalker main(Assassin/No Subclass) which I really enjoyed but doesn't fit your criteria b/c too squishy.
  11. I was initially concerned about DD ability with a low might Arcane Knight blood mage. I have been playing that Nerd Commando build on PotD with a might of 7(3 + 1 human + 2 BB + 1 GOTM) and now at lvl 16 he has remained the parties highest damage dealer by a fair margin. 7 might is only -9% damage but that let's you max dex, int, and per. With unlimited casting ability I suspect that dex is the better stat damage wise and the int certainly helps as well for all the damage dealing spells with duration(Corrosive Siphon is a go-to for my bloodmage). A typical fight will go like this: Self buff with Infuse w/Vital Essense + Deleterious Alacrity (in stealth as frontline is forming) Get 2 slickens out and expose vulnerabilities Cast a shadowflame (damage + CC, love it) Often at this point I will primarily be blasting out shadowflames for both damage and to keep enemies in perma lockdown. I think this is where having the low might/passive healing/voidward really shines. Since I don't know what spell lvl will be replenished with blood sacrifice with this build I can do it 3-4 times in a row no problem. This way I'm guaranteed to get that particular spell back quickly while still being able to layer in some additional debuffs, CC, maybe a corrosive siphon. I have only really played the BM in this way so perhaps I could do the same w/o the combination of low might/stacked passive healing/voidward but what I can say is this build has felt very powerful both from a DD and a CC/debuff perspective.
  12. I am currently playing a Paladin(Shieldbearer)/Bloodmage with might at 6 (this was the min being human and with BB). I am currently level 13 and with the passive aura, the voidward ring (25% less raw damage taken), Lethandria's Devotion sheild, regen ring, an occasional lay on hands and I am able to throw spells practically non-stop(all while using Deleterious Alacrity). Debuffing is priority #1 but despite that and the low might he is still my highest dmg dealer by fair margin. From the start I don't think there's been a single fight where I ran out of casting ability. Obv need to draw aggro with your party.
  13. At early levels, just recast chill fog + combusting wounds + wall of fire on the grouped mobs. multiples of each. you can throw in the concelhaut siphon spell as needed for health regen, and supplement as needed with either offensive spells (fireball) or buffs (mirror image, spirit shield). Once you get spell shaping talent you can reduce the AOE size for more PL, also the +Pen spell talents help. Does anyone know if there is a way to make the AI recast Vigorous Defense when it runs out? I've been using the "More AI conditions" mod. It adds a bunch of conditions including one for Vigorous Defense being active. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/88?tab=files It hasn't been updated in a while but still working for me.
  14. Mule kick will refund its cost IF you succeed with interrupt. Using telekinetic burst allows you to regenerate discipline in perpetuity. Which of course you can use for any fighter ability, not just mule kick. Important part is that telekinetic burst is only 10 focus so easy to spam with psion’s slowish regen which allows for unlimited discipline. Not in front of my PC but Mind Lance might also be an option but i don’t think it’s interrupt is on graze and may be slower cast.
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