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  1. I am not concerned about Serefen's miscasts however, I feel like having another CC centric party member will make battles take longer than they should. If barbarians are not gimped by never being bloodied is the Witch build more damaging? Willbreaker (modal Body Blows), Deltro Cage Helmet Spirit Frenzy/Tornado, Secret Horrors, Borrowed Instincts, Soul Ignition/Disintegrate, Brute Force, Psychovampiric Shield, Whisper of Treason and/or Puppet Master
  2. If CC is where Serefan really shines would it make more sense to set Aloth up as an elemental nuker? Then he and I will be the main damage dealers?
  3. Serefen as a Cipher cannot be a quality damage dealer? Not being sarcastic it is a real question since this will be my first time with him.
  4. Awesome thank you both! Does the below seem about right? MC Human SC Wizard - 3 Resolve 10 Might 10 Constitution 15 Dexterity 20 Perception Thaos' Headdress, Stone of Power, Fleshmender, Three Trolls Stiched, Ring of Greater Regen, Ring of Regen(later Voidward), Physiker's Belt, Ninagauth grimoire, gauntlets of accuracy, Amira's Wing, Ginger L Esry
  5. First and foremost I appreciate all the fantastic advice provided on my SC Monk play through. I plan to do one more play through on this game and could use some help identifying what type of SC Wizard works best in this group and how to properly build a Cipher. Any advice would be appreciated on those builds and the ones I have already detailed. MC SC Wizard – Primary damage dealer. Beyond that I am not sure what works. Are summoned weapons effective in this game or am I better off going with an elemental play style? Serefen SC Cipher – Secondary damage dealer. Xoti w
  6. Thank you both very much! This information has helped me understand playing the monk significantly more. I appreciate your responses.
  7. Fascinating thank you. I will be sure to reroll around lvl 20 out of those talents. By level 20 am I losing DPS when using weapons other than my hands on the monk?
  8. Awesome thank you. I will replace Lesser Wounds with Enduring Dance and pick up Miscreant's Leather when I can. If I have Pallengina focus on offense (Shared Flames etc.) is there any special gear I should acquire for her?
  9. Hello friends, With all the hype surrounding Outer Worlds I have the itch to play through POE 2 again. I beat it when it first came out but have not really played it since and I know the game has changed substantially. I see a lot of guides for how to build characters but it is not clear if they work in the current version or what kind of armors and weapons are considered good for those builds. I would appreciate any guidance you can provide or links to applicable builds that work in the games current state. If you have an alternate recommendation for better party synergy please feel
  10. Please buff the Cipher's other abilities before nerfing anything. I've been playing the class and while I am having a good time it's clearly weaker than most of the other options. Don't nerf it and then make me wait another week before it's other abilities are brought up to par.
  11. I've done some research and think i have a build for my DW Rogue. I want to make him the stabby type with two stiletto's. All damage and basically a glass canon. However I don't plan to side with the Doemenel's and therefore won't get Misery's End. Is there another end game stiletto I can pair with Bleak Fang? It seems like this weapon group doesn't have as many selections and got the short end of the stick.
  12. Yeah something like that happening is exactly what I'm afraid of. Trying to line up a couple of saves before Deadfire comes out. This game is too long for you to make a mistake and not get the ending you want.
  13. This link showing the ending slides claims that after joining the Dozens you get a dialogue option to suggest they work with the Knights. I played through the game and aligned with them but never got that option. Anybody know if there's something special you need to do to get it? Or if maybe Obsidian patched it out? Thanks.
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